Dec 8, 2019
Rogue - Mista Song
-Shooting Range

To help you understanding with shooting mechanism,
Shooting Ranges were added to openworld of Lakeside.
It is not an official update yet.
But within few weeks, it will be fully featured with in game rewards(for shooting range completion).

-Performance Optimization

Utilizing more CPU resources. (Increased frame rate, Increased CPU usage but necessary)

Steaming time reduced. (Decreased frame hitches when streaming levels)
Rogue - Mista Song
To add more depth to resource management, now crafting system has implented.
8 crafting materials were added and it can be used to craft ammo, health kit, etc...
Manage your resources stratigically in order to survive in Lakeside.
Nov 5, 2019
Rogue - Mista Song
Cutscene bug fix

HUD improvements - more interactive informations on the HUD.

Objective notification - for more intuitive navigation.

Major performance enhancement - 20% CPU usage decreased, 30% memory usage decreased.

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