Starfighter: Infinity - Ben Olding Games
  • Vocal commands added! Try saying: 'Vocal Commands' clearly into your microphone
  • Some ghostly additions
  • New sector events: Solar Flare + some others
  • Warzones now more intense, but will give less XP per kill
  • Change error messages to auto send to me and not interrupt gameplay so much
  • New Shield: Insulator
  • New Augmentation: Glare Filter
  • Auto aim javelins now fixed
  • Fixed issue with leaders not able to get the Elite destroyer/Admiral class warship
  • Damage and Electrostatic bubble should now work, but might still wobble about
  • Nebula effect more dense
  • Fixed: "is out of range" error
  • Fixed andromedan gate looking open when it should have been closed
  • Improved the tooltip
  • Fixed the gamebreaker when entering jammer sectors in Acr
  • Drones in Sirius no longer have huge XP rewards
  • Turrets rewards increase as you progress through the star systems
  • Ship slot limit now increases every 5 levels until level 100 when you get a new one each level
  • Change how the autopilot camera works, will now remember if you are on tactical or cinematic + should fix the issue with hyperspace not engaging
  • Can see org funds and leadership type when viewing an org to join
  • Preparation for being able to view where other players are on the star system map
  • Some other small fixes

Font size - I have been in the process of increasing it, but it will take a few versions to do it fully. Some people are not keen on the new font and others have complained about the old font being too small. I have found it hard to find a font that it both easy to read and looks good on all different resolutions. So if anyone has a recommendation for a font, please feel free to suggest it.

Thanks for your patience while I sort it out

Ive been adding in behind the scenes things in preparation for some new multiplayer features including adding some more PvP options as well as fixing multiplayer errors: I want to add a feature where players can create their own pvp 'matches' like classic deathmatches, team deathmatches etc. I will also add the sharing missions feature. Also as mentioned in the notes, I think it would be cool if you could see where other friendly players are via the star system map.

Im working as hard as I can on this, theres lots to do between bug fixing and adding new stuff. Feel free to come and chat on the discord if you want to contribute ideas etc
Starfighter: Infinity - Ben Olding Games
Version 0.16.1

just a quick one to keep PC/mac in sync before I upgrade the unity version

  • Fixed: Low mass star systems spawning high mass ships
  • HUD size tweaks, changes + new bigger text chat
  • Some Halloween surprises added + new seasonal weapon (will have to wait till later in the month to get it)
  • Couple new scannable objects

Version 0.16.0

  • Change to HUD to allow for bigger text/font. This is the first step towards redoing all the windows etc - please let me know if you have any major issues and let me know what resolution, and if youve changed the HUD size in options
  • Can place "map markers" with middle click
  • New low mass star system for Level 100 players all enemies are legendary
  • More legendary enemies in general in higher level systems
  • Star ratings on map screen
  • Tweaks to valve index controllers + swapped map and corkscrew buttons
  • VR tweaks to main menu galaxy screen
  • Minor corrections to planet scan results
  • MCB now a mine rather than large (was never intended to be a large)
  • Some other tweaks to a few weapons
  • A new object to find/scan
  • Some fixes to offline mode
Starfighter: Infinity - Ben Olding Games
Hi All, I did a fairly big update earlier in the week (and didnt post about it) and a smaller one today. So here are the details of both:

Version 0.15.2
  • FI leader can now have the admiral class warship and/or elite destroyer
  • Fixed issue with human alliance/aralien empire leaders not being able to get the above ships
  • Can now mouse over the secondary weapon icon on the hud to see how long until reloaded
  • Few more tooltips
  • Undocking AI ships defending a station will now sometimes turn while ascending so that they dont all just come out at the same angle
  • VR laser pointer no longer gets blocked by your ship when trying to press something in a window
  • Tried to stop ships entering from non existant sectors at the edge of the starsystem (when defending stations)
  • Fixed: Station Info organisation icon colour problem
  • Stopped Random Encounters during missions
  • Hopefully fixed a login error that one person was having
  • Some other small layout tweaks to stop text overlapping on options menu and ship info screen

Version 0.15.1
  • Offline mode: fixes to some errors
  • Can now order food at Meteor Burger
  • New ship info screen see keys for shortcut key - this is just to show ship equipment/status when not at a station
  • Some new random encounters: Random Skirmish, Legendary Squad + Jammer guards
  • Station spawning/defences improved/changed
  • Social buttons add to main menu
  • Some VR camera tweaks: kill cam, interstellar cam
  • Oculus Rift: corkscrew button now mapped to right controller
  • Fixed the multiplayer error when entering with an active effect (parse int/float error)
  • Fixed being able to change hyperpsace destination with minimap
  • Corkscrew forward now has a minor effect on speed
  • Fixed some issues with the background moving
  • Some new beacons added
  • New engine added
  • Plasma plud is now double plasma
  • Fixed some typos
  • Aralien empire & human alliance should no longer have the incorrect ships on "fixed" missions: posturing, nuisance & others
  • Removed restriction on non playable bosses, so now more can spawn i.e. no longer 1 per sector
  • Other minor fixes
Starfighter: Infinity - Ben Olding Games
I've not forgotten about co-op missions etc, will hopefully do them soon. Now that the major problems are being ironed out, I hope to add a bunch more content soon...

Changes in 0.15.0

  • Vacuum Fly Boss Added with weapons/loot
  • Mini pointers for all ships not just closest
  • Have improved one of the multiplayer errors, so that it will be clearer and help me see what is going on, so you you get a thing about couldnt parse float/int then please email to me
  • Offline mode added - may still have some bugs
  • Background stars/nebula now move slightly
  • Shield Radius added as a ship stat
  • Support for ultra wide monitors added
  • Some VR camera tweaks: Interstellar travel view (galaxy screen) and Kill Cam
  • In VR: Instruction e.g. Press X to scan planet moved from right hand to in front of you
  • Been building a new star system, but its not ready for viewing yet
  • Can now cancel radar by pressing key again
  • Can now disable cockpit view
  • Fixed the issue with turrets respawning quickly
  • Hardlight barrier now only blocks enemy fire - you can fire through it
  • More tutorial tips added
  • Gather missions now scale with level more i.e. common minerals at lower levels
  • More planet descriptions added - maybe done them all now...
  • Now immune to negative weapon effect on respawn for a few seconds (while invulnerable)
  • Some other minor usability fixes
Starfighter: Infinity - Ben Olding Games
  • Crates no longer tiny
  • Added a semi-opaque background to the radar
  • Fixed the thing with items being listed as "price: 300" in the cargo menu
  • VR tweaks: Right thumbstick less sensitive now, at least on joypad
  • Recentre now also does rotation
  • VR keyboard now works with joypad
  • Radar now central in flat hud, attached to right hand on handheld
  • Cockpit camera fixed, now banks with the ship
  • Other minor VR tweaks

I plan to work on: trying to reconnect people if they are disconnected without sending to main menu + I'm going to start putting in some new alien races, bout time i added some new content
i will also look at the multiplayer syncing issues and see if I can figure out whats going on
Starfighter: Infinity - Ben Olding Games
Hello all, and thank you for your feedback and help. I uploaded a new version last night, with a whole bunch of changes:

VR Improvements

Here's a video with me talking through most of the improvements

I am continuing to work on VR as I find out how people play it, and I think in this new version, it should now be good and easy to play no matter which VR platform you are on. I think even Windows Mixed Reality should work fine, except you will need an xbox controller - but this works well due to the new options flat hud.

Please let me know if you have any problems and which platform/controllers you are having problems on

I know there have been some teething problems with VR that some people have been frustrated with, I thank you for your patience and your very helpful feedback

VR Options...

Defaults to follow cam, as this seems to be the preferred way of playing, good for seated play. Still has "top down" fixed camera view and cockpit

Can recenter your position, but doesn't yet take into account rotation. Will add that later

Scaling - you can resize the whole game to your preference.
Height - can move camera height up and down

HUD mode: you have the standard hand held hud as before, but now also can pick a flat mode, more like it is in 2D, and angled, where all the panels face you.

You can also alter the distance and size of the HUD. I will add height later if people want it

I've also improved the in station camera and fixed the bug that was causing a drop in frame rate in stations.

Future VR options

I would like to improve the cockpit view for VR players, to make visibility better and maybe add some more fun features

Somebody also suggested some voice commands or speech-to-text which I really like the idea of. Would make chat much easier in VR and also it would be fun to active hyperspace by saying "Engage!" in a captain picard style... well i would enjoy that at least.

Other Changes

Its not all been VR, ive fixed lots of little things and added in a new Help Terminal in space stations - I basically wrote out a game manual this week while waiting for things to compile etc. I will also add this to the website before too long

New low shield alarm - sound like a basic thing, but I'm really pleased with it, it adds something and isn't too annoying I dont think - you can switch it off in the options menu if it is!

Other Plans

Ive been working on making our own solar system, and players have been discussing the idea of "Capital" Star Systems, which i think sounds quite fun. I am trying to think what humans should do in the human capital, maybe just courier missions etc, or maybe some pirates etc... I think though for high level aralien empire players, this could be like going into the "lions den", which could provide a unique challenge...

I am also working on an Offline Mode, and also making the game attempt to reconnect if your connection drops out for whatever reason.

Loads of other plans of course, im coding as fast as I can! but the priority is still making the game playable and understandable to all

List of Changes

  • Low shield warning alarm - is adjustable in options menu
  • Help Terminal added to stations
  • Fixed the VR crash in stations + when using the steam menu - this might also have been the cause of the slowdown people were getting at stations - let me know
  • Also improved the VR camera in stations
  • Some more minor VR tweaks
  • Should no longer give you collect and deliver missions that deliver to anything other than a refinery
  • Large weapons are no longer removed when out of ammo, but ammo costs are now the same as the original weapon
  • Turrets now respawn on stations (quicker in higher level star systems)
  • New weapons: Double and Intelligent Broadsides
  • New weapon: Stilletto Rocket
  • New Weapon: Plasma Cannon Plus
  • Fixed bug where you couldnt look at/sell augmentations on the cargo screen
  • Improved turret AI so that they are not always turning/making noise
  • Burst weapon stats fixed
  • Fixed problems with proton beam
  • Andromedan Ram shield no longer massive
  • Fixed some problems with the bug reporter - still an issue with voting, will fix that soon

Starfighter: Infinity - Ben Olding Games
Hello Starfighters

Thank you all who have bought the game and given good feedback. its been pretty intense so far, Ive had trouble keeping up with it all and Ive certainly lot replied to it all, but I have been paying attention.... Its been emotional sharing this game with the general public and has been tiring, but overall im pretty pleased with how things are going so far...

General plan

I've been working hard on the game and my initial focus is to try and get it working for all and cater for the different ways that people want to play. After that I will add some more features and content to the game - theres still areas of the galaxy that I would like to flesh out + I would like to add more to do for higher level players

In version 0.13.5

I've fixed a few errors and a few usability and UI things:

Can now bind mouse buttons (and wheel) to keys for those that want to fire with the mouse buttons.

Fixed the floating point NaN error that was coming up in stations

Moved "Prospector One" Augmentation blueprint to first star system (hack the pirate station to get it). This is an augmentation that colour codes asteroids on the radar, and ive moved it earlier as there are a few ore hunters out there wanting it

Bigger HUD sizes added - Some people finding things hard to read depending on their screen and resolution. I think i will have to redo all the HUD and screens later with a better bigger font. but this will take a long time, so use the option in the options menu (under video) for now

Made lots of tweaks to the shop UI to hopefully make things easier..

Fixing some VR issues

VR tutorials and tips should hopefuly now be correct for Vive, Oculus Rift and valve index. I would appreciate any testing/feedback from those with these systems...

Joypad should now work in VR, although as the hud is currently attached to the controllers, it is not yet ideal. I can see that playing with a joypad in VR actually feels pretty good. So my plan is to have an option to just have the HUD appear in a rectangle in front of you, more like 2d mode.

WMR headsets - i am hoping that when i have the above "joypad mode" hud working that the game will be playable on most WMR setups (with a joypad), as for other controllers e.g. samsung odyssey im not sure yet, but maybe in later versions


Someone suggested that it would be good to see your steam friends on the map, I think this is a great idea, so am going to look into it

Help Terminal - You'll see this in stations already, but its not yet active. I am going to put a few pages in here that will help explain. Let me know if something has confused you in game that you would like explaining

Co-op missions. I think this is going to work by inviting other players to join you on an existing mission. Missions sectors are currently single player only

PvP sectors/matches - Currently all sectors are can potentially PvP sectors. But I appreciate that this doesnt really focus players. So what i am thinking is that players could maybe set up a "match" via a station terminal and it would show up on the map for all players. These matches could have different options/restrictions

Reconnecting - Some players have experienced the occasional disconnection, which i know is frustrating. So what I am planning is that the game will attempt to reconnect you without kicking you back to the main menu. For those with no connection another plan is:

Offline Mode - This will not use the online database, and therefore will not use your usual characters. So will essentially be single player only. This will be handy for those on a laptop away from their internet, but also

Pointers - you currently get an arrow pointing at the closest enemy, closest friendly, closest asteroid etc, Im thinking maybe it would be cool to have mini arrows for all objects within 100su. Maybe just in top down view, or maybe in all. Will experiment

Other plans for VR:

I want to make the VR experience better for all and have been listening to feedback

I'm planning to add extra camera options, rather than just the 3 modes, i will have settings to move the camera position as well as scale things up and down.

I also plan to do a separate cockpit for VR so that its easier to see around you

There are of course loads of bugs to fix and loads of other ideas to put in. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask here, or use one of these other channels of communication:

Official Website: - has a database with item/ship stats
Discord Server: - discuss game with other players and me, also can be used to report bugs etc
Facebook page:
My other facebook page:
My main website:
Starfighter: Infinity - Ben Olding Games
Finally live on here! please have some patience as there are bound to be a few teething problems. If you have an error, you can use the button to email it to me, and if you find a bug, then there is the in game reporting tool.

Thanks to all kickstarter backers and all of those who have supported the game so far! its late now, but tomorrow I will post about future plans/ideas for the game.
Starfighter: Infinity - Ben Olding Games
Hi All,

Its taking a bit longer to get through steams review process than I anticipated, so I've had to push the early access date back a couple of weeks. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience

In the meantime I am continuing to work on the game and hopefully will have multiplayer and a few other things a bit more stable by then
Jun 22
Starfighter: Infinity - Ben Olding Games
Hi All, the trailer is up, check it out.

I'm hoping to release on Early Access one the 2nd July, but this will be dependent on it getting through steams review process, so there is the chance of delay

Feel free to follow on facebook:

Also we have a discord server:

Happy to answer any questions

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