Super Pixel Racers - (Sin Vega)

I have cancelled February. Today, and tomorrow, and most of the next two weeks, do not exist. It has been that kind of month, and I don’t think I’m the only one. Please purge responsibly, everyone. Don’t guillotine anything I wouldn’t guillotine.

Unknown Pleasures is running a little behind, not least because there were a truly ridiculous number of games to get through earlier this month, and almost several of them weren’t about fighting rats. We’ll get caught up, don’t you worry. The upshot is a jolly fine selection of the best indie games on Steam, and that I might even get away with not buying any Winter clothes if I can hold out for a bit longer.

Glumly enduring the twilight of civilisation this week: riotous robots, crashy cars, and competent cops. (more…)


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