Marble Combat - Kaan@Phantom8
- Fixed an issue where at certain cases, lobbies self-destruct, making other players unable to join after certain time periods.
Marble Combat - Kaan@Phantom8

Below are the patchnotes for v0.922 followed by our roadmap and some exciting news:

- Online players button is now functional and can be used to invite players to party/whisper
- Fixed various issues about the chat window

- Players can no longer spam party invites, only 1 instance of the party invite will be visible to the players.

- In the main menu, players can now see the marbles of their party members and their player levels.

- Improvements to server stability


We have setup the back-end requirements for leveling/rewards system. With the following updates, we will be slowly building up the entire system and determine the rewards.

New maps
Finally we also started working on new maps. These maps will be Capture the Point maps and they will be similar to the already existing Playroom map.

As always, join to our discord channel if you wish to contact to us in a direct manner at:

Happy rolling!
Marble Combat - Kaan@Phantom8
There will be a maintenance starting at 12:00 Berlin time today for approximately 4 hours. During this time, multiplayer games will not be playable.
Marble Combat - Kaan@Phantom8
Hey everyone,

I woke up to no internet, meant the servers were down during my sleep. The ISP seems to make some changes and this affected the WAN IP address of the servers. To preserve the games playability, here is v0.921, which is a stable build that fixes some of the bugs mentioned before, however there are certain things that are non-functional or non sensical, which all are placeholders for the new content to come.

Online players button does not show the online players, instead shows the player options menu without a player.

Some Marbles in the main menu are gone.

I am planning to update the game within the day to eliminate these (And actually implement them fully, not just disable).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,
Marble Combat - Kaan@Phantom8

After fixing a few bugs in the server by paying the cost of getting some negative reviews (Which were justified I think), the current build is in somewhat a stable state. There are a few bugs that I will list below that will be addressed, and I will follow with the pressing stuff that will soon to come.

Currently known bugs:
- Lobbies do not display the current Game Mode and player count
- Players leaving a game stay in the lobby (Intended) but do not have a way to reconnect back (Start Game button will be replaced for disconnected players to Join Game for this)
- Some more getting stuck in the wall issues (Yes still)
- Chat not being active in-game on certain niche cases

If there are more that are not listed here, you know the song (Discord and discussions board)

- The only item that could not make it to this update that was previously announced is online players list. The backend implementations for it are complete, it is just the UX/UI that needs to be done and it will be there with the next patch.

- Player profiles (See the previous announcement)

Progression System
This has its own title given the major plans that are on it. It wont make it to the next update, however I wanted to share beforehand what it will cover (Initially at least).

You will earn virtual currency (Name TBD) by playing online games and the currency reward will be dynamic based on the following:

- Number of opponents
- Number of allies
- End Score

The losing team will also earn, but in a substantially smaller rate.
The amount you can earn is capped per day.

There will also be daily quests that ask you to play/win/complete certain things within a day that give you some virtual currency that is unbound from the daily cap mentioned above.

With virtual currency you can:
- Buy certain cosmetics
- Unlock styles for your acquired cosmetics (The 3rd rock could also be a gas giant apparently)

The estimate for the next patch is around 3 days that will fix the known bugs and implement the online players bar.

Happy rollin'!
Apr 14
Marble Combat - Kaan@Phantom8

After lines of codes and bunch of weeks, the patch is now out. Given we could complete the backend implementations, now more rapid patching can take action. I personally do not expect a flawless execution given there are a lot of sequences something might occur and testing it as a single person with limited amount of machines just does not cut it.

As always, if you find any bugs, please write them on discord or Steam discussions page.

And here are the changes:

Revamped Social Interactions
- You can now whisper to other players
- You can join to a persons game via chat (Join game button)
- You can now access to global chat during gameplay (Single or multiplayer)
- You can ignore messages from a person. With this, the manual moderation of the global chat no longer will be applied. All players that were previously chat banned no longer are banned.

- You can now play single player while in a lobby (Even if you are the leader). Starting single player will only briefly disconnect you from the lobby, which you will automatically will reconnect to.

Quick Play
- A new option, Quick Play is now added. It will force you to connect to the first available lobby/game. If there are no lobbies present, it will join to one whenever available. You can also play in single player while looking for a game.

Press T for Mouse Control
To accommodate for the mouse interactivity needs, you can Press T in-game to get mouse control. This way you can interact with the chat window easily. The button will replace itself with a button, which when you press, you go back for the regular play mode.

- Fixed Quit/Restart window appearing over the Pause menu in Single Player mode.

Marble Combat - Kaan@Phantom8
Hello everyone!

It has been quite some while since the last update, however the workload was immense and we are trying to make the patch ready in a week.

Before giving out the changes, I would like to address some of the reasons why these are the contents for this patch:

Over the course of the game, it has been getting quite positive reviews, apart from the undeniable lack of player base, whether the review itself is positive or negative. This is a bitter fact, that we obviously know, however the possibilities we have aren't enough to create one. Say it is about giving out ads, influencers and so on. However, we can address this in a different way, making the lack of playerbase less impactful on those who would like to play the game. So this patch pretty much is an attempt of addressing these and here they follow.

Lobby/Party Changes
Lobbies and parties are now moved to server side. This gives us bigger control in regards to notify other people about what your status is.

Connectivity during play
Players can now interact with global chat during a single player or a multiplayer game. Also for Single player, you can join or create lobbies and see the status of your lobby as you play. This is for:

1. Those who want to play in multiplayer and waiting for people but doing something and just not looking at the menu for players.
2. Those who are in a game and want more players, yet being unable to see what is going on in the main menu. This way, you can simply tell people to join your game by typing in the global chat if your game is public.

More player interaction
As visible on the picture above, you can whisper to people who write in global chat, add them as friends, join their game/lobby if they are in any, invite them to your party or ignore them.

Online player count
You will be able to see how many total players are playing the game currently, instead of only being able to tell who are online in the main menu.

Online players list
You will be able to see who is online in the online players list.

Quick Play
We are adding a Quick Play button that takes you to a game that is currently ongoing that you are eligible to join (If the game is friends only and the host is your friend, you can join, you cannot join a full game etc.). This will also check for connection quality/distance, however having no eligible game will do nothing (Or if the only eligible game is distant to you, you might end up disconnecting/lagging).

For further patches
Player Profiles
You will have a player profile that displays your stats, your collection and so on. Even further (This is planned for quite some patches ahead), you will be able to create a showcase of your own to display your marbles and other feats (Hint).

Game ping/quality
Games, now being in direct contact with our servers, will now be able to report their stats, hence you can now see if your experience with a certain lobby would be good or not.

End of the match stats
In the end of the match, instead of our super simple win screen, there will be stats displayed and scores given to players. These stats include: Number of times each player knocked an enemy out of a zone, Gyro Power spent, active time in capture zones.

Progression system
We will create a progression system that requires you to fulfill certain criteria, either daily or lifetime for you to earn levels. Certain levels add a virtual currency (Cannot be purchased via real money) that allows you to purchase exclusive rewards from the shop (That also cannot be purchased via real money). The lifetime quest completion is planned to unlock certain single player/co-op game modes.

Single Player challenges
You will be able to invite a player to a challenge in a parkour. In this mode, players cannot interact with each other but can still see each other on a parkour run.

Custom Parkours
Players will be able to create custom parkours and either send these to other players or invite players to a challenge to try them.

With the backend work we spent so far on the match stats, there will be a lot of achievements rewarded by gameplay, mostly tied to abilities and puzzles that require you to do certain tasks in a certain manner. The puzzle achievements will only contain a hint about how to acquire them, but wont be as simple as "Do this and do that"

We do believe that these changes will address the player base issues (By at least providing a better environment for those who are playing Marble Combat for multiplayer primarily).

If you have other opinions/ideas, do not hesitate to drop them in. We read everything:)

Best regards,
Mar 18
Marble Combat - Kaan@Phantom8

0.919 is out and below are the patchnotes:


- New Ability: Schrodinger's Cat
- New Ability: Jet Pack

Time Attack

- New Parkour: Hit the Six
- Ghost Player: The game now records your best run and shows you as a Ghost Player. The previous runs obviously are not recorded so you should beat your score to be able to have a recording.

- New Achievement: When there's grass on the wicket, lets play cricket!
Complete the Time Attack parkour - Hit the Six

Also would like to remind you that this is the last week for Evil Eye. We decided to include both abilities with this patch and then change the Time Attack after it to give you enough time for preparation. This also meant the mentioned Unstoppable Force change is not in with this patch to keep the Time Attack abilities the same.

Soon, there will be a new announcement that gives you where we are standing and where we are going.

Thanks a lot and enjoy!
Marble Combat - Kaan@Phantom8
Hello hello!

Patch 0.919 is almost ready and here is what will arrive with it:

Time Attack
- Time attack now records your best run at each parkour and displaying you your previous actions taken. We have plans to make these sharable with your friends, but this will not be ready until the lobby changes. There is a manual procedure that this can be shared, which we will include in the patch notes.
- New Time Attack Route: Hit the Six

- New Ability: Schrodinger's Cat. Launch a quantum replica of yourself towards the direction you are looking by pressing and holding the button. If you release the button within 3 seconds, you take place of your replica and you consume the entirety of your dash power. If the 3 seconds expire, nothing happens. The replica cannot interact with the objects like mouse traps or other balls, cannot be targeted by abilities, however can be affected by AoE abilities like Explosion.

- Unstoppable Force: Unstoppable Force can now launch marbles vertically.

- Few UI tweaks

And below are what is getting cooked for 0.920
- New Ability: Jetpack. Press and hold the button to propel yourself upwards. This action consumes Gyro Power over time.

Exclusive Rewards
We will be making changes to the abilities used in Time Attack. Since we cannot predict the impact of these on the leaderboards, before 0.920 drops, we will be rewarding everyone in the most wanted list with the exclusive item Number 66: The Evil Eye and we will be wiping the leaderboards. You can earn multiple Number 66's for being in the top list in multiple routes so you can either give your extras to your friends or sell them in the marketplace. These items will also include your name, position and the parkour name on their description to commemorate your feats.
Mar 10
Marble Combat - Kaan@Phantom8
Fixed goals registering multiple goals on consecutive ball passes through (Via abilities, predominantly Hurricane)

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