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One Finger Death Punch 2 - Silver Dollar Games
One Finger Death Punch 2 - Silver Dollar Games
Brawlers have been remixed.

This update revamps the brawlers. Mixing some of what made the original brawlers from OFDP1 great and keeping true to our vision and goals of OFDP2.

The bars will now lock and load below the green zone as OFDP1 did.

When the player runs out of bars on the screen because they are faster than the game's default speed/difficulty, new bars will lock and load below the green zone.

The player will never have to wait for new bars to appear.


We've had dozens of small incremental updates in the past month. Many quality of life changes. Most notably the map navigation system.

Over the past month, we've added some great improvements to our map navigation system.

We've added the ability to look and travel anywhere around the map.

We've added in map completion stats.

We've added in a map navigation tool to show which map you're on and how the maps branch off to each other.

With 25 updates in the past month, we're working hard to make this game the best it can possibly be.
May 21
One Finger Death Punch 2 - Silver Dollar Games
Build 0025

-you can now use a revenge token on the final map level
May 18
One Finger Death Punch 2 - Silver Dollar Games
Build 0024

-projectiles in 'bladestorm' rounds are now colored
-reduced the number of slow motion events triggered by breakables
-fixed issues with 'bar locked' enemy sequence
May 16
One Finger Death Punch 2 - Silver Dollar Games
Build 0023

-fixed bug; not able to reset normal gauntlet until blind gauntlet is unlocked
-dimmed the attack bar texture a little
May 15
One Finger Death Punch 2 - Silver Dollar Games
Build 0022

-further tweaked the brawler bars for readability at high speeds
-changed the color of 'deflect' to vary better with 'block'
-fixed minor UI overlap
May 14
One Finger Death Punch 2 - Silver Dollar Games
Build 0021

-fixed a bug related to brawlers and application focus
-added a small 'world map' UI to the map to better aid in navigation
-made several small changes to make brawler bars easier to track
May 9
One Finger Death Punch 2 - Silver Dollar Games
Build 0001

First release.

Build 0002

-fixed a UI bug in the options
-fixed game border for ultrawide displays
-fixed localized term 'survival baby'
-added resolution 2560 x 1440 to the options
-updated one of the audio tracks
-fixed the 'enter the pixel bonus stage' achievement
-enumerated additional controls for speed up/down in options

Build 0003

-fixed missing terms for many generic prop weapons
-added keyboard control 'o' to open options at the title screen
-resizing the screen can now make the screen fit 1.25 aspect monitors
-added the ability to look around the map
-player can now jump to any available level on the map using the mouse
-removed flashing from lightning death
-added 'brawler expert mode' to the options for more experienced players
-added 16 new achievements
-fixed a small UI bug on the map

Build 0004

-added fps lock 120 and 240 to the options
-added input R3 to open/close build notes on a gamepad
-added map progression %
-added idle animation after horse round
-fixed the 'Enter the Pixel Bonus Stage' achievement
-fixed diagonal movement on gauntlet map
-fixed bug 'not returning to blind' after a time slow moment
-fixed a rare crash involving the laser-eye death
-fixed survival tier normal 5 achievement
(this will retroactively unlock)

Build 0005

-added WASD as an option for map movement
-round icons turn grey instead of being removed on completed map levels
-fixed various skin tone bugs
-fixed map 7 percent data
-fixed a level navigation bug

Build 0006 (hotfix)

-fixed twitch/options bug

Build 0007

-several improvements to the "ball-of-death"
-fixed healing bug in gauntlet mode

Build 0008

-improved map-to-map navigation
-various skills will no longer be waisted mid-brawler fight
-fixed rare crash involving throwing weapons
-fixed rare crash involving the horse mini-game

Build 0009

-you can now use the 'enter' key to begin a level on the map
-fixed a bug where blade-storm rounds could sometimes not be completed

Build 0010

-automatic screen scaling and border rendering for various display aspects
(can be overridden in the options using the "resize screen" button)

Build 0011

-fixed a bug where you can become stuck holding a throwing weapon(s)

Build 0012

-made the keyboard map controls 'clickable' (thanks Izzy)
-fixed leaderboard heading 'survival baby'
-fixed bug; not able to page left/right when filter is set to "you"
-fixed potential crash related to throwing weapon cueing

Build 0013

-fixed bug; scoring discrepancy on results screen in survival blind modes

Build 0014

-fixed bug: screen not zooming properly in window mode with a custom resize setting

Build 0015

-added "hide blind icons" to the options
-blind icons are no longer displayed during a mini-fight (lock/unlock bars)
-made some of the sound effects more impactful and varied

Build 0016

-updated the credits
-fixed another rare crash involving the laser-eye death

Build 0017

-fixed a bug where the power sword struggle can get stuck

Build 0018

-fixed several UI bugs

Build 0019

-fixed Boss Killing achievement
-fixed a rare bug that would cause text to not render on some GPUs

Build 0020

-fixed a visual bug on the Gauntlet map
-fixed input issues with 'F**** ** **t' (secret)
One Finger Death Punch 2 - (Alice O'Connor)

Flex those fingers, crack those knuckles, and take a deep breath: One Finger Death Punch 2 is out now and it will put your body, mind, and keyboard to the test. The side-on brawler from Silver Dollar Games is deceptively simple, with a stream of baddies charging towards you, one button to attack to your stickman’s left, and another to strike to the right. Then the enemy stickmen come faster and faster. And with weapons. And boss battles. And sword duels. And combos. And… it gets wild, and a right lark. Death Punch 2 has a demo so you can experience that for yourself.



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