From Beyond Prologue - SuckerFreeGames
Hello all,

We recently received some exciting news, From Beyond: Prologue has been nominated for an Aggie Award! If you loved our game and have the time, please pop over to Adventure Gamers and give us a vote.

Check out Snail Trek, also nominated. SFG is not affiliated, I just personally loved that game. If you end up enjoying it as much as I did and have a bit more time, please consider voting for it in Best Comedy. VOTE FOR US!

In other news, production for From Beyond: Prologue’s follow-up, From Beyond: The Dinner Party is coming along nicely. This time I am targeting the Sega Genesis’ graphic and sound specifications. 😊Screenshots below

From Beyond Prologue - SuckerFreeGames
Another minor patch:
  • Jar with water now acts like Bucket with water
Progress Report coming soon!
From Beyond Prologue - SuckerFreeGames
Hi All,

So, I just pushed a small update to PC and MAC, and a slightly larger update to LINUX.
  • LINUX had a small bug that has been dealt with involving navigation markers and a hot spot.
  • All versions have had some missing special characters corrected.
  • The Whistle sound effect has had its volume reduced, based on feedback.

Things that are currently in the pipeline:
  • A German Language Patch

Things that are being investigated:
  • A possible change in the navigation system.
  • A French Language Patch

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