Bloons TD 6 - TrippyDippyTarn
Bug Fixes & General Changes
  • Profile stats should no longer be limited by integer caps
  • Removed glitched highest rounds from profile stats
  • Loading saves & ‘Retry Last Round’ no longer count towards games played in stats
  • Admiral Brickell uses the correct XP curve
  • Fixed some sounds on Flooded Valley
  • Resolved some placement issues between Frozen Over, Tree Stump & High Finance
Bloons TD 6 - TrippyDippyTarn
Awesome New Features
  • New water based Hero, Admiral Brickell
  • 2 Awesome New Maps
    • Expert - Flooded Valley
    • Intermediate - Bazaar (Design by u/polavux, original post here.)
  • 2 New Monkey Knowledges
    • Bank Deposits - Invest money into your banks to kickstart them
    • Ambidextrous Rangs - Allow Boomerangs to swap their throwing hand
Key Features
  • Added codeless ‘Local’ Matchmaking to co-op for users connected over the same wifi
  • Added Player Profiles, with lifetime records of your accomplishments.
    • Players can view their own profiles, by interacting with a new avatar on the main menu, and pick up to 7 unique stats to share for anyone viewing the profile
    • Other players will be able to view these shared stats on player profile popups found on leaderboards & in co-op lobbies.
  • Added Player Stats recording to profiles & victory callouts to singleplayer games
  • Insta Monkey collection pages now list your total collected # out of all 64 for each tower
Bug Fixes & General Changes
  • Updated the text on the pre-game ‘update’ prompt
  • Resolved some update messages not linking back to the correct store page
  • Increased resolution for some victory callouts that were too small
  • Resolved issues with some towers clipping their projectiles over their heads
  • Resolved some localization issues with Jukebox
  • Swapping hero skin then loading save should no longer desync the portrait and model
  • Resolved some UI panels displaying at incorrect times
  • Hero upgrade pages should display the correct level when viewed in game now
  • Resolved some issues with viewing challenge rules
  • Monkey Star Portrait in victory callout should display correctly
  • Achievement images on low-resolution devices should appear slightly less compressed now.
  • Resolved an issue with UI panels appearing when they should not
  • Optimized some code in the jukebox
  • It should not be possible anymore to ‘miss’ an unlock if the game crashes on an unlock screen
  • Resolved some placement issues on Candy Falls
  • Default music for the map Logs has been set to Sunset Samba
  • Square towers place correctly on Frozen Over again
Boomerang Monkey
  • 400 Boomerang Monkey’s X is back on the hood
Bomb Shooter
  • 3xx and 4xx Descriptions updated to reflect range and frag changes
Sniper Monkey
  • x5x Elite Targeting has had an issue resolved where it was measuring track distance off-screen and thus triggering much later than intended on most maps
Monkey Sub
  • 2xx Advanced Intel no longer permanently breaks after being placed back down from a Door Gunner. Note that intel itself still can not apply when used as a Door Gunner
Monkey Buccaneer
  • x4x Monkey Pirates description updated & translated
Heli Pilot
  • x4x Towers in-transit from one location to another will no longer be sold when a platform that was supporting them is moved or destroyed
  • x4x Redeploy should always drop onto the correct layer now
  • x4x Selling a Support Chinook will no longer occasional randomly sell other towers
  • x4x Support Chinook will no longer crash the game attempting to redeploy an Arctic Wind monkey onto its own frozen platform
Wizard Monkey
  • 040 Phoenix can no longer be sacrificed to a temple if it flies over the top
Super Monkey
  • xx4 Dark Champion’s drop-down prompt for Darkshift updated to read ‘any valid location’
  • 5xx Permabrew’s buff will no longer be removed from all buffed towers when the alchemist is crosspathed
  • Berserker Brew, Stronger Stimulant and Permanent Brew now have different buff icons
  • x3x Unstable Concoction now works correctly
  • x5x Spirit of the Forest description updated
Banana Farm
  • x3x Banks ‘collect’ buttons are now correctly translated
Monkey Village
  • Primary Training, Mentoring and Expertise now all have different buff icons
  • Primary Mentoring/Expertise should no longer fail to apply their buffs sometimes when towers in range are on lower heights
  • Some descriptions updated to match current values
Striker Jones
  • Some descriptions updated to match current values
Captain Churchill
  • MOAB Barrage will no longer target ‘Last’ with the majority of projectiles.
Pat Fusty
  • Some descriptions updated to match current values
  • Vengeful Joan of Arc Adora should use her Vengeful voice correctly at all times
Monkey Knowledge
  • Mana Shield description updated
  • A number of ‘first time’ knowledge points that were being lost if unused before loading a save should now correctly save
Balance Changes
Dart Monkey
  • Crossbow Master reworked so that 205 is roughly equal in power to the old 025
  • The 025 variation will now offer even faster attack speed but with much less pierce
  • xx5 Crossbow Master fire rate increased from 0.2375s to 0.16
  • xx5 Crossbow Master pierce reduced from 23 to 10
  • 105 Crossbow Master pierce increased by +6 to 16
  • 205 Crossbow Master pierce increased by +7 to 23
Boomerang Monkey
  • 204 Boomerang now increases the Knockback power of MOAB Press by 50%
Bomb Shooter
  • x1x Bomb Shooter fire rate buff Increased from +20% to +25%
  • x2x Bomb Shooter fire rate buff from +15% to +20%
  • 302 Bomb Shooter increases radius of Frags from 2 -> 3
  • 302 Bomb Shooter increases pierce of Frags from 1 -> 2
  • 302 Bomb Shooter increases lifespan of Frags from 0.191‬ -> 0.257
  • 402 Bomb Shooter increases damage of Frags from 1 -> 2
  • 402 Bomb Shooter increases lifespan of Frags from 0.191‬ -> 0.322
Tack Shooter
  • x2x Super Range Tacks now increases pierce by +1
  • x3x Blade Shooter does not benefit from this increased pierce
Monkey Sub
  • 410 Submerged Reactor Sub gains 20% increased pierce from 70 -> 84
  • 420 Submerged Reactor Sub gains increased damage to Lead +1
  • 301 Submerge and Support Sub gains increased pulse rate 1.5s -> 1.275
  • 302 Submerge and Support Sub gains increased pulse rate 1.5s -> 0.95625
  • 401 Submerged Reactor Sub gains increased damage pulse rate 0.3s -> 0.255
  • 402 Submerged Reactor Sub gains increased damage pulse rate 0.3s -> 0.19125
  • 1xx Monkey Sub range increase increased from 8 -> 10
  • 1xx Monkey Sub increases the range of Ballistic Missile
  • x3x Ballistic Missile price reduced from $1,500 -> 1,400
  • x3x Ballistic Missile Ceramic+ damage increased from 5 -> 6
  • x3x Monkey Sub range increased from 42 to 60
  • x3x Ballistic Missile range reduced to 60, matching the regular sub attack
  • 230 Ballistic Missile attack gains full map coverage
  • 031 Ballistic Missile attack rate increased from 1.5s -> 1.275
  • 032 Ballistic Missile attack rate increased from 1.5s -> 0.75
  • xx5 Sub Commander now applies 2x damage to Energizer & Ballistic Missiles
  • xx5 Sub Commander increases Lead bonus of 420 Reactor Sub from 1 to 2
  • xx5 Sub Commander increases Energizer damage by 2x
  • xx5 Sub Commander increases Ballistic Missile Multi-HP Bloon damage from 6 to 12
  • xx5 Sub Commander increases damage of Pre-Emptive Strike from 750 to 1500
Monkey Buccaneer
  • 4xx Aircraft Carrier planes each gain a homing MOAB missile with an attack rate of 3s, Radius 30, Pierce 3, Damage 15.
  • 5xx Carrier Flagship projectile speed for all plane attacks increased +100%
  • 5xx Carrier Flagship darts from planes deal increased ceramic damage +3
  • 5xx Carrier Flagship homing MOAB missiles upgraded to Rate 1.5s, Pierce 4, Damage 30
  • 5xx Carrier Flagship’s 15% attack rate buff expanded to now also benefit Monkey Ace in addition to Water Towers.
Heli Pilot
  • xx4 Comanche Defense will now instead spawn 1 Comanche the first time any Bloon crosses 25% of the track each round.
  • xx4 Will also spawn 2 additional Comanche at 50% of the track. If the first Comanche is still on screen it’s duration will be refreshed and only 1 extra will spawn
  • xx4 Will also spawn 3 additional Comanche at 75% of the track. If the 2nd set of Comanche are still on screen their duration will be refreshed and only 1 extra will spawn
  • Comanche will now spawn from the side of the map closest to where the triggering Bloon is located
  • Comanche spawn movespeed now increased to always be 30 more than the speed of the main Comanche Defense tower (45 + 30 for 75).
  • 024 Comanche Defense will also apply increased flight speed to spawned Comanche
  • xx5 Mini Comanche will load in under the main Commander when loading a save instead of at the edge of the screen
  • The tiers for the xx1 Faster Darts and xx2 Faster Firing upgrades have been swapped
Mortar Monkey
  • xx5 Blooncineration’s Walls of Fire can now detect Camo Bloons
Wizard Monkey
  • 120 Wizard now uses tower targeting priority to guide the Wall of Fire
  • x2x Wall of Fire pierce reduced from 20 -> 15
  • 021 Wall of Fire pierce increased from 15 -> 20
  • xx4 Necromancer Wizards now each have their own personal ‘graveyard’ of 500 capacity rather than 1 shared pool of 2000
  • xx4 Necromancer Wizards will display their current graveyard size above their portrait next to their pop count. Any Bloons popped within the Shimmer radius of a Necromancer can be absorbed into that graveyard, but 1 pop will not fill more than 1 graveyard.
  • xx4 Necromancer Wizards will now be able to retain any Bloons in their graveyard for 1 extra round before expiring
  • xx4 Necromancer Wizard’s Zombie lifespan increased from 8 -> 10
  • xx4 Necromancer Wizard’s Zombie spawn rate is increased by a flat 10% for every 100 Bloons in the grave reaching a maximum of double attack speed at 500 capacity.
  • xx5 Prince of Darkness Graveyard Capacity increased to 2000
Banana Farm
  • xx3 Marketplace now produces an additional 4 bananas
  • xx4 Central Market banana value increased from 20 -> 70
  • xx4 Central Market no longer produces an additional $900 chunk at end of round
  • 4xx Sentry Expert’s Boom Sentry blast radius increased 12 -> 18
  • 4xx Sentry Expert’s Boom Sentry attack rate increased 1.4 -> 1.3
Obyn Greenfoot
  • Obyn’s level 2 buff of +1 pierce now only applies to Druids
  • Obyn’s level 11 added bonus of +2 pierce to this buff still applies to all magic towers
  • These bonuses will both stack together on Druids at level 11
Bloons TD 6 - TrippyDippyTarn
Bug Fixes & General Changes
  • Resolved an issue preventing many specific achievements
  • Resolved a rare crash upgrading Wizard to x5x
  • Fixed temple texture in the background on the main menu
  • Fixed removable object textures on spillway
  • Fixed layering on Frozen Over from awarding correctly
  • Resolved a save data issue causing decreased performance and memory crashes
  • Resolved an issue where 500 Monkey Ace would target DDTs (But deal no damage)
  • Resolved an issue where 520 Monkey Ace could not damage DDTs
  • Wizard Lord’s minor Phoenix at x5x is now permanently permanent at all times
  • Supermonkey’s Darkshift now has audio
  • Monkey Ace darts will no longer hit Camo Bloons without 520
  • Effects will now render higher on Candy Falls
  • Improved jukebox performance & added some polish that didn’t make 17.0
  • Resolved an issue where 042 Buccaneer Bombs would not hit camo
  • Resolved an issue where recent 4xx Village buffs were lost at T5
  • Engineers chosen as Door Gunners will now drop Sentries directly under the heli
  • Adora can no longer target Door Gunners for sacrifice
  • Resolved an issue that could randomly cause multiple towers to sell at the same time
  • Sniper Monkeys will no longer shoot during transit on regular Redeploy
  • Resolved an issue preventing recently recovered Mana Shield from saving
  • Resolved a visual issue where Supermonkey xx5 Legend of the Knight’s Bloon Portal asset what not correctly clearing upon the tower being sold even though the effect ended
  • Resolved an issue attempting to redeploy a Dark Knight during Dark shift
  • Resolved an issue where Dark Knight’s placed on Arctic Wind platforms could teleport onto water, instantly causing them to sell themselves
  • Resolved a crash with Techbotting Dark Knight
  • Resolved a bug with turning off MK with an active door gunner
  • Resolved a bug with spawning marines during redeploy
  • Resolved a crash when collection events end while in a match
  • Resolved a crash when restarting and hitting back on android at the same time
  • Resolved an issue causing autostart to sometimes not work in co-op
  • Resolved a specific case crash during the tutorial
You can see the full changes for 17.0 here.
Bloons TD 6 - TarnNK
Awesome New Stuff
  • Jukebox added - You can now play your favorite tracks on any map
  • New Gwendolin Skin - Harlegwen
  • New Beginner Map: Candy Falls. I've heard tell that what you imagine sometimes comes true
  • Brand New Monkey Knowledge:
    • Ambush Tech - Allows Tech Bots to set a location for Bloons to enter before triggering their linked abilities
    • Door Gunner - Allows x5x Heli to pick up a T4 or below tower to attack from the Heli
    • Vine Rupture - Allows x5x Druid to detonate its vines setting off lots of small 150 damage explosions across the track which stun for 10 seconds
Key Features
  • Rules popup added to challenges to show more details on what rules are changing
  • Added a short pause before the victory screen pops up
  • Added a once per update Patch Notes popup
Some things we are aware of already
  • Jukebox currently has no skip option, but we plan to look into this
  • Co-op resyncing has been improved, it should run faster now but you may notice rounds ‘prematurely ending’ with Bloons on screen being removed if you are caught in a desync
  • Monkey Bank’s collection buttons moved
  • Removing obstacles on spillway currently shows some white squares
  • Some daily challenge rules display far too many decimal places
Bug Fixes & General Changes
  • Round hints can be dismissed again
  • Resolved some issues with the slider for path restrictions in the Challenge Editor
  • Resolved some translation issues
  • The ‘Continue’ popup will no longer close from mis-tapping inside the box
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when loading cloud data
  • Co-op stat “Bloons Popped” has been changed to “Pop Count”
  • Added some messaging and UI to indicate tower restrictions in challenges
  • Resolved some server sided issues that had started causing problems on all versions
  • Updated messages for incompatible lobby versions
  • Co-op resync should now be less obvious
  • Collection event should visually show correct values on the co-op menu now
  • ‘Small’ upgrade panels fixed, for towers with no upgrades
  • Resolved a rare crash when quitting from a game
  • Optimised light beam effects across many maps
  • Android Back Button should again work on the main menu
  • Reduced memory spike during co-op resync to lessen crashes when this occurs
  • Placing Insta Monkey towers should no longer leave gaps in the Powers menu UI
  • Removed Freeplay speed cap
  • The Greatest Challenge achievement no longer only records creations
  • Powers no longer count as towers for the tracking of some achievement purposes
  • Monkey Knowledge Mana Shield description updated
  • Monkey Knowledge Military Conscription reduced from 50% to 33%
  • Resolved a crash when removing obstacles and restarting
  • Resolved a rare issue with removable assets becoming stuck on screen after restarting
  • Added an arrow from Empowered Heroes to Weak Point which was not previously visible
Bomb Shooter
  • x2x Missile Launcher description updated to reflect previous changes
  • 025 Bomb Shooter now fires a Missile asset
Tack Shooter
  • 4xx Ring of Fire asset updated
  • 5xx Inferno Ring asset updated
Ice Monkey
  • x3x Ice Monkey resolved numerous specific crashes
  • x3x Ice Monkey resolved numerous inconsistencies with redeploy and selling
Glue Gunner
  • x5x Glue Storm description updated to reflect previous changes
Sniper Monkey
  • x5x Elite Targeting Priority should correctly prioritise again
Monkey Sub
  • 4xx Bloontonium Reactor buff icon issues resolved
  • x1x Barbed Darts description updated to reflect previous changes
Monkey Buccaneer
  • 5xx Flagship resolved an issue where towers fell through the platforms
  • 520 Flagship had a rare crash resolved when placing next to a 250 Village
  • x2x Hot Shot fire asset updated
  • 015 Trade Empire no longer loses the 005 damage buff
Mortar Monkey
  • xx2 Burny Stuff should no longer gain MIB buff icon from any distance
  • xx5 Blooncineration fire assets updated
Wizard Monkey
  • x2x Wall of Fire asset updated
  • x3x Dragon’s Breath fire asset updated
  • x4+x Phoenix fire asset updated
  • x5x Wizard Lord Phoenix should no longer count as 2 towers
  • xx5 Prince of Darkness no longer rotates
Super Monkey
  • 5xx After selling a Dark Temple the x55 supers should now be purchasable again
  • xx2 Heart of Vengeance druid description updated for clarification and also to reflect previous changes
Monkey Village
  • 000 Village fire asset updated
  • x2x Rader Scanner should no longer block the Energizer from applying buff icons
  • 5/x/x Slingshot now rotates correctly again
  • 1xx Sentries no longer gain camo detection when a save is loaded
  • 1xx Sentry Placement will no longer ignore ‘smart placement’ if the Engineer cannot reach the track
  • Cocktail of Fire asset updated
  • Firestorm asset updated
  • Heat it Up asset updated
Captain Churchill
  • Fixed projectile ejection point location
  • Now gives a Bank Hack buff icon to banks
  • Now gives a Sacrificial Totem buff icon from her totem
Pat Fusty
  • Level 10 ability is no longer affected by Overclock
  • Joan of Arc Skin now lifts her sword more
  • Joan of Arc Skin now has fire trails from the main attack
Desktop Version
  • Added more visible resolution choices to the options
  • Some minor UI tweaks for powers/sandbox to fit better
  • Temple popup no longer stacks with hotkey presses
  • Chromebook specific UI changes made to allow window resizing as well as desktop style placement modes
Balance Changes
Boomerang Monkey
  • 3xx Glaive Bounce pattern improved
  • 5xx Glaive Lord main ricochet now leaves fragments in the first Bloon hit which slowly slash it apart dealing 150 damage over 15 seconds. This can stack multiple times
  • xx5 MOAB Domination applies a brief stun of 0.25s on the MOAB Glaive before knocking back
Tack Shooter
  • 5xx Inferno Ring Meteor attack now creates an explosion on impact with pierce 10, radius 18, 50 damage, this also applies a DoT of 50 damage per second for 4 seconds.
Ice Monkey
  • 1xx Permafrost can now apply to MOABs from any T5 Ice Monkey
  • 3xx Ice Shards range increased from 20 to 25
  • 4xx Embrittlement now gains camo detection
  • 4xx Embrittlement now also removes camo & regrow properties from anything hit
  • x5x Absolute Zero attack and ability freeze +2 additional layers
  • x5x Absolute Zero when ability is active all Ice Monkeys gain +50% attack speed
Glue Gunner
  • x4x Glue Strike’s ability now also causes glued Bloons to take +1 damage
Sniper Monkey
  • x2x Shrapnel Shot reworked to eject in a 45 deg arc instead of 360
  • x2x Shrapnel Shot now produces shrapnel once upon every attack
  • 3+20 Crosspathing now increases the damage of Shrapnel
Monkey Buccaneer
  • 210 Double Shot now fires twice as many Grapes
  • x4x Monkey Pirates now fires 3 cannonballs instead of 1
Monkey Ace
  • 3xx Fighter Plane missile rate reduced from 3 to 4 seconds
  • 3xx Fighter Plane missile pierce increased from 1 to 3
  • 3xx Fighter Plane missile damage reduced 25 -> 18
  • 4xx Fighter Plane missile rate reduced from 1.5 to 2 seconds
  • 4xx Fighter Plane missile pierce increased from 1 to 4
  • 5xx Fighter Plane missile rate reduced from 1.5 to 2 seconds
  • 5xx Fighter Plane missile pierce increased from 1 to 5
Heli Pilot
  • 000 Heli Pilot price increased from $1500 to $1600
Mortar Monkey
  • x3x Heavy Shells now deals additional damage to ‘Stunned’ Bloons +2
  • x5x Pop and Awe now deals additional damage to ‘Stunned’ Bloons +10
Super Monkey
  • xx3 Dark Knight gains the ‘Darkshift’ ability, allowing it to teleport anywhere within its radius
  • xx4 Dark Champion gains an upgraded ‘Darkshift’ ability, allowing it to teleport anywhere on the map
  • x3x Unstable Concoction’s %damage increase now scales until round 150
Banana Farm
  • xx4 Central Market’s 10% income buff to merchantmen now stacks up to 10 times
Monkey Village
  • When placing a village, towers that are in its radius will now highlight
  • 4xx Primary Mentoring now reduces ability cooldowns of primary monkeys in radius by 10%
  • 4xx Primary Mentoring now adds +5 range to primary towers in range.
  • xx4 Monkey City now increases all income generated from towers within radius by +10%
Obyn Greenfoot
  • Level 10 Wall of Trees hitbox increased so it can overlap at intersections
Bloons TD 6 - TarnNK
Awesome New Stuff
  • BTD 6 now available on Mac Steam!
Bug Fixes
  • Resolved some logging issues slowing down Android devices significantly
  • Resolved a co-op timeout crash
  • Resolved some rare crashes related to upgrading
  • Resolved a crash for low level players attempting to join co-op
  • Resolved a crash exiting race leaderboard before it finishing loading
  • Resolved a crash for android devices using the back button during co-op search too quickly after beginning the search
Bloons TD 6 - TarnNK
Bug Fixes & General Changes
  • MIB now displays the correct icon
  • Races will record leaderboard scores correctly
  • Benjamin will no longer rotate
  • Challenge Editor path restriction missing translations are in
  • Spillway’s center barrel correctly supports placement again
  • Event Monkey’s phone case wasn’t as cool as the original and has been replaced
  • Resolved restart issue with collection event bonus
Balance Changes
These were already included in v16 but initially missed in the patch notes.

Monkey Temple
  • Support $7501 Tier: End of round cash bonus reduced from $2000 to $1500
  • Support $25001 Tier: End of round cash bonus reduced from $7500 to $3000

Monkey Buccaneer
  • xx4 Favoured Trades attack rate for all attacks is doubled at this tier
  • xx5 Trade Empire increases the damage of all Merchantmen by +1
  • xx5 Trade Empire adds a Ceramic/MOAB damage bonus to Merchantmen +1

For a full list of 16.0 changes, you can view the patch notes here.
Bloons TD 6 - TarnNK

Awesome New Stuff
  • New Adora Skin
  • New Community Designed Map: Geared
    • A special thanks to u/Clawz114 for submitting their concept in the beginning and congratulations on getting your map concept into Bloons TD 6.
  • Path & Tier restrictions added to the Challenge Editor
New Non-Seasonal ‘Totem’ Collection Event Theme
  • ‘Featured Instas’ can now be applied to Collection Boxes to force specific results
  • Base ‘Collection Item’ amounts have been reduced globally
  • ‘Bonus Rewards’ will now apply to one random map from each difficulty increasing the number of Collection Items that map will award across all difficulties. Clearing a Bonus Rewards map will move the bonus onto a new map.
Other Key Notes
  • Fancy new icons added for all achievements
  • Apopalypse mode has been reworked to help speed up the early rounds (1-50), and make the the mid rounds (51-80) less dense.
  • MIB is displaying the wrong buff icon currently, we are working on a resolution but please refrain from reporting this.
  • The center barrel in Spillway currently does not support placement, this is not intended and a fix is coming! Bonus bragging rights for completing in CHIMPS without the barrel.
  • Events Monkey is trying out a new case for his phone.
  • Some words in the "path restrictions" challenge editor UI are not translated yet.
Bug Fixes & General Changes
  • Resolved an issue where some text fields would stop displaying after changing language
  • Resolved an issue that could cause ‘restarting’ on a CHIMPS savegame to not be valid for the Black Medal.
  • Improved performance of opening tower upgrade panels & purchasing upgrades
  • Big or Small Bloons should no longer return to normal size when blowing backwards
  • Resolved an issue where the ‘force update’ prompt would sometimes not have a button
  • Resolved an issue where Regrow Bloons would sometimes fail to regrow layers
  • Resolved the sandbox caps not always functioning as intended
  • Restarting in sandbox will no longer delete saves on that map
  • Resolved a game crash related to loading cloud data while playing a game
  • Resolved an issue with multiple blocking object heights in co-op causing a desync
  • Event Monkey's body should no longer clip through their bag strap while waving
  • Resolved a UI issue that would cut off some text when viewing upgrades on iPhone 6
  • Corrected the height of the Castle Wall vision blocker of Dark Castle for some towers
  • Resolved an issue where the ‘Logged in elsewhere’ conflict popup could stack up multiple times ontop of itself with no limit
  • Resolved a number of font & text issues that could occur when changing language multiple times
  • Decreased total file space used storing map audio for each map
  • Resolved an issue where no music would play during the tutorial
Dart Monkey
  • 201 Instamonkey now has the correct color border
Wizard Monkey
  • Removing objects from the map should no longer ‘sell’ the x4x Phoenix out of the air
Super Monkey
  • The motion blur of Super Monkey’s hand should not clip into its cape anymore
Banana Farm
  • x4x IMF Loan debt should now correctly transfer in co-op
  • Quincy’s level 10 Storm of Arrows has been tweaked slightly
Striker Jones
  • Striker Jones’ profile now displays abilities on the correct levels
  • No longer says ‘Level Up!’ when redeployed at level 20
Desktop Version
  • Cursor has been updated slightly for easier visibility
  • Resolved an issue preventing players with a corrupted “MapSaveData.bak” in their BTD6 folder from creating any saves until the file was manually deleted
  • Resolved an issue for players with a corrupted “CachedLanguagePref.txt” in their BTD6 folder crashing the game at launch until the file was manually deleted
  • Resolved some issues with compression that was blurring some portraits & icons
Balance Changes
Monkey Knowledge: Mana Shield
  • Now requires a delay of 1 round with no Bloons leaking before recharge will begin
Impoppable Difficulty
  • Now prevents all lives generation
  • Now blocks the use of Mana Shield
  • These changes are aimed towards re-balancing impoppable to more accurately fit its place between Alternate Bloon Rounds and CHIMPS while also increasing the player challenge.
Bomb Shooter
  • 4xx Bloon Impact range increased from 40 -> 43
  • x3x MOAB Mauler MOAB damage bonus increased 15 -> 18
  • xx5 Bomb Blitz base damage increased 1 -> 5
Monkey Ace
  • 5xx Sky Shredder ceramic damage bonus added +2
  • x4x Jungle’s Bounty base range increased from 35 -> 55
  • x4x Jungle’s Bounty ability range reduced to match base tower range
  • x4x Jungle’s Bounty cash gained per farm reduced from $150->$100
  • x5x Spirit of the Forest ceramic damage bonus increased from 4 to 8
  • x4x Overclock can now be targeted by Techbot
  • x5x Ultraboost will no longer trigger while techbotted if no target was previously set
  • Level 10 Firestorm ability now also applies Heat It Up to all towers when activated
  • Level 14 now also adds a Damage Over Time application to the Cocktail of Fire ability
    • This applies 50 damage over 10 seconds to any MOAB Class Bloons that are hit
Monkey Buccaneer
  • xx4 Favoured Trades attack rate for all attacks is doubled
  • xx5 Trade Empire increases the damage of all Merchantmen by +1
  • xx5 Trade Empire adds a Ceramic/MOAB damage bonus to Merchantmen +1
Striker Jones
  • Level 9 also increases Concussive Shell’s pierce increased from 48 -> 58
  • Level 9 also increases Concussive Shell’s damage from 2 -> 10
  • Level 9 also increases Concussive Shell’s Bloon stun duration from 1 -> 5
  • Level 9 also increases Concussive Shell’s MOAB stun duration from 1 -> 3
Pat Fusty
  • Level 7 now increases base attack damage from 3 to 4
  • Level 7 now increases base splash damage from 2 to 3
  • Level 14 Rallying Roar no longer provides a bonus to Ceramic & MOABs
  • Level 14 Rallying Roar damage bonus buff increased from 1 to 3
  • Level 16 Base Ceramic damage bonus increased from 2 to 7
Temple Support Sacrifice
  • $7501 Tier: End of round cash bonus reduced from $2000 to $1500
  • $25001 Tier: End of round cash bonus reduced from $7500 to $3000
Bloons TD 6 - TarnNK
Happy New Year!
Bloons TD 6 had a fantastic 2019 and we’ll be working our tails off to make sure that 2020 is even bigger and better! Pretty high bar because 2019 saw 11 Maps, 3D MOABs, updated Collection Events, Challenge Editor, Co-Op, Co-Op Stats and Callouts, Emotes, Pat Fusty, Adora, 5 hero skins, Engineer Monkey, and a whole bunch of secrets and specials like hidden achievements, big Bloon and tiny Bloon modes, and dark Adora. Whew, we’ve got our work cut out for us. Hmm, what could we do? Maybe... Odyssey Mode, Trophy Store with customization for visuals and music, Boss Bloons, Power Pros, more Challenge Editor functions, new Knowledge, new Heroes, new Monkey Towers, some top secret surprises, and at every step making the game run better, look better, and be more fun and challenging to play solo and with friends. Hope that sounds like a good 2020 ahead!
Awesome New Stuff
  • New expert map Infernal, a lavaish and truly magmananimous map that makes gameplay flow easily.
  • New Quincy ‘Wolfpack’ skin joins pack Quincy
  • New ‘Collection View’ toggle in the Insta Monkeys
    • Once you've unlocked a new Insta Monkey, it will remain unlocked to view in your collection even after using it in-game.
Monkey Knowledge Changes
  • Maximum player rank cap increased to 155
  • Knowledge tree has been reworked along with 5 new Knowledge types
    • Come On Everybody! - Co-ordinated boosts to all Primary towers
    • Wingmonkey - Monkey Aces group together for advanced strikes
    • Tiny Tornadoes - Druids are even Blowier Awayier
    • Healthy Bananas - Marketplaces stock fresher bananas with no added DDT
    • Weak Point - Heroes make more vital strikes against stronger targets
  • Addition of Monkey Money thresholds - rows 4 and below on any of the trees will now have Monkey Money requirements alongside the Knowledge Point required, and that kind of change deserves some explanation and context
    • How it works: if you’ve already spent your points, there is no change; you don’t have to pay “back” any Monkey Money. Any unspent points applied to rows 4 and below will have a Monkey Money requirement, so by all means get the Knowledge on update 14 before updating to 15. If you’ve spent Monkey Money on a Knowledge and respec, you get the point back but the Monkey Money remains invested - you don’t have to pay Monkey Money for that particular knowledge again.
    • Why we changed it: we’ve always intended Monkey Knowledge to grow, so that means more cumulative power, and some strong new Knowledges. The current one point per Knowledge with light sequential requirements and nothing else to do with Knowledge Points doesn’t do a good enough job of governing or guiding the varying strength of the Knowledge trees. The Monkey Money requirement provides both, asking players to make a considered choice by using a resource that has value in many other places in the game. As we add tougher modes and Bloons, we can add more and better Knowledge, and this gives the team a better way to indicate and to govern that power according to that value.
Bug Fixes & General Changes
  • Resolved an issue when loading save or co-op resync that would not save any cash gains from the very last attack in each round
  • Round hints should display again if enabled
  • Resolved some minor Localization issues
  • Added a download confirmation to the game launch when an update needs to apply, for player clarity and for platform requirements
  • Stylus should work correctly again for all mobile versions, hope Note players are happy again!
  • The top of the Windmill on Town Center should no longer block placement under it
  • Tapping too quickly on losing in a race should no longer pay twice for one ‘Try again’
  • Empowered Heroes Knowledge should no longer make that level 3 ability disappear in that incredibly frustrating way that it did
  • All For One And One For One achievement should be awarded correctly again
  • Added sound to Monkey Knowledge arrow buttons
  • Added sound to Insta Monkey tower screen
  • Resolved a co-op desync that could cause some players to never see the defeat screen or be able to continue playing
  • Resolved a co-op desync that could kick every other player from the match
  • Resolved a co-op issue causing some lower end devices to crash when viewing options
  • Player zones in non-FFA co-op should no longer shuffle when a desync occurs
Boomerang Monkey
  • 250 Perma Charge should no longer lose its bonus +1 damage to MOABs
Monkey Sub
  • Optimized art for all submerged versions
Mortar Monkey
  • The mortar’s projectiles should no longer visually drop back down the barrel
Wizard Monkey
  • xx5 Prince of Darkness should now only show buff icons to other Necromancers
  • xx5 Prince of Darkness description has been updated to include its buff
Super Monkey
  • 5xx Temple has had some fixes to issues incorrectly displaying its buff icon
  • 2xx Acidic Mixture Dip will now only show a buff icon when dip is applied
  • x5x Spirit of the Forest description updated to reflect previous changes to life generation
Banana Farm
  • x3x Bank description has had a minor update to clarify confusion in functionality
  • xx2 Description has had a minor update to mention 032 crosspath changes
Pat Fusty
  • Pat Fusty at level 1 was unintentionally worse than the level 2
    • Main hit damage increased 2 -> 3
    • AoE hit damage increased 1 -> 2
  • Pat Fusty’s main hit at level 11 was unintentionally dealing too little damage
    • Main hit damage increased 4 -> 5
  • Resolved issues with Monkey Knowledge not applying correctly
Desktop Version
  • Changing the resolution should no longer require a game restart every time
  • In-game UI & Buttons should be more user-friendly on larger game resolutions
Balance Changes
Boomerang Monkey
  • 052 Red Hot Rangs bonus to Permacharge increased from 1 to 4
    • Increasing the base 052 Boomerang damage from 5 to 8
Bomb Shooter
  • x3x MOAB Mauler range increased from 44 to 49
  • x4x MOAB Assassin range increased from 44 to 54
Monkey Sub
  • x5x Pre-emptive Strike price reduced from $35,000 to $32,000
  • x5x Pre-emptive Strike ability cooldown reduced from 60sec to 45
Monkey Buccaneer
  • x4x Monkey Pirates cooldown reduced from 60 to 50
  • x4x Monkey Pirates bomb attack damage increased from 1 to 2
Heli Pilot
  • xx4 Comanche Defense maximum activations per round increased 1 -> 2
    • Still has an internal cooldown of 25sec
  • 1xx Standard Sentry pierce increased from 1 to 2
  • 4xx Sentry Expert price reduced from $2800 to $2500
  • 5xx Paragon Sentry pierce increased from 3 to 5
Bloons TD 6 - TarnNK

Small update addressing a few issues over the holidays.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash for some players viewing collection event
  • Fixed in-game descriptions not displaying on the upgrade menu
  • Fixed Tower Keeper, Inflated & Survivor Achievements
  • Achievements should all correctly track while playing Daily Challenges but not in Advanced Challenges
Bloons TD 6 - TarnNK
Awesome New Features
  • Powerful new Hero, Adora the High Priestess!
  • New Hero Skin for the holidays, a boomer classic - Fusty the Snowman
  • Winter Park (Beginner difficulty) - Take a stroll on this cozy, cool map!
  • Adora’s Temple (Intermediate difficulty) - This adorable new map will reveal secrets you never thought possible.
Key Features
  • Christmas theme returns with a Collection Event. The collection event will be starting on the 20th.
  • Lots of brand new Achievements
Systems Changes & Performance
  • Complete refactor and optimization of all UI Systems
  • Substantial refactor of co-op lobbying, connections, and player to player messages, for efficiency and stability
  • Additional performance improvements assets, rendering, and packing
  • Updated save system (please report any save game issues to support)
  • Updated widescreen display handling (please report any device display issues with screenshots and device info to support)
Bug Fixes & General Changes
  • Insta Monkeys should no longer come only in 032 and 042 variations
  • Insta Monkeys button on the powers screen changed location
  • Fixed translations on the Bloody Puddles map
  • Reduced upper footprint size of the Truck on Bloody Puddles
  • Resolved an issue with the ability bar sometimes not working
  • The powers menu has been changed to toggle on/off on widescreen devices
  • Restarting a save game with a different hero to your current selected hero will no longer lock any hero from being placed
  • Resolved many issues related to using the ‘restart’ option, including for races, daily challenge & freeplay
  • Sent money in co-op should now round off decimal places
  • Resolved a crash in co-op with players leaving in the lobby
  • Co-op non-host desync when backgrounding the app has been resolved
  • Co-op ‘separate game’ desync has been resolved
  • Co-op ‘Guests’ will now be given names
  • Co-op ‘Thanos Snap’ bug has had a lot of preventative work done, but we’d appreciate any reports if user still find their towers randomly deleted in co-op.
  • Co-op using a cash drop before everyone has loaded in will no longer desync
  • Placing Insta Monkeys should correctly play all sounds & animations again
  • Resolved a rare crash when double tapping the Events Monkey
  • Resolved an issue with high speed buffs causing abilities to trigger many times
  • Temple’s will no longer ‘de-place’ your hero
  • Tech Bots will now warn the player if there is no valid target
Monkey Sub
  • 3xx and higher Monkey Subs can now be overclocked by Engineers
  • Placing a Sub Commander within range of a Village will no longer cause the Sub Admiral Monkey Knowledge to fail
Monkey Ace
  • xx3 Neva-Miss Targeting Global Range tracking no longer stutters unreasonably
Heli Pilot
  • xx4 Heli’s Comanche now correctly gain camo detection from Monkey Villages
Mortar Monkey
  • Mortars should no longer display line of sight as they can ignore all blockers
Wizard Monkey
  • 4xx Wizard’s description has been updated
  • x4x Wizard’s Phoenix can no longer be targeted for overclock without doing anything
Super Monkey
  • Sun Temple’s ‘Mini Avatar’ names have been fixed
  • 3xx Sun Avatar no longer ignores blockers on High Finance
Captain Churchill
  • Churchill’s level 10 MOAB Barrage should now always correctly deal its full damage
Desktop Version
  • ESC will no longer open the options menu if a tower is mid-placement, instead the placement will cancel and ESC will need to be pressed once more to pause.
  • We are aware there is a texture issue with the 010 Bomb Shooter on Steam, we will have a fix for this later but did not want to delay the release
Balance Changes
Dart Monkey
  • 5xx Ultra-Juggernaut projectiles can hit the same targets multiple times
Super Monkey

Sun Temple sacrifice powers have been reworked.
  • There Can Be Only One hidden effect to no longer grants +50 damage to mini avatars
  • There Can Be Only One hidden effect now increases the damage of sub-powers by 3x
  • Blade burst stage 1 damage increased from 1 to 15 pierce reduced from 100 to 10
  • Blade burst stage 2 damage increased from 2 to 25 pierce reduced from 100 to 20
  • Golden Glaives pierce reduced from 100 to 50 at all levels
  • Golden Glaives stage 1 damage increased from 2 to 10
  • Golden Glaives stage 2 damage increased from 2 to 20
  • Golden Glaives stage 3 damage increased from 3 to 30
  • Homing MOAB Missile pierce reduced from 100 to 50 at all levels
  • Homing MOAB Missile damage increased from 50 to 75
  • Golden Spectre planes attack rate reduced from 0.04 to 0.15 at all levels
  • Golden Spectre dart pierce reduced from 50 to 10
  • Golden Spectre bomb pierce reduced from 100 to 30
  • Golden Spectre stage 1 dart damage increased from 2 to10
  • Golden Spectre stage 2 dart damage increased from 3 to 15
  • Golden Spectre stage 1 bomb damage increased from 2 to 6
  • Golden Spectre stage 2 bomb damage increased from 3 to 10
  • Arcane Blasts stage 1 damage increased from 1 to 20
  • Arcane Blasts stage 2 damage increased from 2 to 30
  • Arcane Blasts stage 3 damage increased from 4 to 35
  • Sun Temple Mini Avatar damage from 1 to 4
Spike Factory
  • xx2 Directed Spikes changed to ‘Smart Spikes’. At the start of every new round the Spike Factory will gain 4x attack rate for 2.5 seconds
  • 4xx Sentry Expert Energy Sentry damage increased from 1 to 2
  • 4xx Sentry Expert Bomb Sentry damage increased from 1 to 2
  • 4xx Sentry Expert Bomb Sentry attack rate increased from 1.5 to 1.4
  • 4xx Sentry Expert Spiked Ball attack rate increased from 1.25 to 1
  • 5xx Sentry Paragon explosion damage increased from 70 to 85
  • 5xx Sentry Paragon manually sold sentries will now explode with no animation delay
  • x4x Overclock attack speed buff reduced from +100% to +80% (farms remain 100)
  • x5x Ultraboost permanent boost reduced to +8% for a maximum of +80%
  • Level 17 Heat it Up will now give an additional +1 damage to Lead Bloons
Striker Jones
  • Level 5 and 9 upgrades swapped, allowing obtaining Black Bloon vulnerability earlier on
  • Level 19 now also completely nullifies Black Bloon Immunity, including for DDTs
Obyn Greenfoot
  • Nature’s Ward totem slow amount is half on all MOAB Class Bloons
Note: If you upgrade to 14.0 and then open that account on a device with a previous version, there is a chance you can corrupt your data. If this happens, update your game to 14.0 and the data should restore itself. If it doesn’t, please get in touch with us via with your userID and let us know when the last time you had your data was.

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