Hyss - Gusing


We recently put up a prototype of our new game Scrambled, a rhythm-based beat 'em up where you play as a slice of bread beating up eggs.

Scrambled is on PC and can be freely downloaded from its itch page:

To celebrate this occasion, Hyss gets a 2 week discount.

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Hyss - Gusing

As promised, French is now in the game. We've also added a way to watch cutscenes from the menu.

Patch Notes
  • Added French

  • Added option to view unlocked cutscenes in the level select menu
    In case... your game freezes during one or something.

  • Minor adjustments to hitboxes, kill triggers etc.
Hyss - Gusing
Hey all!

We've now released the original soundtrack for Hyss, all composed and mastered by our lovely musician Kevin Engstrand.

It features 32 minutes of adventurous melodies and ambience, with all 13 tracks creating a cohesive listening experience.

Here's a sample:

Hyss - Gusing

Thank you all for a great launch week! We've enjoyed looking at your streams and gamplay videos of Hyss, and we've seen a few bugs that will be fixed in this patch.

We are also adding Brazilian Portuguese thanks to Digital Kaz Brazil.

Patch Notes
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese as a language option

  • Added support for 16:10 resolutions
    Note: The game now also starts at 1280x720 windowed the first time, but if you've started the game before with a 16:10 screen and still get a black screen, go to the installation folder for Hyss, navigate to TAG\Saved\SaveGames and delete Display.sav.

  • Added a "speedrunner value" to make autosplitting easier
    Note: The value changes as follows:
    Entering main menu: -2
    Pressing new game: 0
    In a level: 0
    Loading: -1
    Completing a level: 1
    Completing the game: 2
    Entering in-game menu: 100
    Going back to main menu: -2

  • Fixed selecting Crater in Level Select

  • Minor fixes/adjustments to hitboxes

  • Minor graphical changes

  • Fixed log audio adjustment not happening for a certain type of log

  • Fixed Treasure menu unlocking too early
    Note: The Treasure menu button might have disappeared. In that case, you need to complete the Crater level again. Don't worry though, the actuals secrets you've found (and activated) are saved. The extra effects activated are also saved, so if you want/need to disable these effects before completing Crater again, you can go to the installation folder for Hyss, navigate to TAG\Saved\SaveGames and delete Extras.sav.

  • A few new friends added. See if you can find them ;)

The Future

We're not done when it comes to languages! French will be added in the near future, and if you want to help us translate the game to other languages, feel free to contact us at contact@sunscalestudios.com

There will also be a soundtrack coming, so stay tuned!

Happy Holidays!

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