Community Announcements - DAS

Hi Folks,

Here is the direct link to The Tiny Bang Story Original Soundtrack (zip archive, 184 Mb)

MP3 and FLAC files inside.

And feel free to share with your friends!
Community Announcements - DAS
We've released a new version for Linux (Steam OS) and Mac computers with improved fullscreen support.

Community Announcements - DAS
So.., yes! Trading cards and badges are available.

Have a nice day!
Community Announcements - DAS
We are receiving email from players about old version support and about troubles to run game on old hardware. Few words - You still can play it! Let me explain some moments.

Steam have 3 versions of the game (you can switch it in the game preferences):
- Default - Modern stable version for everyone.
- Legacy - The old original game released in 2011. Use it on old hardware.
- Beta - New version of release candidate.

Few words about plans:
- We plan to add better support for fullscreen mode.
- We'll add image smooth algorithm for big screens.
- We'll add achievements and cards.


Jun 4, 2015
Community Announcements - DAS
Linux beta version is available. It's first public linux version. Some minor bugs can be expected. You need last version of Steam client to run the game on linux. You can update Steam client manually from menu.

Try the game and leave your comments here about your experience with linux version.

Jun 2, 2015
Community Announcements - DAS
We start improve The Tiny Bang Story for modern systems. Updates for PC and Mac are coming. Additionally beta version for Linux will be available in next few weeks. You can switch current version of the game in Steam client (default, beta or legacy). Legacy version of the game is original version released in 2011 - you can switch to this version if you want to play on old hardware.

Mac version update:
- Lot of performance optimizations
- OS X Yosemite support (and all from 10.8+)
- Full screen mode support
- Retina support

Windows and Linux versions are coming.

Thanks for your support.
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Announcement - Valve
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