Go to IT - gapak
It’s been a while! Updates from us:
  • German localization is available! Komm schon!
  • Historical events now affect current market situation.
  • Technologies
  • Learning
  • A bug with win screen
  • The error on loading the game, that blocks every other action
  • Menu button that isn’t working
Let us know what do you think about the last updates and don't forget to share :)
Go to IT - black.deck.crew
For quite some time we've been focusing on game balance and competitiveness. We’ve integrated score system, updated main storylines and introduced the ways to lose and win the game. Balancing the game could never be finished, but could be good enough. And now we believe that it is good enough to focus on something else. So we decided to reintroduce achievements.

What’s new?
  • You can unlock up to 27 Steam/in-game achievements.
  • Project complexity will now have lower impact in the early stages of the game and higher impact in the later stages.
  • Low-skilled employees will now correctly earn experience.
  • Late game salaries have been lowered.
  • Freelance projects will be better rewarded in the late stages.
  • Employee dreams have been fixed and now can be fulfilled again.
  • Tons of other fixes and tweaks were implemented to make the game more enjoyable.
Stay tuned for more updates! As always, your feedback is very welcome.

Go to IT - black.deck.crew
A few more balance fixes from us to add to the previous patch:
  • Own projects are more profitable and freelance project got a bit less profitable
  • Portfolio projects’ requirements were lowered
  • Early game stages are smoother and more fun
  • Employees equipment now affects bug generation as well as working on tasks
Hope for your feedback on the game balance changes in the community hub!
Go to IT - black.deck.crew
TL;DR: The game got a storyline, exploring it you win the game

You can win the game! 
Along with the company growth, the world’s whale corporations will offer you to participate in their projects. Each corporation’s projects have their own specialties and directly lead your company to win.

What’s new?
  • Ability to sell office rooms. If you want to move to a new office, think about selling rooms that won’t be in use.
  • Employees’ equipment gets sold on the dismissal
  • Scores top integrated in Menu. You can find all wins and loses of your walkthroughs
  • Kothik Koteckiy came back with his projects for you!
  • Employees management modal got a fresh look. There will be a clear indication of employee that waits for debt, plans to go on vacations or leave.
  • Notification when your company’s balance go below 0
  • Weekends and workdays displayed on the timeline

Keep it up! More updates are coming!
P.S. We plan to make a discount soon ;)
Go to IT - black.deck.crew
Weekend patch of Balance released!

  • Self-made projects rewards increased
  • Scaling of offers in late game is balanced
  • The process of generating bugs during development was redone
  • Public Relations actions don’t spam with CVs and offers

What’s new?
  • Exchange operations require you to pay 1% fee
  • The company becomes bankrupt and you lose the game in case the revenue of your company is below zero
  • Music volume slider added in Settings

Bugs fixed:
  • Different combinations of platform and kind of self made projects are not dramatically more profitable than others now
  • The exchange doesn’t allow to control the currency market through investing a lot of money

Thanks for activity in Community Hub! We note all the problems and schedule them to be fixed shortly!
Go to IT - black.deck.crew
Remember those traits that each employee has? Projects got them too! Some of the projects are poorly marketed and slightly affect your company’s popularity. Some projects are just poorly financed, but your employees are happier doing it. Lots of variability in terms of fitting projects and the team.

  • Save logic is removed. 1 slot = 1 walkthrough. You can’t save the game before the tough decision. Sorry, that’s life.
  • Notifications about crucial situations in the company will pop up. For now they mostly inform about the lack of money.
  • Names of the employees are generated basing on the ethnicity of the one.
  • New office logic. In order to move to a bigger office space, you need to pay its costs immediately. The smallest office doesn’t get downgraded if the company has no money to afford it. Instead, its upkeep cost is subtracted from the current amount of money, which results in negative money amount (bad sign for the company).

Huge and small bugs fixed:
  • We’ve received a lot of complaints that game saves were broken and are impossible to recover. Now all of your saves should work just fine. Let us know if it’s not the case!
  • Employees don’t leave the company when they are on vacations or plan to go on vacation, allowing you to change their mind before they leave.
  • You can choose an option with no accessory on character appearance creation

Stay tuned, speak out
Go to IT - black.deck.crew
Hey there! A few more updates from us before weekends:

We’ve redone the description of the employees. 
They are telling their perspective on certain things about their job including the complexity of tasks, balance between working and learning and so on.

It’s also displayed how do their thoughts affect their happiness level, and as a result, work efficiency. In order to keep your team motivated, it’s required to react to happiness decrease.

The next week we will introduce a few more mechanics in the game.
Thank you so much for the feedback left in the community hub, discord and everywhere else. It is really important to grow the game you are interested in playing!

Go to IT - gapak
It’s been a while. We’ve got some fresh updates which are huge balance improvements!

What’s new?
  • During the start of your own project, you are able to determine an estimated quantity of tasks for design, coding, and management. When your project reaches the specified values, it gets released on the market.
  • We’ve received a couple of complaints about broken saves. We’ve implemented a feature that fixes the save once it’s loaded.

As said, this release is a whole lot of improvements, as such:

  • We’ve totally redone the way project iterations and complexity growth works.
  • Employees learning logic is changed to be more realistic
  • Notifications are reduced to show only important things
  • The freelance project offers dynamically vary their rewards basing on your job history 

  • Office and equipment were rebalanced
  • PR logic has been rebalanced. Now you won’t be a successful company without using it
  • The exchange got a better layout

Wow, what a week! Can’t wait to release new features in Public Relations, Office and maybe own shares issuance :)
Keep it up!
Go to IT - black.deck.crew
Go to IT soundtracks are now integrated in the game!

All music was produced by The Flashbulb. He is a great composer who inspires us a lot in our work. We are very pleased about using his masterpieces in Go to IT.
Check out The Flashbulb on Bandcamp

Soundtracks change depending on the success of your company to add more dynamics to the gameplay. We plan to continue improving the sound engine in future releases.

As for the other improvements:

  • Happiness of employees changes more obvious that it was before. It’s easier to manage the happiness level of your teammates now.
  • Employees’ thoughts represent the game situation more accurately, false thoughts were fixed

Thanks to the community for the immersed feedback. We hope that it’s clear how your contribution makes Go to IT better.
See you!
Go to IT - black.deck.crew
We’ve received plenty of complaints about performance. This patch will change that.

  • Performance. Now the game should be stable even with big teams. Gaming on 3x speed decreases the performance, but this will be fixed in the next patch
  • Own projects reward. Self-made projects now have decreased reward rates and the revenue decreases through time
New Features:
  • Company name. During the start of the game, you are able to enter the name of your company
  • Market is now changing rapidly. Other companies will try to beat your top projects to be better. If you want to save your revenue, it’s time to check out market top and maybe adjust your technology preference ;)
Bugs fixed:
  • Not working achievements “Getting things done” and “Reinventing the wheel” are now fixed
  • Timeline doesn’t show events that won’t occur (previously dismissed employees were shown there)
What’s next?
  • Increasing performance
  • Employee's thoughts balancing
We also plan to integrate official sound track in the next patch.
Keep it up!


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