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Hello everyone!

Spooktober is here and we're super excited!

Apsulov: End of Gods have almost been out for 2 months and we're really happy with the time that's gone by!
During this time we've managed to release version 1.1.6 which (With earlier updates) brought some awesome stability fixes and the numbers of errors reported are getting fewer and fewer *Cheering*.

We on Angry Demon Studio are slowly getting ready to take steps towards future ambitions! We're not ready to reveal what they might be just yet... But soon!

A big thank you to all our players of Apsulov and Unforgiving! Thank you to all our supporters here on steam! Thank you all our Patreon supporters and thank you to our amazing discord community!

Without you guys Angry Demon Studio wouldn't exist and we're really excited about the future!

// Angry Demon Studio
Apsulov: End of Gods - AngryDemonStudio
Hello everyone!

Apsulov: End of Gods version 1.1.6 is now live and takes care of:
  • Collision fixes
  • Loading save during root-transport no longer spawns you in strange places
  • Giant leech will no respawn unconviniently
  • A few stability fixes
Thank you to all our players and thank you reporting issues and errors!
// Angry Demon Studio
Apsulov: End of Gods - AngryDemonStudio
Hello everyone!

A major patch was just made available to everyone that will fix issues we've discovered and that has reported through steam discussions, mail and on our discord.

Version 1.1.4 contains:
  • A later version of unreal engine that fixes crashes, errors and some compatability issues that were outside our control.
  • Cosmetic fixes, and improvements to the graphics in several parts of the game (Shaders, light, animations and more)
  • Main menu now has an animated background
  • Collision fixes
  • Custom menu font for russian localization
  • Corrections to Swedish, English and russian subtitles
  • A "The Sight Effect" option in graphics menu adding the option to turn off "the sight" overlay effect that can be straining on the eyes in some cases
  • Updated the "Unlock-system" that mostly only unlocked seer unlockables. (When patch download is complete, if you start the game you should recieve the content you originally unlocked)
  • Fixed AI issues
  • Updated credits to contain some names that was left out (Sorry everyone)
  • Fixed option for turning off "logg autoplay"
  • Spirits can no longer spawn inside rocks in the final battle.
  • And several other fixes that will fix different rare issues with crashing and other errors.

Thank you everyone who reported bugs and issues!
Regards // Angry Demon Studio
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Aug 15
Apsulov: End of Gods - AngryDemonStudio
Hello everyone!

We just released a patch (1.0.14) that fixes:
- A section lock door that is randomly opened even though players can't go through them (Not supposed to be open).
- Missing collision.
- A crash during final boss battle.
- Some cosmetic issues.

Thank you for reporting bugs and issues and we aim to fix reported issues as soon as possible after they have been reported!

Take care // Angry Demon Studio

Aug 13
Apsulov: End of Gods - AngryDemonStudio
Hi everyone!

Patch 1.0.13 is live and should bring a solution to the problem to players who got stuck behind an invisible wall in Helheim.
The patch also contains a few cosmetic fixes and collision fixes.

Sorry for the frequent patches post release. Patches should come more rarely from this point.

Thank you for your patience // Angry Demon Studio
Aug 12
Apsulov: End of Gods - AngryDemonStudio
Hi there everyone!

We're taking care of the bug reports as fast as possible and we're happy to announce that we've squashed the bugs with the following:
  • Collision fixes
  • Changed places on 2 logs in Apsulov Research to be more accessible
  • Loki can no longer be "downed" in the Ether, which sometimes happened when you pulsed him
  • Added the release trailer to the unlockables menu
  • Fixed crash when replaying from save point sometimes at the final Boss.
  • Fixed bug that made locks appear too early in Helheim temple
  • Lean keybinds are now the same as the “Change Page” buttons in the In Game Menu (Bifrost PDA)
  • Faster recharge time for the Energy Stations internal energy supply
  • Vsync can now be ON if you select a framerate limit higher than 60. Remember that V-Sync will limit the frame rate to your screens update frequence (To have higher framerate V-Sync needs to be OFF).
  • Updated french subtitling - Odin is no longer Santa Claus and Loki is no longer going to school. Localizer was either really funny or really bad... Not sure which...
  • Fixed other minor issues
// Angry Demon Studio
Apsulov: End of Gods - AngryDemonStudio
Hi everyone!

We've just pushed a hotfix for Apsulov: End of Gods that has the following fixes:
- Nerfed a few enemy encounters
- Lowered charging time for large pulse
- Collision issues
- Clarification in RFID handling
- Clarifications in battery resource system
- Arm no longer locks while using aim fire
- Material issues on lower graphics settings
- Korean language support has been added.

- Unlockables can now be unlocked
- We are sorry that some of you didn't recieve the unlockables you deserved. It should be fixed by now so if you continue your save and beat the boss again you should recieve the unlockable content.
Apsulov: End of Gods - AngryDemonStudio
Hello everyone!
Release is set today at 08:00 PST or 17:00 CEST!
We're super happy that so many out there are hyped and we are super excited that we can finally show you what we've been working on for almost 2 years!
Thank you everyone for being awesome!
// Angry Demon Studio
Apsulov: End of Gods - Carrop3

We are super happy to announce that Apsulov: End of Gods has received three awards!
One from Epic who has awarded us the Epic Mega Grant. Two from Dreamhack who awarded us both for best horror game but we also reached the pitch-finals with Apsulov: End of Gods at the event.
We are five honored members of Angry Demon Studio who hope you all will love the finished game! These awards really gave us the fuel to take this game across the finish line. Thank You!!!

Thank you so much Epic for awarding us the Epic Mega Grant , it made it possible for us finish this game. It has both helped us and the game and we are super excited to show you and everyone else the completed game!

Thank you Dramhack for awarding Apsulov: End of Gods Best Horror 2019. It is an honor to receive this award and acknowledgement.

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