9Dragons : Kung Fu Arena - Joongwon Games Co., Ltd
Hello guys,

From this announcement, we’d like to share our first major update plan which will be applied in early July.

After few weeks from the Early-Access open, we’ve received various feedbacks (great thanks to all you guys, it really helped us to decide future dev plan!), and we will start to apply it including our original development plan from this first major update schedule.

You can check the details below and always welcome to hear feedback from you guys with any issue(support@joongwongames.com).

1. Summary

- The update will include localization issues, game area optimization, new weapon type, UI fixes, and bug fixes.

- Currently, we’ve received many requests about the localization for certain countries and we believe it is worth trying to let the player enjoy the game based on their language. It is hard to tell the exact date which can be applied, but we will try our best to apply on 1st or 2nd major update.

- One of the most received feedback is about the size of the current game area. 9DKA aims that the game goes fast enough to feel the intensity of the melee combat and maintain it until the game ends. Therefore, we’ve decided to make a big change in our current game map including the basic subject for the game.

- The rest of our plans for the 1st update can be found at the “Details” section.

2. Details

2.1 Localization
- Full-text translation including GUI(Russia will be our first option).
- We will add more localization update step by step in the future.
- We will try our best to apply it at 1st or 2nd update period.

2.2 New weapon type, “the Fist”
- “The Fist” is one of the manliest weapon types in Martial-Art history. This weapon type will have a great advantage on close melee combat including “Stun” and “Knockback” ability.

- During the Early-Access period, we’re going to update more weapon types and we believe at the end of the Early-Access, the game will provide plenty of choices to suit your appetite.

2.3 Changes on the current game map
- Like we’ve explained this issue at “Summary”, lots of players gave us the feedback that the size of the current game map decreases the intensity of the game.

- To solve this issue, we’re going the resize the current game map and apply one island as a total game area(from two islands with bridges) with 25 maximum players.

- From our latest alpha test with this change, we found out that the game goes with enough speed and much more intensity.

- The new map will have 4 ruins and 2 spawn locations of the Dragon’s Jade.
- Item spawn rate scaling will be also done before the update so the gameplay can go smoothly.

- If these changes look positive after the patch, we’re going to optimize the game area to finalize the issue.

2.4 UI Fixes
- From the patch, the player will be able to verify the attack ability and consumed elixirs on the inventory page(Tab).

2.5 Resource updates
- The footstep sound of every Character will be optimized.

- There were some people who told us that the sound resource is from “Minecraft” and to avoid the unnecessary argument, we will add the URL that proves it is a free-licensed sound resource which updated in 2005.

- We’re going to upgrade the quality of our sound resources step by step in the future update period.

2.6 Bug fixes
- There is a list of bug fix which will be updated on the actual patch note.

- One of the issues that are still on-going with development is a client crash(CTD) which happens randomly. We will post another announcement to discuss the process of bug fix before the update.


9Dragons : Kung Fu Arena - Joongwon Games Co., Ltd
Maintenance for June 2nd is finished!

9Dragons : Kung Fu Arena - Joongwon Games Co., Ltd

We've found out that there are some issues on region servers.
Sorry for the inconvenience and we will finish the maintenance ASAP.

Issue : Region server stablity upgrade
Period : 3 Hours(June 2nd 06:00AM ~ 09:00AM KRT)


9Dragons : Kung Fu Arena - Joongwon Games Co., Ltd

Maintenance for the server hotfix is finished and the server will be open at 13:00PM KRT.

9Dragons : Kung Fu Arena - Joongwon Games Co., Ltd

With a few minor issues, we're going to proceed the quick maintenance tomorrow(5/31 11:00 AM KRT).

Issue : server connection(EU) stability
Period : 4 Hours(5/31 11:00AM ~ 15:00PM KRT)


9Dragons : Kung Fu Arena - Joongwon Games Co., Ltd

Now, Through FGT and 1st & 2nd Beta during 6 months, we've finally launched our Early-Access build on Steam!

Great thanks to all supporters, testers, partners, and streamers from TwitchTV!

We hope you guys enjoy our project and let us know if you guys have any feedback that we should consider :)

We'll come back to you guys when the 1st update information is ready to be released!


9Dragons : Kung Fu Arena - Joongwon Games Co., Ltd
Hello, it’s been a while from our last beta service announcement.

On 27th of May 2019, we will launch our Early-Access version(F2P) on steam and we must say with the support from 1st & 2nd beta testers and gamers all around the world who’ve shown interest to our project.

We’re going to share several main issues that related to 9DKA Early-Access service and the dev note. We really hope this game can give unique experience to all gamers in 9DKA and we’ll meet you in Gado soon.


1. 9DKA will be a free-to-play game

- It was the most issue that hard to decide for our team. However, we also believe it is very important to provide a chance to experience our game as much as we could and decided to be a F2P game.

2. The update schedule for Early-Access

- We planned to proceed maintenance for every 7 weeks with major & minor updates.

- The maintenance will contain bug fixes and updates in the various area including changes by user feedback.

3. Dev changes from 2nd beta

- Major changes from the last build (2nd beta) are the optimization of combat animation, massive updates on basic functions and UI.

- Besides the major changes, there are plenty of minor changes from tester’s feedback that affect basic gameplay.

- We will announce the detailed version of Early-Access dev note on our official community


9Dragons : Kung Fu Arena - Joongwon Games Co., Ltd

Greeting partners, testers, and all fans of 9Dragons from all around the world.
Today, at 11:00 AM(KRT), 2nd beta test of 9Dragons: Kung fu Arena will be started!

Like we've announced yesterday, from now on, the 2nd Beta play is available!

To check details, please refer our last announcement or the official community.


Since it is a beta service, it has a few major/minor issues that could bother your game play.

The Character could freeze for a 1~2 sec during the combat and we suggest to use consumable items or try to use jump attck(spacebar + LMB) if your Character has been freeze.

Besides the issue, if anything that could bother your beta game play happens, please let us know by the official channels or here and we'll check asap :)


Best regards,
9Dragons : Kung Fu Arena - Joongwon Games Co., Ltd

Greeting partners, testers, and all fans of 9Dragons from all around the world.

Finally, tomorrow(April 17th, 2019), the 2nd beta test of 9Dragons: Kung fu Arena will be started (11:00 am KRT) with various updates including duo mod, upgraded combat animations, and graphics changes.

Before we explain how fun the 2nd beta will be, we’d like to appreciate all supporters, testers, and creators who have supported us since the 1st beta started. Without the support from you guys, I’m pretty sure that we won’t make this far.

9DKA’s 2nd beta service will allow you guys to enjoy the dynamic Martial-Art world even better than the 1st beta version. We’ve improved our quality of graphics resources, client stability, combat mechanism, and plus, the Duo mode that you can invite your friend and have some fun!

You can download the beta client for free by accessing our steam store page URL at below, and don’t miss the limited supporter’s skin edition for the people who participate in our 2nd beta service.

1. New Updates
- Duo Game Mode (+new contents)
- New Characters
- Weapon Skin for each type
- Death Cam & Observing view

2. Core Improvements (Fully updated in May)
- Character Animation Optimization (movement, combat, etc)
- Basic Combat Mechanism

3. Other Improvements
- Matching Queue optimization
- New features for the free-view period
- In-Game Character effects added (new condition for each status)
- In-Game UI optimization

Thank you

Best regards,
Joongwon Games
9Dragons : Kung Fu Arena - Joongwon Games Co., Ltd
Hello guys, as we've noticed from the last announcement, we'd like to share our future beta plans that allow you to participate :)

[Closed Beta Test]

Since we’ve received various feedback from testers, we have massive dev schedule for each month until May and we’d like to proceed a closed beta test by recruiting testers by our community.

Our goal is to gather 30~40 testers for each region that we’ve set currently (NA, EU, SEA, KR) and run a closed beta test for couple times for 3 months.
We will build a separated community for those testers and share the detailed information to communicate through the test schedule.

First closed beta test will proceed at the end of the March and if you wish to participate, you can just fill the format below and send it to me by Discord(JWG#6889) or an email(support@joongwongames.com)!

1. Discord ID
2. The region that you will access our game
3. Personal email
4. Steam ID

We do have special gifts for our recruited testers (will be announced with the full info next week) so please, if you have time to participate or want to join the test with your friends, please let us know.

[2nd beta test]
We will announce the detailed information before February so please stay with us to get full information!


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