Down to Hell - Red Dev Studio
The past week was a really stressful time for us, but we will talk about it in a minute...
First of all, we want to thank all of you for the awesome support and love that you sharing with us. The amount of positive reactions from all of you is pretty overwhelming. And from the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for everything.

But that's not the end for Down to Hell. In fact, it's only the beginning. During the first week, we fixed some minor bugs. Today we will release one major update. We heard from you that bosses are too far from the chapels, so we decided to add special checkpoints before the bosses. Right now after dying during the fight with one of three creatures you will restart just before boss arena with 3 health and mana potions.

In the next update, we will add another minion into the game, this monster will slightly change the dynamics of the game because it will only attack from a distance.

As for chapter two of the game we are implementing new bosses but we need your advice! Below you will see three versions of one of the bosses. Tell us which one you like most and we will put that version of Solitude (that's her name) into the game.

Let the voting begin!

Next week we will talk more about the second chapter of the game. So stay tuned and once again thanks for everything!

Also, remember that we have discord server where you can talk with us not only about Down to Hell but also about different stuff:
Down to Hell - Red Dev Studio
After a couple of months of hard work, we are thrilled to share with you the first chapter of Down to Hell. Let's talk about it for a moment.
Right now you are getting 3 hours of slashing demons alongside 3 bosses to fight. Soon we will add another, secret monster into the game.

The second chapter of the game will be released in the next two or three months. Other parts of the game will be released periodically in the same span as chapter two. Between the release of chapters, we will be updating the game. We will add new enemies, and skills into the game. But to do that we will need your help. We opened a discord server where you can talk about the game, report issues and suggest ideas for new mechanics.
Here's an invitation link:

Right now we are working on a new update that will probably be uploaded next week.
Down to Hell - Red Dev Studio
When we were talking about Down to Hell release date we said that we are aiming to release it at the end of November. Unfortunately, we did not manage to prepare all the planned elements and we must push back the premiere to the beginning of 2019. Despite the release of the game in Early Access, we want to be sure that the game you will receive will be a solid production at a level that will satisfy both you and us.
Our beta-testers reported to us a number of improvements in the combat system and other elements (thanks!), which we implementing to increase the game's satisfaction. Although it still will be Early Access, the game will have a fully implemented combat system, but we will expand the content of the game where we will add new lands alongside new demons and bosses.
Nov 15, 2018
Down to Hell - Red Dev Studio
The Early Access date is getting closer but we are working hard to give you the best game possible...

We are working on the intro to the game. As you can see it's only a sketch cause we don't want to show you too much before playing ;). But of course, you can get a glimpse of what will be in the opening of Down to Hell.

We are working hard to give you the best soundtrack possible in the next couple of days we will reveal another band that agreed to take part in Down to Hell.

Crimson already awaits for new opponents. As we mentioned he will be the first mini-boss in Down to Hell. He is fairly easy but be prepared cause he can annihilate you with one combo.

Discord and Facebook
If you want to ask us a question feel free to do it on our:
Discord channel

Raise your horns brothers and sisters and see you soon!
Nov 7, 2018
Down to Hell - Red Dev Studio

So it’s time for our first DevBlog, here we will be posting stuff about the progress that we are making with Down to Hell. So buckle up and let’s go…

Early Access
Fist and foremost we would like to tell you the exact date of the Early Access start, so…

Down to Hell will be available to play on November 30th. Remember that in the EA some things could not work properly. But we want each of you to have actual influence on the game. That’s why we started our own discord channel where you can talk with us and share your comments about Down to Hell. You can join our discord here right now

BossesWe are giving final tweaks for the bosses in the first level. You already know Crimson, right? As we said on PGA he is the easiest one so better be prepared for Obscura and Oteph! They will be waiting for you on November 30th!

As we are saying everywhere we will have Heavy F’N Metal soundtrack. The first band that will be in the game is KORONAL. Check out one of their tracks here →

But that’s not everything! Are you in a metal band or know someone that is? Just give us a call on discord or facebook (links below) we will gladly talk about cooperation!

Soon we will announce another band so stay tuned!

You could’ve seen on the trailer that animations are a little bit stiff. We want you to know that we’ve been working hard to make them more fluid. The trailer will be updated but now we are focusing on making the best game we can.

Discord and Facebook
Once again if you want to ask us a question feel free to do it on our:
Discord channel

Raise your horns brothers and sisters and see you soon!

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