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Hello friends!

It's time for the annual Steam Awards! We'd really appreciate your votes and nominations for GrowRilla as Best VR Game. Please consider giving it your vote. You can also find the full list of categories here:

We are also humbly nominating our other VR game Late For Work for the "Labor of Love" award, so please check out this link and consider giving it a vote as well.

Thank you!
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GrowRilla VR - SalmiGames
Dear friends,

Welcome to another wonderful content update for GrowRilla (Update 4 if you're keeping track at home). This update is partially inspired by some fun back-and-forths we've had with ProjectJamesify, the awesome YouTuber who has been putting together some really fun videos of GrowRilla the last few weeks.

It's clear to us that players want to see more content, so that's what we're focusing our efforts on. We're also introducing a brand new system of power-ups to the game. But first let's go over the new content, let's dive in.

Spiders Everywhere
We implemented a new spider den based on the first appearance of the spiders in the Halloween update. We've added 4 different variations with small spiders, larger ones and even some infected humans. Scary! Halloween is not just a one-time event, it's a state of mind.

These spider dens will also include some new rewards in the form of the aforementioned power-ups, so it will be worthwhile taking them on.

New Farms!
The farms are a fun and useful location in the early game. Players tend to encounter them often so we've worked on making them more varied and unique from map to map. We've added:
  • A new ranch farm

  • A delicious pumpkin farm

  • A nutritious apple tree farm

We've built a system of power-ups for the game! We've wanted to add this a long time ago, but it kept getting delayed to focus on the core mechanics. These powerups add a whole new dimension to the game. The game feels a lot more dynamic. For this update, we've added four power-ups (embodied as flasks that you collect and drink):

  • Attack up
  • Defense up
  • Speed up
  • Growth speed up

These flasks can be found scattered around the map in challenging locations. They give you a new incentive to explore some of the areas we've crafted or risk entering the military base.

Please let us know what you think! This is the first iteration of the system and it will definitely be improved and iterated on. Expect more power-ups in future updates. We're also planning to integrate the flasks to our XP content unlock system (or perhaps a different meta system).

New Enemies & Weapons
The military has also expanded its arsenal with this update. You can now encounter helicopters (both in the generals base, as well as a new unique helicopter base) and also new rocket launcher soldiers. They will make regular groups of soldiers more threatening with their additional firepower. If you manage to defeat one you can also pick up their rocket launcher and wreak some havoc even at a small size.

We've also added one over-the-top secret weapon, can you guess which one? We'll give you one hint: "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds". Happy hunting!

Loading Improvements
Just a quick note here, but we've also improved the loading system. The maps should now loader faster. You should also experiencen a lot less lag when you press the start button (when the final objects are being initialized).

What's Next?
We have a few other topics we're working on that we're not quite ready to roll out. One of them is a whole new campaign from scratch. This campaign is much more ambitious then the existing progression and we can't wait to share more details. We're planning a procedurally-generated campaign featuring a series of goals across multiple maps, which each map feeling more unique and different to the other ones.

We're also continuing to work on new content including new environments and biomes for the islands. We can't wait to finish these and share them with you.

A Final Note
We rely on your feedback and your support to continue developing GrowRilla. We're a small indie with limited resources, so every review, every recommendation has an out-sized impact on your game. If you enjoy GrowRilla and haven't left a review yet, we kindly ask you to leave a short note in the reviews, for us, and to help other players discover our games.

Thank you for all your support.

Salmi Games

Changelist - Build 245
  • Added nukes to the game
  • Created heavily guarded site for nuclear bomb
  • Nuclear bomb impacts kinematic objects as well
  • Started implementing a campaign mode
  • Added save system for campaign
  • Improved info for campaign
  • Improved menu layout for campaign
  • Fixed bugs related to saving the campaign
  • New powerups are now in the game
  • Added new Buff system (delayed effects, constant effects, Instant effects (e.g. Heal, Damage)
  • Added Potions, which trigger buffs/effects
  • Implemented visual effects for the Hands (Heal, Fire)
  • Added new buff visualisations for gorilla hands (fire, poison, regeneration, speed)
  • Added potions to PoI's / Military / City
  • Added HUD for buffs
  • GrowRilla now supports Oculus sdk
  • Added Bazooka solder to the game
  • Added helicopter unit and flight behaviour
  • Added helicopter military block
  • Added new variation system to all default military bases
  • Added easy military base variation
  • Added a dawn timezone
  • Added three new farm variations
  • Added spiders of varying sizes as well as spider dens
  • Added a "Quit" button to the menu
  • A radio now plays some tunes while close to some farm variations
  • Added new cheat file system
  • Added bear den
  • Added music in menu
  • Pass on loading performance: Terrain is activated over several frames as part of the loading process. Once pressing the button starting on the island is a lot faster
  • Refactored map generation system to allow more variety and detailed control
  • Added option to pick subset of category in map generation
  • Restructured map objects hierarchy, only pick subsets of available object types
  • New jungle types: dense jungle and lush jungle
  • Added translations for all potions/buffs
  • Improved menu
  • Added fps label to menu

  • Fixed LoDs on the cliffs not appearing correctly
  • Fixed planes flying downwards / too low on rotating
  • Changed the laboratory music due to youtuber issues
  • Trees in the spawn area now appear properly
  • Soldiers less likely to shoot each other
  • Fixed tree stumps (spawned in the air)
  • Fixed issue on high velocities when drinking potion
GrowRilla VR - SalmiGames
Hey everyone!

With our next update (coming this Friday, Monday at the latest), we will be retiring our Early Access Launch price. GrowRilla will cost $15 from this Friday on. This week is your last opportunity to purchase GrowRilla at this low price (we also won't be discounting it lower than the original price). If you've considering buying the game for yourself or a friend, now is the time to strike.

Just like with Late For Work, our goal is to reward players who invest in our games early on at an earlier date, a small thank you for taking a chance on our games. Since our Early Access launch, we've released 3 major content updates and we will continue to update GrowRilla with more content and new features.

As we mentioned at the beginning, this price increase will go into effect on Friday. We don't want to reveal the content of Update 4 just yet, but here's a sneak peek:

Salmi Games
GrowRilla VR - SalmiGames
Dear Friends,

We're excited to announce that GrowRilla now also supports the Oculus SDK (along with SteamVR). We implemented this support in Update 3 but only activated today after some extra testing. For all our Rift and Rift S players, you can now play GrowRilla using the native Oculus implementation. You will be prompted by a pop-up next time you launch GrowRilla. This was an oft-requested feature ever since we launched and we're happy to finally roll it out.

Early Supporter's Bundle

We will be sunsetting our Early Supporters Bundle on Friday November 8th. We introduced this bundle when we launched GrowRilla in Early Access as a means to reward early supporter's of our games and a way to help support us in developing our unique brand of indie VR games. Thank you to all of you who have supported us and our games. Make sure to grab the bundle before it's gone and get access to two awesome VR games and that warm fuzzy feeling of supporting indie development.

We'll be back soon with another update to GrowRilla!

Salmi Games
GrowRilla VR - SalmiGames
Hello Friends,

It’s time for another GrowRillious Update, just in time for the spookiest season of the year. We've added tons of new scary content to the game, so grab your silver arrows and garlic cloves and let’s jump into it.

Scary Content
New, supernatural inhabitants have invaded the GrowRilla islands and are hunting for fresh gorilla snacks. All new Halloween content and special areas will appear with high frequency during the next week or so and then less regularly afterwards.

We are not going to reveal too much, just leave you with a few teaser images and we'll let you explore all the little surprises.

A haunted mansion, guarded by the undead.

A graveyard, full of potential food and enemies.

Witches conducting their secret rituals.

Gameplay Balancing and Improvements
As per usual, this update is packed with new improvements and fixes for the game. We've tackled some previously requested bugs, such as being able to clip into the ground after getting too close to the water.

We've improved the map layout algorithm to prevent the oh too common problem where areas would spawn too close to the water. This has been an on-going effort but now you definitely shouldn't encounter any more floating tanks.

Another highly requested feature was a spawning area. Enemies would frequently attack you as soon as you spawned into the world, which was pretty unfair. We've added 3 different spawning areas for you to spawn in, which will prevent enemies from spotting you right away.

We've also generally improved the AI behaviors. NPCs can now become so scared that they run away. This is indicated by a small shield icon above their head (we're working on a better represenation of "fright" but it's a bit challenging). Usually NPCs will run away if you approach them when at a big size, or if they sustain enough damage. You can try it out with the general too.

What’s Next?
In our previous update, we teased a screenshot of our improved water edge and cliff visuals. We're continuing work on building more diverse environments and adding more verticalities to the game. These are still in the prototype stage, but we're now starting to build plateaus and mountains. Let's see how these work out.

Our aim is to add more uses of the vertical dimension of the game. You're a gorilla after all! You should be able to climb everywhere (and have a reason to). We hope that this will create new opportunities for exploration and content.

We're also continuing to work on a more coherent campaign mode for the game. This one will take a while to put together properly but we hope to share some progress with our next major update.

As always, please keep an eye on our public roadmap for more details. And let us know what you want to see!

Salmi Games

Changelist - Build 210
  • Halloween locations are now in the game. They can spawn any time of the year but have an exceptionally high chance during Halloween
  • There is now a moderate chance to find bananas on top of military towers
  • Re-designed start areas in a way that you are shielded from enemies seeing you to avoid being killed right on start
  • There's now a new, smaller variation of the military plane landing strip
  • New bazooka soldiers have been added to the game
  • NPCs will now run away from you if they are scared
  • Improved item grab order to make it easier to pick up small objects while big (generally when getting larger or to be precise, we noticed that most people point with their palm at the things. Therefore we order all objects of this raycast before objects of the raycast using the hand down direction)
  • You are now able to deflect tank shots with your hands if you are a giant gorilla
  • Added season system (to switch between seasonal events)
  • Added object switcher for seasons
  • Added Halloween event and costumes
  • Added Halloween decorations (Pumpkins, Black Cats) to various points of interest
  • Added custom moon, fog, ColorGrading
  • Added haunted house and witch cauldron point of interests
  • Added more decorations to objects (e.g. benches / tables etc.)
  • Added cliffs and water flowers and reed at the beach
  • Added option to create plateaus (not live yet)
  • Added test scene + menu to try out new objects in-game (internal only)
  • Create debug visualizations for hands (internal only)
  • Add Debug Scene switcher ("M" + 1, 2, 3) (internal only)
  • Initial support of Oculus SDK (not live yet)
  • Added Oculus SDK tutorial support, add controller model, add glow to button and add text info
  • Created improved hand positioning test scene
  • Deleted some unused assets to keep project clean, improve build performance
  • Improved fall down icon (fixed pixel errors, moved it a bit further down so it doesn't appear right in the middle of the screen and made it a bit smaller)

  • Fixed the "falling down" check, so it's harder to fall through small cracks (Do sphere cast instead of raycast to check if you fall down. This prevents you from falling through small cracks like in between the planks of the table. Also saw a youtuber fall into a tree because of this)
  • Fixed a bug where soldiers were unable to walk onto the landing strip at the hangar
  • Fixed a bug where the same seed was generated for every playthrough
  • Fixed hover bug on objects with food
  • Fixed collider issues
  • Fixed "Out-Of-Range" bug in random generation script
  • Fixed issue on map generation that only one side could be 45 degrees
  • Fixed Oculus SDK hand position and other minor issues with Oculus SDK
  • Fixed a bug where objects were floating above the ground in the city
GrowRilla VR - SalmiGames
Dear Friends,

Welcome to the second major update to GrowRilla. We’ve slowed down one bit creating new content for the game and fleshing out the core experience. Our first update featured the new City Area. With Update 2, we've massively improved the city and a whole lot more:
  • Tons of new city content: More blocks, a huge building tower and improved AI
  • Military bases and outposts now have new variations
  • Gameplay improvements: Large objects have durability, improved particle effects and feedback
  • Gameplay balancing: food appears in batches, values have been tweaked

Fleshing Out The City
In the last update we introduced the city. In this update, we’re fleshing it out further, adding new areas and new opportunities. First we’ve added a couple new city blocks for you to unlock. In the 3rd and 4th map, bigger cities are generated, with a wide variety of city blocks. One is a construction area, with construction workers, a house being built and some storage containers.

The other city block is the new skyscraper, a massive new building for you to climb and explore. Wanna really feel like King Kong? Now’s your chance!

We’ve also improved the market area and the food carts. MORE FOOD VARIATIONS. The local market sellers have received a huge delivery of food and the carts are now full!

Finally, we’ve generally improved the AI and behaviors of the NPCs. Citizens flee when you cause violence. Police respond to gorilla crime reports. Sellers react when you steal their wares. Plan accordingly!

Military Outpost and Bases Revamped
The first iteration of our military outposts and bases were a bit bland and repetitive. We’re excited to release a whole bunch of variations to both the military outposts and military bases. We’ve leveraged the systems we built for the city variation to create new military base components as well as different military base layouts altogether. Each time you play a map, you’ll experience a different variation.

The hardest (4th) map also has its own unique variation extra special soldiers. Also we added some revamped military hardware, like this ridiculous artillery truck.

Gameplay Balancing and Improvements
We’ve been improving various aspects of the core game to improve the difficulty balancing. As we mentioned in the last update, we’ve now implemented a proper object durability system for the large objects. This means the barn roof, the trees and other large objects are no longer invincible shields. They get destroyed if you abuse them too much.

We’ve tweaked the amount of growth you receive from food at the smaller levels and we’ve also made food a bit more plentiful (and in batches). We’re curious to see how these changes are received.

We’ve added a few more feedback effects. For example there’s a clear particle effect when you’ve grown a full level.

We also improved how you grow when under a tree. Previously you could get permanently stuck with your head in the tree. Now your head gets pushed down so you’re no longer stuck. You still have to duck to exit from under a tree, but permanent clipping causing a need for a restart should no longer happen. We’re still experimenting with a more elegant fix for this situation. Dynamic physics in VR is HARD!

Changelist - Build 194
  • New variations of military base using same system as city, building the base from components and dynamically generating the walls
  • Add new military blocks for new base generation (Barracks, Tents, Container, Gastanks)
  • Added Military watchtowers
  • Added bananas on top of military towers
  • New variations of city layout
  • New city blocks (construction, skyscraper)
  • Improve park (new benches, fountain)
  • The food on the food cart is now procedurally generated and can be picked up
  • Added more food to objects (trees, carts, trash etc.)
  • Added new fast-food variations
  • The artillery has received a new model
  • Large objects are now destroyed if they take too much damage
  • AI: The police attacks you when you attack ordinary citizens
  • AI: Ordinary citizens flee from you when you attack them
  • AI: Units recognize when their friends are being eaten
  • Food now spawns in batches instead of randomly throughout the map
  • Slightly decreased the spawn rate of apple trees
  • Added version number to chalkboard / menu
  • Added seed to menu
  • The general will now run for his life if a giant gorilla approaches him
  • Steaks from big animals give more growth value
  • Improved death behavior when going into the water to avoid giant gorillas not dying of water
  • Increased difficulty due to objects disappearing after damage (it's harder to beat the final level now)
  • Improve random generation for items (min/max count)
  • Vehicles do a raycast check slightly to the right only for vehicles to detect incoming vehicles on crossings
  • Trees spawn tree particles instead of generic particles on destruction
  • Tweaked number of occurences for city blocks

  • Special locations, such as military bases, farms etc, are now not spawning on top of / too close to each other
  • Special locations no longer spawn too close to the water
  • Food stands now have proper collision
  • Windows no longer light up during nighttime, if their respective building is destroyed
  • The game is slightly less dark during nighttime
  • Fixed gentleman hunter attacking you from anywhere
  • Set delta time to low value instead of 0 when win/lose happens.
  • Fixed Gorilla that has grown too big for the tree
  • Fixed objects with food (hover bug)
  • Fixed collider issues
  • Fixed "Out-Of-Range" bug in random generation script
  • Fixed double spawning of military blocks in military base
  • Fixed pavement
  • Fixed shadow flickering issue on walls
  • Add security check for gravity, no more floaty objects
  • Fixed window glow on picked / damaged buildings
  • Fixed post processing in day / night cycle to bright up night
  • Fix objects sometimes spawning into military base and city or onto water, e.g. a military hangar
  • Fixed glitching into an object on growth
  • Fixed spawning right outside military base within large number of enemies
  • Fixed false detection of being on an isolated island
  • Fixed mushrooms floating in air on bushy tree variation
  • Fixed issue where nav mesh would not recognize path to military base due to tent nav mesh collider
  • For city generation, fixed min num occurences of objects and added max num occurences option

What’s Next
Thank you for your continued support and feedback. As always, we really appreciate if you would leave us a review on the game, it helps so so so much.

What’s next? Well, you can expect a decisively spookier update very soon. We’re also pretty happy with the content pipeline we’ve set up so far, so expect continued regular content updates to various parts of the game. We’re having so much fun adding new funny content. If you’ve got a funny idea, let us know!

We’re also continuing to work on improving the visual quality of the game. For example, the island edges look pretty boring right now. We’re experimenting with new ideas for future updates

Finally, we’re thinking a lot about how to make the overall maps feel more different from each other and how to leverage all the procedural generation systems to create a dynamic roguelite-ish campaign (or perhaps spelunky-like would be more accurate). We’re still in the experimental stages on this topic. Expect more details over the next couple months.

As always, please keep an eye on our public roadmap ( for more details. And let us know what you want to see!

Salmi Games
GrowRilla VR - SalmiGames
Hey Friends!

We were hoping to publish Update 2 tonight. The build is _almost_ ready, so close we can taste it. It's crash-free with no breaking issues. But after a lot of QA, there are still a couple annoying (and obvious) bugs and it just doesn't feel right to not fix them before it goes to a wider public. This will happen on Monday once we're all back in the office.

Still, it's Friday evening and it's a shame not to share all the cool new things we've added. So we just rolled out our Beta branch (access details you can find here). It's easy to switch back and forth so check it out if you want to get an early peek at all the new content.

We've got a big post coming up with the proper update itself so I won't ruin it here, but if you want to get a feeling of what we've been working for Update 2, you should check out our twitter feed, we've been sharing a lot of screenshots there. Or our Discord where you can directly chat with us.

Have a Great Weekend
Please remember, if you enjoy games like GrowRilla (or Late For Work), and you want to help us keep making games like these, please leave a review. It helps so much surface the game to other players who might enjoy it and allows us to fund further development.

Thank you and take care.
GrowRilla VR - SalmiGames
Dear Friends,

We’re excited to share the first major update to GrowRilla. We’ve been hard creating new content. Today we’re releasing literally a city’s worth of new content! We’ve also added a 4th map to the progression. We’ve worked on the difficulty balancing.

We’ve also spent the past two weeks watching and reading your feedback and absorbing the reception to the game. Two things are clear to us: the game is fun and you want more content.

New City Area
We built a small city for you to explore. It’s first unlocked in the 2nd map, but bigger versions of the city appear from the 3rd map on. We’ve been working on this content for a while, it includes new buildings, vehicles, NPCs, food and opportunities for a gorilla to cause mischief. We haven’t even managed to include all the content we wanted to in this update so expect further updates to the city over the next few weeks as we polish, add new content and balance the gameplay.

The city offers a new challenge. The content is a lot more concentrated and it’s full of goodies but the threat level is also much higher for you as a gorilla. Many more eyes to spot your misdeeds.

The city will offer some additional goodies, mainly for when you are smaller. However the police officers won’t take kindly to you stealing the residents food.

Just look at those dashing cars! You can even use them as bombs if you’re big enough.

The market is a great way to pick up food and weapons. Just make sure the sellers don’t see you stealing their wares.

The local police will also do their best to stop any rabble rousing gorillas.

Finally, we have a variety of city blocks for you to unlock as you gain XP.

New Map
Some of you absolutely flew through the game’s three maps. We’ve just added a 4th map which should present a tougher challenge to the more advanced player. It includes new enemies and a tougher military base.

We have also given a lot of thoughts on the overall progression of the game. Early Access is a great opportunity to receive feedback and improve these systems. You can expect to see more maps as we continue to improve our progression and mission systems.

Gameplay Balancing and Improvements
We have been fixing bugs and addressing the most glaring balancing issues in this first update. You can expect further improvements to all the core systems over the coming months. For now, we’re disabling the ability to pick up the largest indestructible objects (like the barn roofs). Down the line we want to implement a general “durability” system so that no object becomes an invincible sword of destruction and death.

We added some new super tanks (in the 4th map) that should present a bigger challenge.

What’s Next
Thank you for your early support and feedback. As always, we really appreciate if you would leave us a review on the game, it helps so much.

We are hard at work on GrowRilla and you can expect further major updates, including:
  • More new content for the city (NPCs, city blocks) and balancing
  • New areas
  • New maps
  • More weapons and enemies and vehicles

As always, please keep an eye on our public roadmap for more details. And let us know what you want to see!

Salmi Games

Changelist - Build 174
  • Added particle effects - Now all objects ingame have particle effects for when you smash them into something
  • Added a tool for localizing the game more efficiently. No supported languages yet, but hopefully soon we’ll have a few new languages for you to play in
  • Improved the experience bar and item unlock screen. Now you have a cool radioactive fluid bar that shows how far you’ve progressed
  • The voiceover now only plays on the lowest difficulty
  • import suburban house variations
  • add more details/variations to city blocks
  • improve city parts
  • improve city park block
  • improve city market block
  • add zoo city block (still WiP)
  • add suburban block
  • import more food (e.g. fish, crabs, burger)
  • improve variations of different objects (e.g. trashcan, bench, food stand)
  • added first draft of very hard map
  • added super tanks and stationary cannons to very hard map
  • add translation system for all texts in menu screen
  • add Google Sheet Plugin
  • add import/export of translation CSV
  • add translation for Tutorial
  • add first Iteration of unlock shelf

  • Added a threshold for damaging objects when you are big. Now you should no longer kill things on accident if you try to pick them up
  • Fixed a bug where controllers were vibrating on rotation
  • Tanks now properly create a splash effect when you throw them into the water
  • Added the sound effect for trees smashing against trees back into the game
  • Grenades and weapons should no longer stick to your hand on Vive
  • prevent spawning on different islands
  • fix bomber prefab (wrong materials)
  • fix splash animation for some objects (e.g. tanks)
GrowRilla VR - SalmiGames
Dear friends,

GrowRilla has been out for one week and we are overwhelmed by the great reception. Thank you all for your feedback and please keep it coming. This is a teaser for our first big update. Let’s have a look at what you can expect for the future of GrowRilla:

Thank you for your great reviews on steam, on youtube and on twitch. It’s a lot of fun (and useful) to see how you’re playing GrowRilla, which surprises you’re enjoying, what is too challenging or too easy, what is broken and what do you want to see more of.

We are hard at work on our next update which will feature bug fixes, new features and a lot of new content! Let’s take a brief look at what’s ahead.

The City District: A New Area to Explore

Our first update will feature a whole new area, the City District. You may have already seen hints of it in our trailer. We’ve been working on this new area for a while now, adding new content, new buildings (to climb?), new characters and behaviors (hello police officer!) and new secrets. We can’t wait to unveil this new section of the game. We think it’s going to add a lot to the overall experience of the game with a more compact area full of little surprises.

The city district also offers us new opportunities to expand the game’s world. There are a lot more ideas down the pipeline to make this area even more interesting. It’s clear you want to see more content. We’re really looking forward to this update and your reactions.

Bug Fixes and Requests
We’ve already received some great feedback for our game. As a reminder, if you have feedback you want to share with us, please post in the Steam Forums or jump into our discord:

We’ve noticed a few issues some players have experienced and we are going to make sure the most annoying ones are going to get squashed ASAP. We’ve also constantly refining our roadmap based on your suggestions and how we see you play our game.

Harder Difficulties, Progression
We thought we had made the game hard enough but with our first wave of reviews, it’s clear that there are certain situations where the game gets surprisingly easy if you learn a few tricks. We’ve also identified a few issues that make the gorilla super OP (like indestructible large structures you can use to “sweep” up an entire military base.

We are working on difficulty balance and adding new content and challenges to keep things interesting for even the most seasoned GrowRilla masters.

We’ve also been giving our whole progression and unlock system a lot of thought. Our maps are procedurally-generated but the diversity of each play through is not coming across effectively. We’re working on a number of ways to surface the depth of content in the game (and the content we’ll be adding). We are considering adding more varied missions, a campaign progression and a whole bunch of challenges.

For this update, you’ll see mainly the new content above and some difficulty balancing. But for future updates, you can expect bigger changes. Here’s a little tease of what’s to come.

Hmmm, the entire world is edible...

First Reactions
Even though we only just released, we had some amazing folks make a bunch of really entertaining videos. These include: Rendered Reality, VR With Your Mom, NerdHerd, VR Martin, FynnPire, Rhys Da King, A Wolf in VR, ProjectJamesify and Paradise Decay. Definitely check them out and leave them a like.

Help Us Make This Game Better
You can expect the update to go live in the next two weeks. Also if you haven’t done so yet, we would humbly ask you to leave us a review. Even a short review help us out so much to get the word out. Your honest opinion on the game let’s us better gauge what we should focus on for future updates.

Salmi Games
GrowRilla VR - SalmiGames
Hey friends,

We're excited to launch GrowRilla in Early Access today and finally share our new game with you. Thank you for checking it out. We're a strong believer in Early Access as an effective medium to develop VR games.

As part of our release, we've also updated our screenshots, posted a new gameplay video (embedded below) and reworked our store description.

We also released a supporter's pack which includes both our VR game:

We also released at what we think is a very fair price (without a launch discount). Please consider that this will be the cheapest price you can buy the game (standalone). We will increase the price in the near future. This is our way of tipping our hats to the players who invested in our games early.

Finally, here are our patch notes of the changes from the build that our beta testers tried out last week.

New Features
  • stonehenge rocks are properly pickable now
  • mafia dons only appear in medium or hard difficulty
  • do not allow to open menu in win screen or loading screen (as this could cause issues, for example if selecting a new level in the win screen you do not get the points from this round)
  • disable distant units before activating the map (to reduce load time after pressing the start button, reduces hard map activation time in editor from about 5 seconds to 1 second. Might need more performance at runtime though when activating units for the first time)
  • add new trees
  • added new sound assets
  • make static rocks pickable
  • bears and dogs are animated when attacking now
  • add animations to score board
  • Added subtle sound when falling down
  • Added option to define percentage of max speed at which units move depending on the behaviour. This allows e.g. the rabbits to move slower when just strolling around but move at full speed when they flee.
  • Added a particle effect every time the animals land when at full speed.
  • Red eyes glow stronger to indicate their progress in preparing the attack
  • Added particles on weapon when firing
  • Added force-feedback on shot
  • Added bunkbeds

Bug Fixes
  • improve/fix level progress board
  • fix all food preview items
  • Fixed issue where objects would snap to the bottom of your hand instead of the palm center.
  • Fixed objects flying off into the distance at times when you hit them while moving (usually experienced this with the flowers) by limiting their velocity for a short time when they get knocked off.
  • If you move without holding an object in your hand or climbing your visual hand model is placed at the target position to prevent jitter (which I simply cannot figure out how to avoid in this case, it's related to the fairly high movement speed).
  • fixed tank explosion bug
  • Fix map generation issues
  • place objects based on exact triangle position including offset (avoids grass being spawned slightly above water)
  • improved physics collision resolve
  • cat shouldn't spawn in farm when not unlocked
  • add military hangar foundation (in case part of the landing area is on water) and use a proper street ending
  • fix trail particles getting destroyed as soon as bullet gets destroyed
  • replaced tank bullets with properly modelled bullets
  • fixed weapon shoot info appearing every time
  • Ignore movement on throwing to avoid weird behaviour
  • fix eating exp bug
  • fix stonehenge are
  • fix bad texture quality
  • investigated bizarre prefab variant file ids issue
  • add achievemets to scoreboard
  • fix spotlight in menu scene
  • fixed hand not opening properly when climbing using the triggers
  • fixed tutorial issues (like start rotation)
  • fixed gentleman not changing color on death
  • fixed nav meshes for new trees
  • fixed broken quality settings change
  • went through debug log and removed spam
  • reduced warnings in editor. Either marked them as ignored or fixed the issue. May seem minor but it's actually a good way to find bugs you haven't noticed before, fixed one or two bugs with this.
  • further improve scoreboard animation
  • improve experience board
  • improve water splash (synced with object mass)
  • fixed a few misc bugs

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