The Pepper Prince: Episode 1 - Red Hot Chili Wedding - Hypnotic Owl
Happy Easter everybody: The Sadness is here!

As the story kicks into gear, you'll be faced with greater challenges and more complex puzzles as you discover new and unexplored worlds - and perhaps even learn the art of putting two items together to create something new! 😱

We've also taken this opportunity to introduce a couple of improvements and tweaks for Episode 1: Keyboard navigation, expanded default responses, more clarity in certain character interactions, as well as smaller bug fixes and rebalancing of achievements. All in all, the changes are minor and likely hardly noticeable - no need to go back!

But now it's time to continue on with your quest, to tend to your friend in need and help him heal his broken heart!

Enjoy The Sadness!
The Pepper Prince: Episode 1 - Red Hot Chili Wedding - Hypnotic Owl
We are excited to announce that The Pepper Prince Episode 2: The Sadness will be released on April 22nd!

And as a special Thank You to our supporters, owners of the Seasoning Pass get early access to the episode. Like, today! You can actually go play right now! Whoop whoop!
The Pepper Prince: Episode 1 - Red Hot Chili Wedding - (John Walker)

On one hand, there’s the excruciatingly bad poetry. On the other hand, poo jokes. This is the dilemma I face when attempting a coherent position on my opinions of The Pepper Prince: Seasoning 1, the first in an episodic adventure series created entirely from ASCII art. Oh, OK, and the fact that despite being very cute, it’s 45 minutes long and without challenge.



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