One Night 2: The Beyond - Dark Gaia
Hello investigators.

Version 1.1 of One Night 2: The Beyond is now available. This patch addresses bugs reported by the community and adds a few small gameplay tweaks.

This update includes the following changes:

New Content and Gameplay Tweaks
  • Most non-boss enemies throughout the game have been made tougher.
  • You can now automatically regenerate Strength without drinking a Tonic or resting in a save room. The rate at which Strength regenerates is slow, but should be enough to prevent you from getting stuck if you have no other way to recover Strength.
  • The sanity scoring that determines your ending has been tweaked so that the two good endings are slightly easier to obtain. See details below.

Bug Fixes
  • The message when taking the Dormitory Key in the 2F bathroom no longer says you found a Screwdriver.
  • Certain doors in the Dormitory and Garden areas will no longer randomly stop working.
  • You can now trigger the John/Sara cutscene in the Dormitory even if you don't defeat the demon dogs in the bedroom.
  • It is no longer possible to get 2 copies of the fourth Shadow Tome.
  • The message displayed when using the Adhesive Tape no longer goes off the edge of the screen.
  • A missing sound file that caused the game to crash in the 2F Bathroom has been restored.
  • Several optional Strength actions in the Mansion and Factory areas will now work properly.
  • The death scene for enemies on the Mansion's second floor should no longer repeat endlessly.

Revised Sanity System

In One Night 2, each character has both a good and a bad ending. Which ending you achieve on a given playthrough is determined by your "Sanity Score", which is tracked in the background as you play and is affected by various things. This system was originally designed to make the good endings extremely difficult to achieve while still being possible, but in practice unless they have a perfectly optimized playstyle, most players were only ever going to receive the bad ending.

As such, the system has been tweaked a little to make the good endings easier to obtain, while still encouraging you to work for them. The sanity score now works as follows:

  • Saving the game, using Tonics or healing with Herbal Mixes decrease your sanity score, making a bad ending more likely. Each of these actions will decrease your sanity by 0.5 points.
  • Killing wandering enemies increases your sanity score, making a good ending more likely. Each dead enemy increases your score by 1 point.
  • Dialog options selected in cutscenes will either increase or decrease your sanity by 5 points, depending on which ones you pick. Generally, suggesting that you are uncertain or susceptible to the house's influence will decrease your sanity, while openly defying or resisting it will increase your sanity.
  • Obtaining the Shadow Pendant will either increase or decrease your sanity by 5 points depending on which variation you pick. Which one is the "right" one should be obvious based on the color of its gemstone.

Upon finishing the game, the ending you receive is based on whether your sanity score is positive or negative. To get a good ending, you only need to have a sanity score of 1 or above. You shouldn't need to do a "perfect" playthrough and it's definitely possible to flip from one side of the scale to the other multiple times before finishing the game.

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