Community Announcements - Tiggs
We're happy to announce that Nexuiz is available on the Steam Store! To celebrate you can purchase Nexuiz for $4.99 USD!

Anyone that purchased a Nexuiz 360 code, head on over to to get your copy for Steam.

If you're receiving an error: Go to and make sure that the 'See your Xbox profile (Xbox 360: Profile Sharing)' setting is set to Everybody then save and then it should work.

We appreciate everyones patience and are thrilled to see the game back. Join our discord server and let's get some matches going

Mar 11, 2016
Community Announcements - Tiggs
We've set up a Discord server for those that are looking for matches or would just like to chat. Join us anytime here

Community Announcements - Tiggs
We're happy to announce on March 14th Nexuiz will be return to Steam and be on sale for half off!

Also, anyone that purchased the 360 version and would like a Steam key we'll have that available on our website on the 14th. More details to follow.

Community Announcements - Tiggs
We're happy to announce that tthe official Nexuiz dedicated servers are now live. Please make sure you're launching from Nexuiz (not Nexuiz beta).

See you in game!
Dec 22, 2015
Community Announcements - Tiggs
Hey everyone,

We're happy to have met our goal by re-releasing Nexuiz on steam in a fixed state by the end of the year. It still isn't for sale again, which we'll have more information on later - but those of you who have purchased it can now finally play it again. The database has completely be rebuilt so you shouldn't have any issues playing the game anymore. We're still working on a system that allows XBLA nexuiz fans a free steam key but are unfortunately limited with ways to validate if you have/haven't purchased it. We have a work around though and will post more information about that soon.

We're still putting some touches on everything so you might see some patches trickle in - but everything should be or about to be running as usual.
In the mean time if you want some good IllFonic stuff check out Friday the 13th: The Game - Moving Hazard: and Revival - these projects are all pushing on some great stuff, check them out!

Community Announcements - Tiggs
Hey Everyone! Check out what else Illfonic is working on with this sneak peek of Moving Hazard. After you check it out, head on over to the Moving Hazard forums and post in the Welcome thread to enter in the early access key giveaway! What are you waiting for, start clicking on the links!
Nov 23, 2015
Community Announcements - Tiggs
Hey everyone.

We have some great news, our first Nexuiz Beta has been pushed to Steam. If you have Nexuiz on Steam you should have access to this now. We haven't put up official dedicated servers just yet but it should work for you if you try to run the client.

We have some interesting developments here and are currently trying to solidify some things before we let the knowledge out... in the mean time, if you have any issues with the Nexuiz Beta client please let us know on on the steam community forums... just remember - it is "Nexuiz Beta" and not "Nexuiz" in your Steam Library. The store for Nexuiz is still not available.
Oct 15, 2015
Community Announcements - Tiggs
Hey everyone!

Great news! Nexuiz is almost 100% functional again! We started getting it back up and working late last month and almost have the new database online that will allow us to get everything back up and running.

We are currently looking into ways Xbox 360 fans of the game can get PC steam keys and keep up on our word of giving you guys all free copies for your friends. When we go live again we'll be doing a live stream to celebrate.

At IllFonic we've had an incredibly busy week with announcements - from our new FPS Moving Hazard - announcing Friday the 13th: The Game - a new website and about to drop a major patch update to Revival - we wanted to make sure we followed up with our promise to you guys back in January and get Nexuiz back online. We love Nexuiz and can't wait to play it again!

Community Announcements - iLL.| Tonez
Congrats for winning the 1on1 tourney! if any one is interested in watching the VoD you can find it here
Community Announcements - iLL.| Tonez
Congrats to D4rkBl4de!

For being the winner of the first bracket in the tourney. check out the VoD here.

Dont forget its not to late to participate in the tourney sign ups here:

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