Jun 10
Blame Him - Chilla's Art
Update v1.05

-Fixed a trigger where the player gets trapped in the library in act 1
-Fixed the arm's position in act 4
-Increased the interaction range of the wrench in act 1
-Fixed a major bug in act 4
-Fixed the enemy from getting stuck in act 2
-Fixed a pattern where players can get stuck at the safe puzzle

Thank you

Contact us on Discord: https://discord.gg/JnWGqwE
Jun 7
Blame Him - Chilla's Art
Update v1.04

-Main menu camera fix
-Added few save points
-Fixed all the known save points bugs
-Fixed several major bugs

Thank you
Blame Him - Chilla's Art
Hello everyone,

We would like to say first that we are very sorry for some that have kept their expectations only to find out that the game is filled with bugs.

We apologize greatly for it.

Though, we are very grateful for the others that are still keeping their hopes up and providing feedbacks. We are looking into every replies and comments on the discussion as well as the reviews.

We will soon set up Discord so please join there to communicate with us.


Chilla's Art
Blame Him - Chilla's Art

Some users are experiencing a bug where they crash immediately after they enter the main menu.

We have found that those users have OS below Windows 7 SP1 on their system.

The game will cause crashes on below Windows 7 SP1.

We apologize for the inconvenience,

Chilla's Art
Jun 3
Blame Him - Chilla's Art
Update v1.01

-Fixed missing text in UI
-Added crouch tutorial
-Removed flicking wall decals
-Removed basketballs
-Removed an enemy on act 2
-Fixed main menu
-Improvement on baked lighting on act 1
-Slight change on the beginning cutscene
-Major FPS improvement in act 4 on some pcs.
-Fixed the glitchy door on act 1

If you are experiencing stutter make sure you turn on vsync.

More updates are on the way.

Thank you
Blame Him - Chilla's Art
We realized there are some major bugs in the game. We will update the game very soon.

Thank you for your patience.
Blame Him - Chilla's Art
Hello everyone,

Blame Him is finally released and we thank you all for the love and support from Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, and everywhere else!

The current version might have some hiccups both programming-wise and visual-wise, but we are going to be fully active on fixing those issues as soon as you notice them.

So make sure to announce them on the discussion board!

We hope you have a great experience playing our game!

Thank you sincerely,

Chilla's Art
Blame Him - Chilla's Art
Hello guys,

We had some final play throughs to make sure the game is running fine and we found that one of the scenes need a further optimization.

So, the game is going to be delayed and it is releasing on June 2nd.

I know we broke our promise, but please understand that we only have ourselves to play test! (Atleast it's only a day though!)

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you,

Chilla's Art
Blame Him - Chilla's Art

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