Jungle Guardians - Taploft sp. z o.o.
Hello Friends!

Today we have made a HUGE update.

It will be very hard to list all the changes we did ( this list would have to be more than a thousand points ) but I will describe what was the goal we wanted to achieve.


Nr 1. The most important. We have a fixed "Daily Diamonds" package. It should work now as described.

We are very sorry, this problem was related only to the steam payment process and it took us a huge amount of time to figure out. From our side, it looks like it was working we had to dig very deep to find it.

- All of you who contacted us via email and provided us with your player ID. Will receive 500 diamonds.
- If you contacted us but you didn't receive any response or you didn't send your Player ID, please contact us again at support@taploft.com. Please send us your Player ID.

The player ID can be found at loading screen bottom right corner. Please simply make a screenshot of the loading screen and send it over.

Nr 2. We have fixed many bugs with quests, with overall game experience many places where disconnects happen etc. ( Probably we miss some places, so please report them us.)


During our discussions about players suggestions ( FOR WHICH WE ARE SUPER GRATEFUL !!! ) we decided to change the balance of the game.

Taking care of animals should now take way less time.
This means that all productions related to making items for animals should now be way easier to do and take less time.

Building Structures
In many suggestions, you tell us it was just too time-consuming to collect resources for finishing structure. Now it will be way faster.

Electricity and water
Now you can play longer and finish your session without waiting very long for those two resources.

You asked for more premium offers and fewer others- We did that too.

Time boosts and warehouse
For some reason, you want to collect time boosts. From this update. All-time boosts are no longer stored in the warehouse this means they will not take your precious space.
Additionally, there are players who already reach maximum warehouse capacity for those players we added additional storage levels.

Many other small balance changes which you will probably not notice :) But if you do please tell us what you think.

We are reading everything you are saying and all the suggestions are really important.

Thank you for playing our game and have a great time with the updated version.
Jungle Guardians - Taploft sp. z o.o.
Today we have finally released an update that should fix Black Market loading issue. The problem was quite complex this is why it took us a long time to deal with.

Please take our apologies and now we can finally work on other issues and ideas you share with us.
Dec 4, 2018
Jungle Guardians - Devv
The game will be open for everyone at 12/10/2018

We love to invite you to play our game and share your feedback with us. Any even the most critical opinions are very important to us because this is fuel for our work.

Join our community and share your thoughts with us. During Early Access period we will gather all opinions from our players then we will discuss them and set a roadmap for nearest updates in a way that they will contain feature requests or feature changes that came from the steam community.

Join us on chat and meet the team.

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