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Bloons TD 6 - TarnNK

Awesome New Features
  • Full 2-4 player Co-op mode:
  • Co-op mode unlocked at level 20 for all maps.
  • 13 New Co-op achievements.
  • Special Co-op badges.
  • Quick and easy matching making lobbies to get you straight into the action!
  • Want to play with friends? We gotchu covered fam. Share your lobby codes with your friends to invite them into the action!
  • Two new maps:
    • Cargo - A brand new track with a brand new challenge, it’s freighteningly good.
    • Park Path - A trip down memory lane for some of you from another game with monkeys that we know and love.
  • New Hero Skin: DJ Benjammin’.
  • New Fireworks Theme & Collection Event.
Key Features
  • Races have had a small rework which now adds a 0.2s delay between sending rounds. Multiple button presses will still queue up and release the rounds after this delay.
  • Freeplay difficulty scaling and bloon groupings have had a massive rework to be considerably more difficult.
  • 2 new options added to the challenge editor to spawn all Bloons & MOAB Children as ‘All Camo’ and/or ‘All Regrow’
  • Towers should no longer ‘move slightly’ when you raise your finger, which would cause them to show valid placement while in a spot they couldn’t actually be placed
  • Daily Chest rewards have been reworked to be overall a little more rewarding and varied
  • Positioning towers has been improved. Towers will stay closer to the cursor/finger location to provide a more precise and smooth experience.
  • General performance improvements.
Co-Op Specifics
  • We took (many) months longer to get co-op working than originally planned but the goal from the outset was to keep simulation in sync so that we could do fun and competitive play when ready. Adding 4 player was super important to us to make the game more social, as well as the free-for-all placement areas. We appreciate your patience!
  • Balance between fun factor and challenge is of course of supreme importance to us, so we had lots of discussion about heroes and tier 5s. We have allowed multiple heroes but xp is divided by number of players, so they advance more slowly. Each player can have their own tier 5s so no one gets locked out from their build choice by another player; eco is split fairly so progression is metered but multiple tier 5s of the same type are powerful, which is the core reason freeplay was toughened up.
  • Private matches allow any platform to play with any other platform on the same version. Quick game matchmaker does try to create games between similar platform performance metrics first.
  • Game input system was substantially revised. Mortar set target and Heli set patrol points now start with defaults and can be set from there. Tower portraits now need to be double tapped to get upgrade details (can’t single tap if already selected).
  • Track relative positions were shifted slightly on some maps for co-op play: Pat’s Pond, Underground & End of the Road.
  • Double Cash is not enabled in co-op currently - this is part technical and part fairness/fun. It is currently labelled single player only and we will be watching this with the community closely.
  • Yes we intend to do races and challenges in co-op but these are not in this first release - that is another mountain of work, so thanks in advance for your patience there.
Bug Fixes & General Changes
  • Added ‘Half-touch’ functionality. When the UI is open for a selected tower, tap and hold on the base of the tower to hide the UI and fully display any targets and or range it has. This functions for all towers but mainly applies to Mortar Targets, Advanced Intel Subs, Snipers & Heli Patrol Points as you will be able to see their targeting option.
  • ‘Line of Sight’ has been removed as an enable/disable from the options menu.
  • Resolved an issue with blowback/distraction effects which could cause bloons to become untargetable.
  • Resolved some maps still displaying an Easter theme after the event’s end.
  • Resolved an issue where Half Cash Mode only applied until round 80.
  • Canceling the placement of Insta Monkeys will now function correctly.
  • Resolved some lag issues with Races when sending lots of rounds together.
  • Fixed some issues with blocking and removable objects on Rake, Peninsula, Tree Stump & Off The Coast.
  • Fixed an issue causing sub-towers to not have their names translated.
  • Fixed some sandbox options not being translated.
  • Dragging a tower off the top of the screen should no longer sometimes cause it to jump to the center of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Big Bloons mode sometimes causing towers to become enlarged
  • Fit Farmers knowledge now correctly applies again without needing to reload your save game
  • Profile saves containing any invalid Insta-Monkeys should now remove them rather than becoming corrupted
Dart Monkey
  • Placing any Dart Monkey insta will no longer consume your free dart monkeys
Ice Monkey
  • Resolved some issues with Ice Platforms produced by x4x Ice Monkeys
  • Ice Monkey should correctly freeze bloons again when buffed by Pat Fusty’s Rallying Roar
Monkey Sub
  • 2xx Advanced Intel no longer waits until the center pixel of blimps comes into radius before attacking
Monkey Buccaneer
  • 025 Buccaneer grapes now correctly use the fiery asset
Heli Pilot
  • x4x Resolved a crash with support chinook redeploy
Wizard Monkey
  • x4x Wizard’s Phoenix should no longer stop attacking when villages are placed within its radius
  • x5x Wizard Lord Phoenix correctly has a basic phoenix active whenever ability is down
  • xx4 Necromancer has had some performance improvements
Super Monkey
  • Quickly upgrading to a temple should no longer skip the warning prompt
  • Monkey Temple & range boost should now function correctly with Monkey Villages
Ninja Monkey
  • Ninja’s should no longer be able to occasionally shoot with an infinite range in specific setups
  • x4x Bloon Sabotage no longer slows BADs
  • 2xx Acidic Mixture Dip correctly applies +1 damage to Ceramics & MOABs again
  • 5xx Permabrew will correctly apply bonus damage from Acidic Mixture Dip and both Brew & Dip buffs should save and load correctly
  • xx5 Bloon Master Alchemist should again remove Camo & Regen properties from converted targets
  • xx2 Heart of Vengeance save issues have been resolved
Banana Farm
  • xx4 Central Market’s bonus to Merchantmen Buccaneer should no longer be inconsistent when also using Trade Empire
Spike Factory
  • x4x Spike Storm correctly deals +4 damage to MOABs again instead of +3
Monkey Village
  • Resolved an issue with placing multiple Villages nearby each other that could cancel out the Jungle Drums bonus with certain crosspaths
  • xx5 Monkeyopolis can no longer be given so little investment that it does not ever produce any cash
  • Gwendolin will again play an animation when activating her level 10 Firestorm
Obyn Greenfoot
  • Resolved multiple game crashes related to Obyn’s Totems & Wall of Trees
Captain Churchill
  • Churchills MOAB Barrage correctly counts damage again after level 11 and onwards
  • Benjamin’s Biohack will no longer apply to Benjamin, Techbot or Energizing Totem
  • When popping a bloon affected by Trojan a cash amount will display
  • Ezili’s Sacrificial Totem will now correctly activate the Bomb Blitz and Elite Defender Live’s Lost abilities
Desktop Version
  • Hitting enter on some screens with ‘Go’ pop-ups will now progress to the next screen
  • Resolved some issues with holding down a tower hotkey to place multiple copies of it
  • Heli Pilots should no longer cause save files to not load sometimes
  • Road item powers now work correctly in Click & Drop mode
  • Click & Drop mode should no longer open the upgrades menu sometimes when attempting to place the same tower multiple times
  • Hotkeys work in any placement mode and the message warning they do not is removed
Balance Changes
Tack Shooter
  • x4x Blade Maelstrom ability duration increased from 2s -> 3
  • x5x Super Maelstrom ability duration increased from 6s -> 9
Sniper Monkey
  • 4xx Maim MOAB no longer applies stun art to BADs
  • x1x Night Vision now gives the sniper a damage bonus to any Camo Bloons it hits +2
  • xx5 Elite Defender now grants a speed boost equal to the % of the track that the bloons have covered. E.g. If the bloons are half way through the map Elite Defender will grant 50% attack speed. If the bloons are three quarters through the map, Elite Defender will grans 75% attack speed.
Heli Pilot
  • Heli targeting has been re-worked. Lock in Place and Patrol Points will no longer immediately ask you to pick a location and instead function similarly to re-targeting a Mortar. Swapping away from these targeting modes and back again will remember the last targeting that you had set until you change this again
Mortar Monkey
  • 5xx The Biggest One bonus damage to ceramics and higher reduced from 40 -> 20
  • 5xx The Biggest One larger shockwave radius now deals +20 damage to ceramics
  • x5x Pop and Awe ability damage increased from 2 -> 10
  • xx5 Blooncineration can now remove camo from DDTs without knowledge being required
  • xx5 Blooncineration price reduced from $55,000 to 45,000
Wizard Monkey
  • xx4 Price reduced from $3500 -> 2800
  • xx5 Prince of Darkness now gives +1 damage to Zombies from any Necromancer
  • xx5 Prince of Darkness now gives +50% duration to Zombies from any Necromancer
  • xx5 Prince of Darkness range increased from 40 -> 80
Ninja Monkey
  • x3x Shinobi Tactics now also applies its 8% attack rate buff to pierce as well (Up to a 160% max increase)
  • Total Transformation will no longer allow the transformed Monster Monkeys to stack other buffs
Banana Farm
  • 5xx Banana Central now has 4x the strength of a normal Banana Research Facility
Spike Factory
  • 5xx Super Mines attack rate increased by about 20%
Monkey Village
  • xx5 Monkeyopolis will now produce a maximum of 10 crates per round, and each of these crates will produce a scaling amount of cash based on the farms consumed
  • Quincy’s base projectile speed increased from 320 -> 420
  • Quincy’s level 7 Exploding Arrow’s now continue to pierce and ricochet after the initial explosion
  • Quincy’s level 10 Arrow Storm damage increased from 3 -> 6
  • Quincy’s level 10 Arrow Storm deals 2x damage to MOAB-Class bloons
  • Quincy’s level 20 Arrow Storm damage increased from 5 -> 10
Obyn Greenfoot
  • Obyn Greenfoot’s price increased from $600 -> 650
  • Obyn’s level 2 Nature’s Wrath pierce buff reduced from 2 -> 1
  • Obyn’s level 11 now also increases Nature’s Wrath pierce from 1 -> 3
  • Benjamin level 3 Biohack cooldown reduced from 45s -> 30
  • Benjamin level 7 Trojan now awards $1 for each tier of Bloon affected with the virus
  • Benjamin level 9 Bank hack increased from 8% -> 12%
  • Benjamin level 13 Biohack damage bonus increased from 1 -> 2
  • Benjamin level 16 Trojan now awards $2 for each Bloon Tier
  • Benjamin level 19 Biohack damage bonus increased from 2 -> 3
  • Ezili’s level 1 basic attack now immediately has an 8 radius, 5 pierce splash for 1 damage
  • Ezili’s level 4 curse now allows the main attack to curse all targets hit by the splash
Time Stop
  • The Time Stop power has been completely reworked
  • Bloons now move at 10% of their normal speed during Time Stop
  • Tower attack rates and move speeds are reduced to 30% of their normal rate
  • Tower Ability Cooldowns function normally
Bloons TD 6 - TarnNK
You've been requesting it, and we're so excited to officially announce that co-op is coming to BTD 6! We don't have an exact date to share with you just yet as we're hard at work making this the best version of co-op that your awesomeness deserves, but here's a quick look at what you've got to look forward to! :D
Bloons TD 6 - TarnNK

Key Features
  • New Collection Event! Thought you were going to spend every game tapping on eggs? Try this instead!
  • New skin:
    • Ocean Guardian Skin - We came from the Oceans, and we shall return to the Oceans.
  • New map:
    • Spring Spring! A map so good we named it twice.
Bug Fixes & General Changes
  • Insta-Monkeys will now pop-up showing their correct portrait when received
  • We have reverted our Unity version until issues repeatedly causing texture issues to occur on Android are resolved. This should not cause any overall issues
  • Fixed a memory leak/crash when loading the events panel while not connected to the internet
  • ! Users receiving ‘broken’ insta-monkeys should no longer have a notification on their powers menu permanently stuck
  • Save Conflict screen should no longer occasionally display a very large number in seconds
  • Random insta-monkeys can now be awarded as in-game rewards
  • Double Cash mode has been moved to an “extras” menu within the options page
Glue Gunner
  • x5x Glue Gunner should no longer apply glue to MOABs without the 2xx upgrade
Sniper Monkey
  • xx5 Elite Defender works again
Monkey Sub
  • 4+xx buffs now apply correctly to other towers
Heli Pilot
  • x5x Special Poperations now spawns the marine in the correct location again
Mortar Monkey
  • 5xx The Biggest One can now deal damage to non-camo DDTs
  • xx5 Blooncineration will now display correctly on any map with terrain height
Ninja Monkey
  • xx2 Caltrops will no longer count to other towers’ damage counts when the main ninja is sold
  • Alchemist Dips and Brews now add a visual indicator to towers buffed
  • Alchemist buffs should no longer miss their target and buff another tower nearby
  • x5x Total Transformation should no longer cause crashes when used in a number of situations
Striker Jones
  • Added a special art asset for Striker’s level 10 ability
Captain Churchill
  • Fixed an issue where reaching level 20 did not buff Churchill’s level 10 ability
  • Bank Hack should now work correctly for newly placed banks
Pat Fusty
  • Pat Fusty’s level 3 ability no longer gives the level 14 bonus at level 3
  • Resolved an issue with Pat sometimes not animating briefly after performing a slap
  • Pat can no longer grab BADs as additional targets when grabbing another MOAB nearby
Desktop Version
  • Custom hotkeys should no longer distinguish between left or right for SHIFT/CTRL, both left and right for these will be treated as the same key. Please note that if you previously used a custom hotkey setup with SHIFT or CTRL, you may need to re-bind these hotkeys again for them to work.
  • Having your device power off while the game is open should no longer break the game
  • Resolved an issue with loading the game which would prevent players from progressing past the start menu
  • Hovering over upgrades in-game should now bring up info for that upgrade
  • We have reverted our engine version until some performance issues within Unity are resolved. This should not cause any overall problems with the game.
Balance Changes
Glue Gunner
  • xx5 Super Glue pierce increased +5
  • xx5 Super Glue once again stuns MOABs and DDTs completely
  • xx5 Super Glue slow against BFBs increased from 90% -> 95%
Monkey Ace
  • x3x Bomber Ace bomb damage reduced from 4 ->3
  • x3x Bomber Ace cooldown increased from 1.5s -> 1.7s
  • 130 Bomber Ace will now benefit from the 40% rate increase crosspath, lowering rate from 1.7s -> 1.02s
  • x4x Ground Zero, no one really noticed that this gained +8 damage for 10 seconds after ability use. So, Bombs dropped by this tower now deal 10 damage permanently
Mortar Monkey
  • xx4 Shattering Shells price increased from $10,000 -> $11,000
Wizard Monkey
  • x3x Dragon’s Breath now applies a burn Damage Over Time equal to Mortar’s Burny Stuff to any Bloon it touches.
Super Monkey
  • 1xx Laser Blasts price reduced from $2700 -> 2500
  • 2xx Plasma Blasts pierce increase reduced from 2 -> 1
  • 2xx Plasma Blasts price reduced from $5000 -> $4500
  • 3xx Sun Avatar price increased from $21,000 -> $22,000
  • x2x Epic Range now gives attacks pierce +1
  • x2x Epic Range now gives attacks projectile speed +25%
  • x3x Robo Monkey pierce increased from 5 -> 6
  • xx3 Dark Knight pierce increased from 2 -> 3
  • 5xx Superstorm, Super Storm damage increased 5 -> 12
  • 5xx Superstorm, Ball Lightning damage increased 2 -> 5
  • 5xx Superstorm, Lightning damage increased 1 -> 3
Spike Factory
  • 5xx Super Mines base spike damage increased from 1 -> 10
  • Price reduced from $700 -> $540
Captain Churchill
  • Just like Quincy, Captain Churchill’s level 3 Armour Piercing Shells ability has had its duration reduced from 10 to 8 seconds, however, this duration is increased by 0.5 seconds for every level Churchill has.
  • Captain Churchill’s level 10 MOAB Barrage Ability cooldown reduced from 90s -> 60
  • Captain Churchill’s level 20 MOAB Barrage Ability cooldown reduced from 60s -> 30
Challenge Editor:
Ceramic Health can now be increased to 2000%
Bloons TD 6 - TarnNK

Key Features & additions
  • New Hero!
    • Pat Fusty is a GIANT Monkey with powerful abilities.
  • New advanced map
    • Pat’s Pond: I like that boulder, that is a nice boulder.
  • Biker Bones rides again! Time for some monkey vengeance!
  • Community Challenge Editor:
    • Can now be accessed from the Events Monkey, allowing the creation of custom challenges which can be shared with a code to friends or submitted for Ninja Kiwi review and possible inclusion in future standard or advanced Daily Challenges. Or you can just roll a random challenge to have fun with.*Submitted challenges must be able to be completed without powers or continues.
Bug Fixes & General Changes
  • Some general minor difficulty increases for freeplay
  • New Sandbox Icons for all MOAB-Class Bloons
  • Sandbox now has 2 new testing tools ‘Reset Cooldowns’ and ‘Reset Damage Counters’
  • Daily Challenges can now be given a Spawn Seed for Freeplay & Apopalypse, meaning challenges can be set in Apopalypse & rounds above 100 while also allowing all players to see the same spawns and share working strategies in these cases.
  • Muddy Puddles lane rotation has been changed. Instead of looping back to lane 1 after round 4, the Bloons will now reverse back down 3, then 2 and repeat the cycle from lane 1 again.
  • The Damage Counter on towers has had its maximum value increased considerably and should no longer go into negative values
  • Fixed some issues causing save files with lots of towers to crash
  • Track projectiles should no longer clip through the bridge on Dark Castle
  • Fixed an issue with bloon groupings which was causing round 101+ ‘Freeplay Purple’ groups to spawn in a single cluster with no spacing.
  • Fixed an issue with some abilities receiving incorrect buffs from external sources
  • Powers should no longer be able to bypass daily challenge limits
Glue Gunner
  • x25 Super Glue should correctly stun all regular Bloons
Sniper Monkey
  • 4xx Maim MOAB will no longer apply stun visuals to BADs
  • 4xx Maim MOAB correctly applies stun art
  • x3x Bouncing Bullet should no longer get stuck on the track between jumps
Monkey Sub
  • 23x Ballistic Missile should now correctly have unrestricted range
  • x4x First Strike should no longer crash the game when destroying a BAD
  • 5xx Energizer Sub should correctly apply bonus XP to heroes
  • xx5 Sub Commander description translation has been fixed
  • xx4 Subs will now rock in the water correctly. Rock on my navy friends, rock on.
Monkey Ace
  • x5x Tsar Bomba correctly applies stun art
Heli Pilot
  • x4x Support Chinook should no longer revert placement settings after being canceled
Mortar Monkey
  • 5xx The Big One has new explosion art
  • xx5 Blooncineration should be able to apply burn to DDTs
Super Monkey
  • 4xx Sun Temple should no longer lock your hero if the hero is too close and de-spawns
Ninja Monkey
  • xx5 Master Bomber correctly applies stun art
  • 5xx Permabrew should correctly apply when reloading save again
  • 5xx Permabrew should no longer break in some cases after being sold
  • x3x and xx4 Attacks can now be thrown over obstacles
Monkey Village
  • x5x Homeland Defense description has been upgraded to reflect the new duration
  • Trojan art now sits correctly on MOABs
  • Now allows 2xx Monkey Subs to attack in his range
  • Ezili’s level 4 splash AoE should no longer center around her if she completely destroyed the target in one hit
Obyn Greenfoot
  • Totem’s no longer allow 2xx subs to see Camo Bloons
Desktop Version
  • Resolved an issue sometimes causing the abilities list to not show on the side
  • Resolved a gameplay simulation crash that could occur, causing lots of strange bugs to persist until restarting
  • Perfect Week Achievement should now unlock correctly
  • Heli Pilot patrol points should be saved correctly
  • The resolution should no longer be allowed to shrink so small that it prevents gameplay.
  • The Heroes section from the main menu should now allow hover functionality
  • Pressing the changelog button will no longer cause the game to softlock
  • Fixed some issues that could occur when a hotkey was set on its own, with the same key being used with a SHIFT activation
  • Re-worked ‘multi-placement’. Holding a tower hotkey will now allow you to place that tower repeatedly while the key is being held without the SHIFT key
  • Multi-placement will no longer allow various daily challenge limits to be ignored
  • Typing into boxes (Mainly in sandbox) will no longer trigger any hotkeys assigned to the keys being typed
  • SHIFT + Space can no longer be used to continue sending rounds during Race Events after failing
  • Hotkeys should NOT be defaulted when swapping between mobile & desktop versions UNLESS the mobile version is older than 8.1. But we are aware of some reports here, so If any issues with this continue to persist in 9.0 please contact our support team
Balance Changes

Boomerang Monkey
  • x5x Perma Charge ability cooldown reduced from 45s to 40
Tack Shooter
  • x4x Maelstrom projectiles are no longer deleted at the end of the round in Race events
Monkey Sub
  • x5x Pre-emptive Strike price reduced from $40,000 to 35,000
Monkey Buccaneer
  • 4xx & 5xx Aircraft Buccaneer will now retain the 3xx rate boost to their basic attack
Monkey Ace
  • xx3 Neva-Miss Darts should no longer perform considerably worse with the Accelerated Aerodarts knowledge active
Heli Pilot
  • 4xx Apache Dartship price increased from $19,500 to 19,600
Mortar Monkey
  • 5xx The Biggest One deals 3x damage to any Ceramic or higher, that’s a little spooky.
  • 5xx The Biggest One price increased from $24,000 to $28,000
  • 2x5 Blooncineration’s Wall of Fire will now benefit from the Radius, Pierce and Damage buffs that the top crosspath offers.
Super Monkey
  • x4x Tech Terror ability radius increased from 40 to 60
  • x5x The Anti Bloon ability radius increased from 90 to 100
  • xx5 Legend of the Night pierce increased from 9 to 21
  • xx5 Legend of the Night damage increased by 1
Ninja Monkey
  • 5xx Grandmaster Ninja pierce has been increased from 4 to 6
  • xx2 Heart of Vengeance 10% of the maximum possible 100% attack rate boost from lives lost is now permanently applied upon upgrading. This 10% bonus will always apply to any druid with this upgrade, even in Impoppable & CHIMPS modes
  • Benjamin’s abilities are no longer cleared whenever a round ends
  • Fixed a bug where towers ‘deactivated’ by Benjamin’s Biohack could have their abilities activated, but not spawn any projectiles, wasting the ability.
  • Ezili’s level 10 MOAB Hex ability can jump to the next-strongest target if its main target is destroyed before the duration expires, there is no limit to the number of jumps but the duration will not be refreshed.
Bloons TD 6 - TarnNK

Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Steam version 8.1
Key Features
  • New Map KartsNDarts
    Stop the bloons speeding around this new fast-paced intermediate track
  • Reverse mode has been more reversed
    The spawning order of each round has been reversed. E.g Round 13 will spawn 23x Green Bloons then 50x Blue instead of the usual 50x Blue then 23x Green.
  • 3D MOABs have arrived for natural spawns & Prince of Darkness
    3D MOABS!
  • New Churchill Sentai skin added
    It’s Morphing Time!
  • Additional Insta Monkeys will now be awarded for every 100 rounds completed in freeplay
Bug Fixes & General Changes

  • In-game patch notes menu should no longer be buggy
  • Game layout fixed for iPhone XS
  • Races should no longer crash in relation to the use/selling of Bomber Aces, or any other towers suffering from this same issue.
  • Layering issue when holding daily challenge icons for descriptions resolved
  • Some large issues with game time & speed have been resolved in many places
  • Heroes with special skins now use the correct voices in the main menu
  • Knockback effects on Bloons will no longer “cut them in half”
  • Spice Islands perma holidays fixed
  • Peninsula no longer allows water towers to be placed on land
  • Peninsula no longer stops some towers from functioning (Spirit of the Forest/ Bomber)
  • Fixed an issue with Ice and Glue monkey targeting that caused them to sometimes not target MOABs
  • Ice Monkey:
    Ice Monkey x3x Arctic Wind should now freeze the water on Logs
    Ice Monkey x4+x descriptions updated
  • Glue Gunner:
    Glue Gunners should now work correctly on Chutes
  • Monkey Sub:
    Monkey Sub’s Advanced Intel should no longer fail to correctly home on the first shot fired each round
    Monkey Sub x4x First Strike Capability will no longer lock up the game when hitting black bloons
  • Heli Pilot:
    Heli Pilot’s xx5 Mini-Comanche will now correctly deduct from alchemist brew charges
  • Mortar Monkey:
    Mortar Monkey 4xx should now correctly damage DDTs when given detection
    Mortar Monkey xx4 now counts damage dealt from fortifications being stripped
    Mortar Monkey xx5 burn duration fixed, it will now deal 1 extra tic of damage over time
    Mortar Monkey Descriptions updated
  • Wizard Monkey:
    Resolved an issue causing Wizard’s Wall of Fire to deal damage much faster than intended
  • Super Monkey:
  • Super Monkeys now correctly sacrifice Arctic Wind monkeys when upgraded to temples, instead of selling them
  • Ninja Monkey:
    Ninja xx4 Sticky Bomb should no longer be removed by glue gunners in any case
  • Alchemist:
    Alchemist 2xx now correctly allows Ice Monkeys to pop lead
    Alchemist xx5 Bloon Master Alchemist can no longer cause the round to prematurely end
  • Monkey Village:
    Monkey Village xx5 Monkeyopolis will no longer cause sacrificed farms to deduct from total in Daily Challenges
  • Banana Farms:
    Resolved an issue with Banana Farms not always generating the correct cash amount in races
  • Ezili:
    Ezili’s descriptions updated
    Ezili can no longer strip properties from Purple Bloons
    Ezili’s MOAB hex will no longer fail to destroy MOABs with the Big Bloon Sabotage knowledge enabled
    Ezili’s level up curve has been fixed, she will now advance slightly slower
    Ezili’s damage counter should now actually count her damage dealt correctly with MOAB Hex
    Ezili’s Sacrificial Totem will no longer crash the game when trying to view the upgrades panel
  • HeartstopperAbility Ability, HeartstopperAbility Ability Description
Steam Version Changes
  • Double Cash can be correctly purchased
  • Comanche should no longer cause dialogs to appear randomly
  • Language translation issues have been resolved, steam now has access to all languages
  • Trading cards are now available
  • All achievements should correctly count progress and complete
  • Mortar will now allow you to pick a new target location with the ‘TAB’ hotkey
  • The ‘ESC’ hotkey will no longer exit back to the main menu from a ‘Defeat’ screen
  • ‘Click and Hold’ details options in the UI have been changed to appear on ‘Hover’
  • Hotkeys can now be remapped to your liking
  • Some changes to default hotkeys;
    - Number keys by default now activate abilities
    - <>? Keys now all upgrade your hero when it is selected
    - Bloon spawns in sandbox now use SHIFT + Number
    - CTRL + ~ (Tilde) key now spawns the Ghost bloon in sandbox
    - Powers outside of sandbox now use CTRL + Number
    - You can now send the next round in Races with SHIFT + Space
Balance Changes
  • Dart Monkey
    xx5 Crossbow Master critical shot appearance increased about 10->8
  • Boomerang Monkey
    x3x Bionic Boomerang damage to moabs +1
  • Bomb Shooter
    4xx Bloon Impact will now refresh stun duration when hitting stunned Bloons
  • Tack Shooter
    xxx Tack Shooter base attack rate increased 1.6s->1.4s
    5xx Inferno Ring additional attack: Launches a homing meteor at 'strong', cooldown 7s, damage 700, speed 100, pierce 1, infinite range. (Definitely check this out! It makes short work of round 98)
  • Glue Gunner
    5xx The Bloon Solver damage per tick to ceramic and MOAB class increased 2->3
    x5x Glue Storm bloons caught in the storm now take additional damage while glued +1
    xx5 Super Glue price reduced from $40k->35k
    xx5 Super Glue slow percentage on moabs reduced from 100% to 90%
    xx5 Super Glue deals damage to moabs upon impact 0->50
  • Wizard Monkey
    x2x Wall of Fire price reduced $1300->$900
    x3x Dragon's Breath Wall of Fire fire rate increase 5.5s -> 4.5s
    x4x Summon Phoenix damage increased 1->2
  • Ninja Monkey
    xx4 Sticky Bomb detonation timer reduced 4s->3s
    xx5 Master Bomber sticky bomb now stuns moabs for 1s on impact (before detonation)
    xx5 Master Bomber flash bomb now stuns moab class for 25% of the duration
    xx5 Master Bomber flash bomb damage increased from 1->5
  • Alchemist
    5xx Permabrew Acidic Mixture Dip duration increased 10 shots -> infinite
    x5x Total Transformation - cooldown reduced 60s->40s
  • Sniper Monkey
    5xx Cripple MOAB price reduced $50k->40k
  • Monkey Sub
    x3x Ballistic Missile fire rate increased 2s -> 1.5s
    x5x Preemptive Strike’s ballistic missile rate increased 2s -> 0.5s
    xx5 Sub Commander now also buffs itself
    xx5 Sub Commander now has double the attack rate
  • Monkey Ace
    xx3 Neva-Miss Targeting projectile lifespan +50%
    xx3 Neva-Miss Targeting projectile speed +50%
    xx3 Neva-Miss Targeting increased homing tightness to accommodate new speed
    5xx Sky Shredder - damage from radial darts increased 2->3
    xx4 Spectre price increased $18k->$24k
    xx4 Spectre dart damage increased 1->2
    xx4 Spectre bomb damage increased 2->3
    xx5 Flying Fortress dart damage increased 2->4
    xx5 Flying Fortress bomb damage increased 3->5
  • Heli Pilot
    4xx Apache Dartship price increased $16,400->19,500
    4xx Apache Dartship rocket damage increased 1->2
    4xx Apache Dartship machine gun fire rate increased by 25%
    5xx Apache Prime machine gun damage increased 3->5
    5xx Apache Prime moab rocket damage increased from 11->16
  • Mortar Monkey
    1xx Bigger Blast radius has been increased slightly
    4xx The Big One cost reduced $10k->8k
    4xx The Big One blast radius increased
    5xx The Biggest One cost reduced $30k->$24k
    5xx The Biggest One blast radius increased by a big amount
    x3x Heavy Shells now deals extra damage to MOAB class bloons +1
    xx5 Blooncineration can now damage all Bloon types
    xx5 Blooncineration price reduced $55k->$50k
    xx5 Blooncineration now creates a wall of fire at impact location similar to x2x Wizard
  • Spike Factory
    3xx Spiked Balls damage to ceramics increased 3->4
    4xx Spiked Mines damage increased 4->5
    x3x MOAB SHREDR damage to moabs increased 4->5
    x5x Carpet of Spikes damage to moabs increased 5->6
    1x5 Perma-Spike Bigger Stacks pierce buff increased from +10->20
  • Monkey Village
    5xx Primary Expertise primary towers pierce bonus increased 2->4
    5xx Primary Expertise Ballista attack increased to 200 damage to moabs AND ceramics
    x4x Call to Arms price reduce from $24k -> $20k
    x5x Homeland Defense duration increased 15s -> 20s
    x5x Homeland Defense buff power increased from +50%->100%
  • Obyn Greenfoot
    Obyn base damage increased 1->2
    Level 2, magic monkey pierce increase from 1->2
    Level 9, damage buff increased from 1->2
    Level 14, damage buff increased from 1->2
    Level 19, damage buff increased from 1->2
  • Captain Churchill XP requirements have been reduced by 10%
  • Any x4x or x5x towers with Cash Generating abilities will now start with their ability on maximum cooldown when purchased

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