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Caravans in the wasteland will usually be carrying produce or supplies such as scavenged plastic, scrap metal, wood, barley, cattle, and more. All of these are vital to a raider operation -- but occasionally, you may receive intelligence of a treasure convoy carrying an ancient artifact from one settlement to the next.

Sure, televisions sets and old cars are also considered ancient artifacts... but these are truly ancient. Old items plundered (or saved) from the world's museums before the great catastrophes, items such as the Euphonious Krater, the Canopic Jars, and the Pharaoh Death Mask for example... items that will provide valuable insight into the past cultures and civilizations of our planet if reconstruction and recovery ever takes place.

Naturally though, you're of the mind that these priceless artifacts would look better in your own collection...

Treasures not only tie your treasure room together, but also provide organizational bonuses as well. Incredibly rare in the wasteland, it's a big deal if you are able loot an artifact of importance.

Casino Chips
The main tendered currency of the wasteland was deemed to be casino chips.

People considered other items, bottle caps for instance - but casino chips were deemed more practical in the long run. Small, colorful, plastic objects with numbers on them... it sort of made sense. So now, people fight and die over them.

Of course, there are many ways of obtaining chips in the wasteland if you're an unsavory fellow: for example, you can attack people for them, you can trade produce for them (stolen, looted, or generated from captured industry), you can exchange captured hostages for them, or you can counterfeit them (if you have built a plastic mold in your hideout).

Your raiders depend on a steady supply of chips streaming in - feed their greed or watch their morale start to drop...
Wasteland Raiders - Creative Storm Entertainment

Like weapons, combatants in the wasteland equip themselves with whatever mishmash of helmets, armor, or shields that they are able to scavenge, loot, or craft (will discuss crafting, components and reverse-engineering in a separate Devlog).


Helmets offer a variety of protections, but also stamina and hit chance penalties.

For example, light helmets offer little to no protection, but they look kind of cool, so you might want to equip your raiders with these. Light helmets include caps, sun visors, and potato sacks. Oh, and the wearer suffers from no penalties.

On the flip side, very heavy helmets (think of cumbersome Deep Sea helmets, Riot helmets, and more), offer massive protections, but also massive stamina and hit chance penalties, as the wearer won't be able to see for more than 30 degrees in either direction.

Helmets come in the following categories:

  • Light[- little to no protection, no stamina and hit % penalties.
  • Medium- middling protection, small stamina and hit % penalties
  • Heavy- heavy protection, but also heavy stamina and hit % penalties.
  • Very Heavy - extremely heavy protection, extremely heavy stamina and hit % penalties.

Examples of helmets include:

  • Riot Helmet
  • Deep Sea Helmet
  • Skull Helmet
  • Combat Helmet
  • Horned Helmet
  • GI Helmet
  • Football Helmet
  • Hockey Helmet
  • Ned Kelly Helmet
  • Welding Helmet
  • Plumed Raider Mask
  • Plumed Raider Helmet
  • Plague Doctor Mask
  • Gas Mask Helmet
  • Construction Hardhat
  • Pith Helmet
  • Tanker Helmet
  • Catchers Mask
  • Bull Head
  • Potato Sack
  • Sun Hat
  • Sun Visor
  • Top Hat
  • Plumber Hat
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Shemagh Mask
  • Desert Cap

So take care in what kind of helmet or mask you equip your raider with.


Similar to helmets, armor also offers varying degrees of protection and penalties.

Armor comes in the following categories:

  • Light - little to no protection, no stamina and hit % penalties.
  • Medium - middling protection, small stamina and hit % penalties
  • Heavy - heavy protection, but also heavy stamina and hit % penalties.
  • Very Heavy - extremely heavy protection, extremely heavy stamina and hit % penalties.

Examples of the armor sets include:

  • Combat Armor Set
  • Spike Armor Set
  • Skull Armor Set
  • Tire Armor Set
  • Front Plate Armor Set
  • Ranger Armor Set
  • Ned Kelly Armor Set
  • Raider Scale Armor Set
  • Bone Collector Armor Set
  • Bomber Jacket Armor Set
  • Football Pads Armor Set
  • Leather Armor Set
  • Patched Fur Armor Set
  • Baseball Catcher Armor Set
  • Duster Armor Set
  • Cultist Armor Set
  • Wrapped Armor Set
  • Webbing Armor Set

So you have the choice of rolling out a deadly but fragile glass-cannon or a lumbering beast that takes no damage, but can't dodge or attack very well.

The choice is yours.


I don't currently have any artwork done for shields, but will have something to show soon enough.

Raiders can also equip themselves with shields, offering protection in addition to their armor and helmet. However, equipping a shield precludes the equipping as well of any two-handed weapons. So again, the choice becomes whether you want to roll out a damage dealer or a damage soaker.

Examples of shields include:

  • Riot Shield
  • Manhole Cover
  • Hubcap Shield
  • Highway Sign

Shields offer varying degrees of protection - for example, a riot shield will be much more efficacious in battle than a highway sign... but a raider will sometimes make due with whatever they have.

Special Items

Occasionally a raider will loot a special item off of a dead combatant. This could be an item providing a stat bonus or unique ability, either in or outside of combat.

Some examples of special items include:

  • Aid Kit
  • Speedball
  • Ancient Taser
  • Bugle
  • Shades
  • Mummified Cat
  • Car Dice
  • Drum
  • Mouthguard
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Athletic Underwear
  • Cod Piece
  • Skull Belt
  • Monocle
  • Lucky Charm
  • Ancient Porn
  • Hound Dog
  • Guns & Knives Magazine
  • Ear Necklace
  • Sock Monkey
  • Water Purifier
  • Metal Detector
  • Compass
  • Toothbrush
  • Camping Lantern

Will provide more information on these in the coming months.

Hope this provides a bit more info on the other items available in game.

Wasteland Raiders - Creative Storm Entertainment

Combatants in the wasteland equip themselves with whatever they can scavenge, loot, or craft (will discuss crafting, components and reverse-engineering in a separate Devlog).

Equipment includes the following:

  • Weapons
  • Helmets
  • Armor
  • Shields
  • Special Items

With this Devlog, we will address weapons.

Weapon Types - Melee/Ranged

Weapons are further classified as both ranged and melee.

Melee weapons come in the following:
  • One-handed Edged
  • Two-handed Edged
  • One-handed Blunt
  • Two-handed Blunt

Ranged weapons come in the following:
  • One-handed Ranged
  • Two-handed Ranged

Each weapon comes with its own set of cool-down attacks and crowd-control abilities.

One-handed and two-handed weapons also confer stamina penalties on the individual using the weapon.

One-Handed Edged

These weapon types are comprised of machetes, cleavers and more.
Actions specific to one-handed edged weapons include:

  • Frantic Stab: (-10%) Hit %, (+4) Damage
  • Slice & Dice: Attack (2) Time, (No Critical Hits, Bypass Attack Roll)
  • Through The Seams: (-10%) Hit %, Ignores Target Armor Points
  • Butchers Smile: Apply Bleeding Effect (-5 HP/Turn) For Duration Of Combat (Bypass Attack Roll)

Two-Handed Edged

These weapon types are comprised of katanas, trench shovels and more.

Actions specific to two-handed edged weapons include:

  • Frantic Chop: (-10%) Hit %, (+6) Damage
  • Shearing Swing: Hits Up To (3) Targets For (50%) Hit Damage
  • Guarded Stance: (50%) Chance of Blocking Incoming Attack (1 Turn)
  • Cleaveland: (-20%) Hit Chance, (100%) Critical Chance

One-Handed Blunt

These weapon types are comprised of pipe wrenches, night sticks and more.
Actions specific to one-handed blunt weapons include:

  • Heavy Swing: (-10%) Hit %, (+4) Damage
  • Full Throttle: Attack (2) Time, (No Critical Hits, Bypass Attack Roll)
  • Go For The Eyes: Stuns Target For (1) Turn (Bypass Attack Roll)
  • Bang-Cock: (-1) Stamina On Target For Duration Of Combat

Two-Handed Blunt

These weapon types are comprised of hockey sticks, baseball bats and more.

Actions specific to two-handed blunt weapons include:

  • Heavy Bash: (-10%) Hit %, (+6) Damage
  • Swing For The Fences: Hits Up To (3) Targets For (50%) Hit Damage
  • Grand Slam: (-10%) Hit Chance, (+20) Weapon Damage
  • Shield Hook: (30%) Chance Of Removing Shield From Target

One-Handed Ranged

These weapon types are comprised of pistols.

Actions specific to one-handed ranged weapons include:

  • Quick Shot: (-10%) Hit %, (+4) Damage
  • Hammer Fan: Attack (2) Time, (No Critical Hits, Bypass Attack Roll)
  • Knee Cap: (-1) Stamina On Target For Duration Of Combat
  • Ventilate: Apply Bleeding Effect (-5 HP/Turn) For Duration Of Combat (Bypass Attack Roll)

Two-Handed Ranged

These weapon types are comprised of rifles.

Actions specific to two-handed ranged weapons include:

  • Quick Shot: (-10%) Hit %, (+6) Damage
  • Death Blossom: Hits Up To (3) Targets For (50%) Hit Damage
  • Armor Piercing: (-15%) Hit %, Ignores Target Armor Points
  • Head Shot: (-15%) Hit Chance, (+20) Weapon Damage[/list]
Wasteland Raiders - Creative Storm Entertainment
Meat and Water

Survivors in the wasteland sustain themselves on small diets of meat and water extracted from the unforgiving land. Meat and water are self-explanatory – without either, people start dropping like flies. So when planning a trip of marauding and destruction out in the wasteland, make sure your raiders are adequately supplied first.

Of course, there are farms and settlements that you can raid for food. You could also build a well in your hideout. Or if you’re fortunate, you can find the odd oasis which will supply you with fresh water – just watch out for any ornery hippos bathing there as they can kill a man with one bite.


Barley is also grown in select farms, but this is never consumed directly – no, these sacred grains are used to brew beer instead.

Raiders like beer. They’re day-drinking piss-tanks in fact. With a daily ration of beer, their morale remains stable – and being drunk, they’ll fight more fearlessly in battles. So keeping your raiders supplied with booze is important.

Short-term solutions include raiding or extorting caravans and settlements in the area for their beer.

However, a more long-term solution would be to capture a barley farm, kidnap a brewer, and construct a still in your hideout. Congratulations, you have embraced vertical integration and are now a beer manufacturer.


There are times you will run out of food.

During those times, you might opt to butcher some of your camels or cows for meat. But if you don’t have any captured livestock, humans might be the next viable item on the menu.

Perhaps you’ve captured some workers from the nearby quarry or farm and are leading them back to your hideout to put them to work – but your raiders are starving. No one will notice if you butcher one or two prisoners, right?

Or if you have higher value hostages, perhaps you can throw them in the pot.
The last resort would be butchering one of your own raiders.

Pity the poor sap that draws the short-straw…
Wasteland Raiders - Creative Storm Entertainment

In Wasteland Raiders, you play as the leader of a band of marauders.

But instead of running your organization from afar, your character must eat, drink, deal with potential insurrections, and engage in combat.

Succession Or Permadeath

Because your character exists within the world, dying is a possibility. Depending on your game settings, this will either result in your game ending, or one of your raiders taking up the mantle of command instead.

They will become your new character, meaning you can play for as long as you wish if you have at least one raider still surviving.

Leadership Points

Because the player is a unit like the rest of the raiders under your command, your character will gain experience points from activities in the wasteland and level up. However, your character will also have a second set of exclusive attributes to level up as well that will provide direct benefits to the leading of your organization.

These attributes include the following:

Negotiation: Lowers the costs of bribing away enemy parties sent to attack you.
Intimidation: Increases the amount of fear you gain from raider activities. Fear is used to extort resources from enemy settlements and caravans.
Determination: Increases the weight capacity of your raider party.
Organization: Reduces the construction time of hideout buildings and fortifications.
Logistics: Increases the unit capacity of your party and garrisons.
Subterfuge: Reduces the amount of infamy gained from raider activities. Infamy determines the fortification level of settlements, as well as the strength of caravan guards and mercenary parties sent to kill you.
Mobilization: Increases the movement speed of your party.
Cruelty: Decreases the movement penalty of your party from captives.
Charisma: Increases the morale gained by the activities of raiders in your party.
Intuitiveness: Increases the amount of experience both you and your raiders gain from combat and other activities.
Greed: Increases the amount of loot and chips (currency) gained from combat.


You have the choice of promoting two of your followers to the ranks of Lieutenant and Sergeant respectively. Promoting a follower will provide them with combat and discipline bonuses – however, the downside to promoting a raider is that it might empower them to challenge you for the mantle of leadership…

Leadership Duels

Occasionally, if morale drops within your organization, you will be challenged to a duel. This can only happen however if you promote a raider to either Lieutenant or Sergeant.

If your character is challenged to a duel, it will be a one-on-one fight to the death with the challenger. If your character perishes, your game will either end or leadership will be passed to the new victor where you will continue playing.

Burden of Command

I hope this provides some insight into the extra layer of gameplay I instituted into Wasteland Raiders. You are not a god-like leader, looking down on your organization from afar...instead you are a character living in the world that must fight, eat, deal with insurrections, plan for successions, and more!

Wasteland Raiders - Creative Storm Entertainment
The World

The world of Wasteland Raiders takes place on the receding, desertified ocean floor. Husks of crashed bombers, ships, cargo containers, whale skeletons, and more litter the salt-stained dunes.


From these sweltering dunes, settlements have appeared, assembled from whatever their denizens are to scavenge. Eking out an hard-scrabbled existence any way they can in the wasteland, the denizens of the settlements have become hardy survivors over the years.


Industries such as garbage scavengers, scrap smelters, camel ranches, and more have also emerged in order to provide resources and materials for these settlements.


These resources are transported to the settlements via the use of caravans, hundreds dotting the landscape, carrying their precious cargoes of resources, scavenged old-world treasures, and travelers.


So what's the by-product of all these settlements, industries, caravans, and tribes? Raiders. Your people -- a people possessing a long and proud tradition of sticking their middle-finger up at the notion of a hard-day's work and choosing the marauder's way instead.

Of course, a raider party will have to consider who they attack. Caravans pose the easiest targets, but as a raider organization grows, industries, settlements, and citadels will eventually pose more tempting targets...

The world is a chaotic place.

And the wasteland doesn't need another hero.

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