Oct 17, 2019
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions - jade
It's Warhammer Weekend!

Bolster your barracks with new Units, give your Wizards wisdom with new Spells and lead the line with new Champions. We have big bundles for ALL of the four Grand Alliances; all at amazing prices!

Not only that, but you'll also earn Double XP for the entire weekend! Take your battle-worthy deck into Ranked to battle against other worthy Champions or undertake the Realm Trials to seek greater glory.

Time to ignite the flames of war once more Champions! Onwards!

Aug 29, 2019
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions - rob.sargent
The fog of war has shrouded the once crystalline clarity of the Hysh, Realm of Light. The hedonistic temptations brought forth by Slaanesh causing swirling confusion and awakening of long repressed desires. But the Daughters of Khaine stand ready to hold of both the blade and beauty of the enraptured follows of Slaanesh.

Unleashed is here!! And with it comes a ton of new features and mechanics to Warhammer Champions.

With 188 new cards with all new features and mechanics, Unleashed will bring ultimate power to your decks. You can Purge cards from play, removing them COMPLETELY from the game. Or use new Death Acts allowing units in the discard pile to use actions from beyond the grave!

Unleashed is out now on all digital platforms, so grab some booster packs today and see what the new cards can bring to your game!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions - jade
The lost god Khaine is still followed by many devout servants, but none more revered and feared than the Daughters of Khaine. Seeking their vengeance on their foes, they are finally ready to launch their assault from deep in the realm of Ulgu, the Realm of Shadows.

And now they have set their sights on you…

Unleashed: Daughters of Khaine is the first of our four preview campaigns for our upcoming Unleashed set! See 20 new cards in this brand new 4 stage campaign jam packed with new Units, Champions, Spells and Abilities. By completing this campaign you will earn exclusive rewards!

See the new Unleashed cards and begin planning for the digital release of Unleashed on August 19th!

We’ve also added a number of new features and bug fixes:

– You can copy any opponents deck who you play against, allowing you to build off of strong decks you come across!
– You can now practice against your own decks to find winning strategies!
– A number of improvements and fixes to Realm Trials and Campaigns
– Various small bug fixes
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions - jade
Our latest update is now live, and with it we have a whole host of new features!

Following on from our recent Warband: Series 2 release, we wanted to add flavour and flair to the game for new ways to show off your battlefield. Introducing: Animated Playmats! Our first selection of these are available now in the store for 1000 Gems. We’ve also permanently reduced the prices of all of our existing playmats, so you can now customise your battlefield even further!

We’re also bringing a player inbox to the game, allowing us to send you information about in-game changes and updates. This means that the intrusive pop-ups that once dismissed are gone forever will now have a place of their own for you to refer back to whenever needed. You’ll also occasionally get free goodies and important news in your inbox from us – so be sure to check back regularly!

Ranked is being spruced up too; we have done away with the promotion and demotion series. This means that you will lose and gain ranks by simply winning or losing 5 games in any of the ranks that you are currently in – this should make the experience much more stress-free and much more fluid.

Now, in Realm Trials, you’ll be able to compare your performance against your friends, local players and everyone all around the world by simply checking the newly-implemented Leaderboards! The leaderboards can be found on the initial screen, just before entering the skirmish. Unfortunately, previously-achieved scores will not be reflected but this means now is the time to go back to some of the stages and claim the top spot!

We’ve also made several changes and improvements listed below:

– Decks can now only contain a single Unique Champion. For example, a deck cannot have both The Changeling and Vortemis The All-Seeing, as they both are Unique cards. This will affect physical play from August 1st.
– If a player loses a Realm Trial battle, they will not see a score-total screen as the trial has not been completed.
– Various Realm Trial interactions have been sped up.
– A number of smaller visual fidelity improvements and bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy the first of our new Animated Playmats, the team had an absolute blast putting them together and we would love to hear your thoughts!
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions - jade
Today, Skulls for the Skull Throne takes over Warhammer Champions! The time to gather Skulls in the name of Khorne is nigh! For the first time, Warhammer Champions brings you a full new 10 stage adventure campaign with challenges, rewards and a brand new story.

Play as the legendary Champion, Skarbrand, and battle over blazing wastes and treacherous mountains to amass Skulls for Khorne. Those who honour Khorne will earn exclusive rewards to show their dedication to the Blood God!

There are also huge deals on ALL of our Playmats as well as special bundle deals to bolster armies for the battles ahead. Our 4 premium playmats are also a part of this discount and are now only available for a limited time – when this deal runs out these will be GONE from the store forever!

Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions - 4BitBaker
Realm Trials takes you through hundreds of stages, battling against Champions with power the likes that have not been seen before. So prepare your decks and march forward, armed with cards and mechanics completely unique to Realm Trials, can you overcome the toughest tests Champions can face in all of the Mortal Realms?

Battle well to earn higher scores in each round, and compare your performance to Champions around the world on leaderboards. Muster all of the energy you can, and earn rare and exclusive treasures that are scattered around the Mortal Realms.

Here is our launch trailer for Realm Trials to give you a taste for the battles ahead!


If you seek further discussions about Realm Trials, come join us over on our Official Discord Channel - https://discord.gg/tqyfPWY as other Champions are using their cunning, wit and some help from cards unique to this mode to emerge victorious.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions - 4BitBaker
The full digital release of Savagery has finally arrived. With 152 brand new cards to add to decks, Warhammer Champions will be shaken up forever.

To celebrate we are reducing the gem cost of ALL set boosters by 25% for two weeks. Not only that, but Arena of Echoes has dropped from 150 to 100; which will now be filled with all of the new Savagery cards!

What are you waiting for?!

For those who previously purchased the Savagery pre-order promotion, we’re taking special care of you so the deal was even more awesome. When you open your pre-order, you’ll get an extra 10 boosters – a total of 35 for your 2000 gems, which is 31% more booster packs than buying packs at the lower 75 gem price!

But please remember that you will not be able to craft the new cards until the 22nd April.

And we have more, because of course we do! We think that the artwork for Savagery is some of the best we’ve seen, and we wanted to share it with you guys in the form of 4 brand new playmats, craft them in the collectables store and add some flair to your dominance!

We can't wait to see what decks you create, share with your fellow Champions and work your way towards our ranked leaderboards.
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions - 4BitBaker
Your first chance to try the new Savagery cards…starts today.

The raw power of Savagery will become available digitally on April 8th, but you can wield the powers of the four Grand Alliances in 4 all-new campaigns, kicking off with Death and Destruction campaigns; and dozens of NEVER before seen cards!

Unleash the power of the bad moon with the Gloomspite Gitz, revel in the fetid glory of Grandfather Nurge’s hordes, reap vengeance with Alarielle and her Sylvaneth and take charge of Arkhan, the Mortarch of Sacrament’s undead legions.

Following on from this, new campaigns will launch on 27th March and 3rd April.

Take the pre-made decks and fight against all who stand before you. Those who stand victorious will earn an exclusive playmat, which you can only earn during this event!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions - 4BitBaker
Greetings Champions.

Today we launch a major update for our community bringing a wealth of content that includes a brand new game mode, our digital Warband packs and for our most dedicated players, the Champions Pass.

Arena of Echoes
Nagash has finally opened the gates to the Arena of Echoes. The time has now come to draft your army, select abilities, conjure spells and unleash devastating blessings; in this brand new Draft Mode.

Inside the Arena of Echoes, select from 1 of the 2 highlighted Grand Alliances, choose wisely in your selection of Champions (yes Champions Point limits are still required), and build your army to challenge rival players on your way to amazing prizes.

If you lose all 3 of your games, then your own prize is the amusement of the Supreme Lord of the Undead, Nagash.

To celebrate the launch of the Arena of Echoes; Champions will receive a free key entry allowing you to play with the whole card collection found in the card database; unlocking multiple styles of play to best suit your decisions.

Warband Pack
The battle continues in Hammerhal; the Thorns of the Briar Queen and the Stormsire's Cursebreakers clash in our brand new Warband Pack.

For the first time ever, play with Unique units only found in this set, as well as new abilities, spells and Champions; which from today you can acquire from our digital store in a Death or Order Pack.

Which side are you on?

Champions Pass

Unlock your true potential with our Champions Pass!

To discover what this provides for you, and if have ever claimed a physical card via our scan functionality in-game, you will receive a free 2 week pass starting from the 11th March and ending on the 25th March.

For a full breakdown of what this contains and more, check out the link below:


Otherwise Champions, we will see you in the Arena of Echoes!
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions - 4BitBaker
Jade and Leigh here, your Community Managers for PlayFusion welcoming you all to our announcement of Warhammer Champions coming onto PC & Mac.

Arriving on Steam hits another milestone for us here at PlayFusion, and we can’t wait for you to create some bloodshed, compete in brutal wars and become the victor in your rankings, not to mention challenging campaigns!

To keep up-to-date with all the updates and activities happening in Warhammer Champions, make sure you follow our social media channels and see what’s new under our official website.

There is no better time to forge your grand alliance, head into battle and become a Champion!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions Official Site

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