A meadow Piece - genlivpat
Some new possibilities are now integrated to influence the meadow (respectively the flowers on it).
So I am happy to introduce four new hills for that:

Water hill
Water hills give water to the flowers around them with similar petal color as the hills color.

Light hill
Light hills give energy to the flowers around them with similar petal color as the hills color.

Color hill
All flowers around a color hill will be painted slowly into the color of the hill.

Popper hill
Popper hills push seed away if the seed color is not similar to the hill color and if the seed lands to close to that hill.

In addition, the tutorial is adopted and a bit more economized.
Furthermore, a warning bar appears now whenever the health (not the extra health) of your main flower is not full.

In the next weeks, I will provide a Demo-Version of A meadow Piece. It contains only the simulation part of it, that means that you are not able to interact with the meadow. But there is one exception: If you join a meadow of a player with the full version, then you are able to play the full game as the second, third, or fourth player on this meadow.

The next steps are to bring monster flowers and snails into A meadow Piece. This will need a time and will be a major update, probably at the end of the year. Included in this update will be a revised tutorial which will be more interactive.
A meadow Piece - genlivpat
After introducing new simple modifications, also four new complex modifications are added to A meadow Piece:

Creates a wobble that jumps in a random direction. At contact with something, it splits in six smaller parts that cause damage at contact with a flower. Color-sensitive, flowers with similar petal color suffer no harm.

Creates a turning thing that causes damage at flowers with more than one difference in the number of petals. It moves some steps in random directions.

Healthy sonar
Creates impulses in radial direction that heal flowers that not differ more than one in the petal number.

Health bubbles
Creates bubbles at a random position around the executing flower. Color-sensitive, it heals only flowers with similar petal color but not the executing flower.

With these four new complex mods, the possible modification combinations per flower increase to more than 120,000.

In addition, you get now points from the beginning the game and every time you call aliens, activate the green circle, activate the color mark, activate the white mark, or an violet sphere flower is destroyed.

Finally, the extractor is fixed in relation to target losses.
A meadow Piece - genlivpat
During the optimization, four new simple modification were developed. This increases the number of possible modification combinations to over 100,000. The new modifications are:

Color absorber
More water in seed
More energy in seed
One complex mod in seed

In addition, the movement of the camera is optimized. And there are performance improvements in relation to Rotary, Ringer, clouds and rain.
A meadow Piece - genlivpat
As previously announced, A meadow Piece grows further.
You can find now a first version of an information brochure about the species in A meadow Piece here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/964100/discussions/0/3398435622564389557/
There were some changes and improvements in the game itself.
  • My seven years old found a very effective way to defend aliens, a way to effective. So I have changed two things for push hills. First, the costs for push hills increases. Second, push hills select only one enemy to push each time.
  • Labels for each hill are integrated.
  • The possible radius for building hills is now indicated by a green circle.
  • Typos are very annoying. Not just for you but also for me. Again and again, I am looking for these and this costs a lot time. Obviously, there were left several of them. Another recheck with a new method founds a lot now. Hopefully, these are the most of them. But surely, with further development new typos will arise and I will fight against them again.
  • To avoid irritations, short cut buttons are introduced much later in the introduction.
A meadow Piece - genlivpat
Hours, days, weeks, and finally years.
After all that time, I bring the flowers to you.

I am a programmer, psychologist and scientist.
On the side, I have developed A meadow Piece.
It started years ago with an idea for an unusual computer game.
Over the years it developed into a self-producing simulation.
It is still unbelievable how much time it consumed to bring it to life.
In addition, this simulation ran on my computers, day and night.

It is not one of the games, where you just start and everything is almost clear.
A meadow Piece uses a complex evolution system with many variables that counts for the success of the flowers. Sometimes, I was almost lost to get A meadow Piece stable and balanced, so that the meadow does not stuck or just die by itself. In return, it is now a kind of living organism.

Finally, I am very happy with the result and, hopefully, you can enjoy it as much as I do.
If you take a moment, you will get an almost magic environment to play with.

Let the flowers grow!
A meadow Piece - genlivpat
A short summary of the last changes and fixes before launch.

  • I improved the performance on several places.
    • New seed starts faster now.
    • Aliens spawn faster.
    • The movement of the rocket barrel parts is optimized.
  • The Achievement Super Circle did not work and this is fixed now.
  • Labels are now on by default and the corresponding button is in the tutorial.

Tomorrow is launch!
A meadow Piece - genlivpat
I am very happy to present you the new trailer, early enough for launch.
In addition, you find now an introduction game play video in the Communityhub.

Of course, there were some changes and improvements on A meadow Piece (v00.972).
  • A second level of control was implemented on the clients for server information. This should avoid the missed messages from server.
  • Press B for the list of shortcuts is also in the tutorial now.
  • I improve the health jumpers to improve performance.
  • The duration of poisoning is corrected. It does not run endless anymore.
  • If it possible to germinate, the seed moves now smooth into the ground.

Two more weeks left, keep calm and happy!
After all that work, I will take a short break and will be well prepared for the Launch.
A meadow Piece - genlivpat
The progress was fast and here are several changes made (v00.965)
  • Trees and mountains were changed and fit much better in the scene.
  • The modification final bang has now less power.
  • The short cut functions were extended. A list of these short cuts is available by pressing B.
  • The number of the flowers influences the aging. The more flowers are on the meadow the faster they are aging.
  • The number of petals is visible in the petal number display.
  • Sunny sky dries the ground.
  • Steam Achievements are integrated.

The gameplay video and the guide about the species need some more time.

But for now, have a nice dream!
Jan 27
A meadow Piece - genlivpat
Just share the plan for the near and more distant future.

Plans for the next weeks until launch:
  • Hunting Bugs.
  • Implement shortcuts for some more functions.
  • The sun (a sunny sky) dries the ground.
  • Change the mountains and the trees for a more coherent view in the sense of simple and procedural.
  • Made a gameplay video.
  • Write a guide about the species on A meadow Piece

After launch:
  • Possibility to choose your own key assignment
  • Short cut buttons direct about the flower
  • Steam achievements

Future plans:
  • Colors can be stopped
  • Explosive mines
  • Fences
  • Increase flower count
  • Export and import meadows
  • Multiplayer lobby
  • etc...

And, I will listen to your requests and imaginations.
A meadow Piece - genlivpat
Here now a brief report about the Beta-Testing so far (v00.958).

  • First thing to say, tornados. They have had various difficulties. On one side, they broken the network. On the other side, the performance dropped down. Both are now fixed and the tornados can do what they do.

  • There were several modifications that had problems to find the right number of appropriate flowers. This is fixed now and the modifications work all fine.

  • The daytime was wrong synchronized in the Network. I shifted the daytime progress to the clients and synchronize it on specific points. So the sun and the moon move smooth now on all clients.

  • Nightlight does not flickers anymore.

  • In the hill building mode a right click now just set back to the sphere flower, instead of deselecting everything.

  • If a selected sphere flower occupies a flower the selection switch to the flower.

  • Like the sphere flowers, aliens tried to bypass flowers on the way to their destination flowers.
    This is now turned off. Aliens damage everything that is in their way.

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