Frozen Synapse - (Nic Rueben)

Frozen Synapse 2 s campaign puts you in charge of a security force in a sprawling, cyberpunk metropolis where a rogue AI threatens the safety of the populace. It also lets you choose your character s name, honorific, and organisation. So, naturally, it was time for Grand Moff Godzilla Johnson to lead the CyberBois to victory.

This is, of course, the sequel to 2011’s Frozen Synapse. Through procedurally generated, isometric, neon maps, you ll gradually fill out snaps of real-time play with tactical minutiae. Individual units can be commanded to move from point to point, to turn and aim, to duck and stand, to cover certain zones, to focus on or ignore certain enemies, and to wait for specific periods of time before and after doing any of these, in any combination. (more…)

Frozen Synapse - Valve
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Frozen Synapse - (Dominic Tarason)

Maybe there’s something to all these tactics games. They’re sneaky – you blink, and you’re flanked with nowhere to hide. Today’s second surprise announcement in the genre is that Frozen Synapse 2 launches next week on Thursday, September 13th. Jack me in.

Frozen Synapse 2 is a vastly more ambitious beast than its purely tactical predecessor. Developer Mode 7 have taken the tense turn-based combat of the first game and transplanted it into a dynamic campaign set across a procedurally generated city. Check out the new trailer below, giving a tantalising peek at its glowing neon world erupting into flames.


Frozen Synapse - nervous_testpilot
Sorry for lack of a confirmed release date - at the moment we're working really hard on trying to get the last remaining bugs. Our testers are doing a great job and we've brought on some external QA to help.

I really appreciate your patience and I'll have more info for you soon.

Please do take a second to Wishlist the game - it really helps us out.

Frozen Synapse - nervous_testpilot

If you're interested in Frozen Synapse 2, it would really help us out if you could Wishlist the game here:

Here's a big gameplay preview video if you want to see what all the fuss is about:

We're getting closer to release now - we really hope that the FS1 community will be interested in checking it out.

Frozen Synapse - nervous_testpilot
Hi there,

I don't generally post much FS2 stuff in this community but I'd really appreciate it if you'd give this a watch:

This video shows off the core gameplay loop of FS2, a little bit of content and also is a discussion of what we're doing to polish the game up for its final beta.

Any comments much appreciated.
DEFCON - (Alec Meer)

An entirely objective ranking of the 50 best PC strategy games ever made, now freshened up to include everything from 2017 and 2018. From intricate, global-scale wargames to the tight thrills of guerrilla squads, the broad expanse of the genre contains something for everyone, and we’ve gathered the best of the best.

The vast majority are available to buy digitally, a few are free to download and play forever. They’re all brilliant.


Frozen Synapse - nervous_testpilot
We went a bit quiet on Frozen Synapse 2 recently - sorry about that - please do join that Steam community as well over here if you're interested in the game.

I've been trying to keep everyone up to date with some videos this week and I hope to do more soon. Have a look here:

Frozen Synapse - (Alice O'Connor)

If you’ve set up a second advent calendar for the release of Frozen Synapse 2, knowing that the turn-based tactical squad shooter’s release window of “2017” means we can only be days away from its launch, ah, I’m sorry to bring bad news. While a delay has seemed clear as the year ticked down, developers Mode 7 have now made that official. Frozen Synapse 2 is now due some time in 2018. Perhaps you’ll use the Christmas hols to create a new 365-day calendar counting this new window of possibility. For now, here, see some pretty simulated cities and top-down action in this new dev video: (more…)

Frozen Synapse - nervous_testpilot

I'm considering doing a physical release of the FS1 and forthcoming FS1 soundtrack album at some point next year.

If you would be interested in purchasing one I would massively appreciate it if you could vote here - - would help me gauge any interest.

Your vote could actually make it happen - thanks.


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