The 'I Love Money' Show - DeqafStudio
I love the money gets a super-juicy update in the form of three beauties, for which you can play!

Also added a number of changes to the game:
• Now you can die of hunger.
• Many effects on different events.
• Updated colors and lighting.
• And of course three beauties - Lara Gold, Isabel Fox and Greta Power

The 'I Love Money' Show - DeqafStudio
"I love the money" gets local multiplayer mode up to 5 players! Choose a mad level, add bots according to your desire and go ahead - knock out coins from your friends!

The 'I Love Money' Show - DeqafStudio

We are working hard on the new mode - local multiplayer to 5 players! Will available soon!
You can choose PvP battle or added bots if you want.
Also set difficulty of traps and time of match!
Have fun!
The 'I Love Money' Show - DeqafStudio
Hi there,

Game have about 700 words. So if you can translate them into language you know and that language is not yet in game you can get some free copy of a game for you!

We can give english or russian text as final for translate.

The game already supports the following languages:

Contact -

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