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From Zero to Hero: Become the new pilot in the Drone Champions League

Vienna, AUSTRIA / Vaduz, LIECHTENSTEIN, February 18th, 2020 - THQ Nordic and the Drone Champions League AG are happy to announce the worldwide release of DCL - The Game, the official game simulation of Drone Champions League.


DCL - The Game is a drone racing simulation, where players control authentic drones that maneuver at extremely high velocities through technical tracks in impressive environments. Players can experience a realistic gameplay allowing them to train their actual flight control skills. Players can also qualify for the official Drone Champions League and start their career as a professional Drone Pilot right in the game. It's even possible to connect drone transmitter to the PC for a more authentic experience! DCL -The Game is out now for PC, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One™.

Watch the latest trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tz18NarLo4Q

Enjoy & stay tuned!
Your THQ Nordic Team
DCL - The Game - PapaSchlumpf
Drone Champions League - The Game will release on February 18th, 2020 and you can start your career as a professional Drone Pilot right in the game. DCL - The Game is used for training and even for qualifying for the official Drone Champions League, and simulates the true racing experience. It's even possible to connect an authentic drone transmitter to your PC!

Watch the latest trailer: https://youtu.be/cJm-DygnN_0

“With DCL - The Game we are finally able to transfer the real operations of Drone Champions League into a game simulation. We are very excited to offer the gaming community the gateway to eventually become a professional drone pilot and compete in real life DCL events down the line.”, says Herbert Weirather, CEO and founder of the Drone Champions League.

“THQ Nordic is very happy to support this project. DCL - The Game offers an amazing opportunity to learn how to fly a drone. And it’s not only a pure simulation - it’s fun, too.”, says Jan Binsmaier, Publishing Director THQ Nordic.

DCL - The Game is a (drone) racing sim, where players control authentic and also crazy drones, that maneuver at extremely high velocities through impressive tracks. Racing through the streets of Torino (Italy) or over the Great Wall in China is a tough challenge and a unique experience. Not only the velocity makes the drones special to fly, but also the very small turning circle. Although the flight model of the drones stays very close to reality, the drone models do not. You can fly a fluffy unicorn or even a brick.
Apr 2, 2019
DCL - The Game - DCL
Monthly Challenges: Race on the monthly challenge tracks collection! Every month, a winner will be crowned and rewarded, the winner of the April Challenge will receive a DCL cap! Your Rank is calculated by adding your best times on the tracks of the challenge, scored flying the DCL19 drone. Official DCL Pilots can participate to the challenges but they cannot win the prizes. Check the leaderboards on game.dcl.aero/leaderboards and keep an eye on Drone Champions League social media!

Track Leaderboards update: the entire back-end system for the track leaderboards has been re-written in order to increase its stability and support the future features of the game.
There will probably be some hiccups today, please be patient for a few hours as we migrate to the new system.

Numerous bugfixes and other minor changes
Feb 14, 2019
DCL - The Game - DCL
CHANGELIST (selective merge)
[ART] changed first gate on Laax Very Easy for McDonald's Event
Feb 13, 2019
DCL - The Game - DCL
Small hotfix update

CHANGELIST (selective merge)
[BUG] quitting a race before a new record was completely updated would sometimes result in a crash and potentially not uploaded record time
[BUG] general backend fixes to improve reliability and stability
Feb 11, 2019
DCL - The Game - DCL
Big update, mostly for the McDonalds Drone Challenge (available only in Switzerland and Liechtenstein).

[BUG] fixed the leaderboards problem and recovered most of the weekend data

[FEATURE] McDonalds Drone Challenge track, and supporting features
[FEATURE] Transmitter endpoints calibration
[FEATURE] Input devices hot-swapping is now possible
[ART] minor visual adjustments on Laax and Reutte (nothing affecting the gameplay)
[BUG] Transmitter calibration various bugfixes and improvements
[BUG] Fixed chairlifts and other objects collisions on laax (go ahead and send it in those holes!)
[UI] minor UI bugfixing and improvements
DCL - The Game - DCL
As many of you noticed (thanks for your bug reports!) the Leaderboards stopped working correctly over the weekend.
Specifically the Ranked times were incorrectly recorded on the Unranked leaderboards.

We diagnosed and fixed the problem and we managed to recover the vast majority of the best times that you've recorded over this weekend, with some exceptions:
  • you improved you Ranked record and then improved your Unranked record with a better time
  • you already had a recorded Unranked flight faster than the Ranked one you just flew.
Unfortunately in these cases the times were lost and are unrecoverable, we are very sorry and there's nothing we can do about it.

Before you ask: we cannot accept screenshots or videos as proof of the times you've scored and input them manually in the system.

You still have a few days before the end of the DCL Draft Selection window, keep sending it!
Jan 22, 2019
DCL - The Game - jriehl
Update featuring the Joystick and RC mapping settings.

[FEATURE] Joystick Calibration basic functionality implemented. Can select a device and set up custom axis bindings.

Several bugfix and improvements:
[BUG] Fixed bug where the mouse cursor would be missing in the Main menu after quitting from In-Game Menu or restarting from Results Screen.
[BUG] FC settings panel: the rate curves only draw the relevant functions.
[BUG] New players starting a "Quick Race" will have their first fly on an easy track.
[BUG] UI popups now correctly receive the focus when being displayed
[UI] Several UI visual improvements
Jan 16, 2019
DCL - The Game - DCL
Hotfix for a couple of annoying bugs

We are still focusing our effort on fixing the numerous issues with the transmitters detection and calibration.

CHANGELIST (selective merge)
[BUG] fixed drone page tuning issues
[BUG] fixed crash on super rate = 0
[UI] simplified drone tuning page for arcade/gps/angle
[BUG] backend stability fix
Jan 15, 2019
DCL - The Game - DCL
Hotfix for a couple of annoying bugs, in particular the drone trails that couldn't be hidden anymore

We are still focusing our effort on fixing the numerous issues with the transmitters detection and calibration.

CHANGELIST (selective merge)
[BUG] fixed show drone trails button
[UI] fixed draft selection rank display in main menu
[UI] improved player guidance in a couple of spots

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