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Pacify - Shawn
Based on requests I added a few more languages to the game:

Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish and Thai.

I am still working on more content. I will post teasers eventually.

Thank You!

Pacify - Shawn
I am working on more content for Pacify. There will be new locations, monsters, missions and things to do. I work alone, so please give me some time to create each new area.

The new content will come in the form of updates and they will be released completely free.

Pacify - Shawn
First off... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

Pacify is getting a great response! I really appreciate everyone. Thank you, thank you very much!!! I have been popping in and out of matches checking the game, watching videos, live streams and reading all the comments and reviews.

I've been working hard since release trying to squish all the bugs. Multiplayer programming has been a huge undertaking. But I am excited to see people playing, laughing and screaming! It has been very rewarding!

Here's the current patch fixes:

All achievements should be working now.
Windows users can connect with Mac players again.
Join menu cleaned up
Invert X and Y should be working correctly.

PVP changes:
I wanted PVP to be against each other and I realize everyone was still having trouble with the girl so I made these changes:
-If you push someone down, they shouldn't be scooting around anymore.
-You can't lose completely if everyone is turned into a doll.
-You can pick up wood and matches while being a doll.
-You can start the fire and revive yourself.
-The match doesn't end until someone wins.

Check the leaderboards on Steam, each time you win, I am tallying it up on global leaderboards for each mode.

Make sure you update to the newest version of the game. You can close and open Steam or right click the game, hit properties, local files, then verify integrity to force the update. If you aren't on the newest update you can't connect with people that have installed it.

I think that is everything for now.

Thank you again!

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