Magical Diary: Wolf Hall - Hanako Games
A big thank-you to anyone who came by the Magical Diary: Wolf Hall table at this year's AdventureX conference in the British Library!

I hope you enjoyed what you got to play of the game and scored a cute chibi sticker of your favorite character in the process.
May 15, 2019
Magical Diary: Wolf Hall - Hanako Games
This game is actively in development!

The Kickstarter was successful. The in-progress game is available to people who backed at beta-access level or above. More content is being patched in as it is written.

We do not intend to do an Early Access period on Steam. The game will be available here when it is complete.

In the meantime, if you are interested in following the updates as new content is released, you can find the developer log on here:
Magical Diary: Wolf Hall - Hanako Games

This project is now live on Kickstarter!

By backing us now you can receive early access to this game as it's being developed, unlock new romance options, insert custom cameos, and get other Hanako Games titles at a discount. Who the bonus romance options will be depends entirely on what gets the most interest during the kickstarter, so this is your chance to have an impact!

Or check out the demo available on Steam! This covers the first week of gameplay - creating your character, meeting people, learning your first spells, etc.
Magical Diary: Wolf Hall - Hanako Games
To get the latest news and updates about this game, please follow the Magical Diary twitter account.

We also have a general hanakogames twitter account, for discussion of other titles and general chitchat.

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