Lil' Arena - Tall Guy
Hello Lil' Souls,

This is going to be bad news, and I'll try to be as forthright as possible. Let me cue the music I wrote this post to.

Lil' Arena's development is on hold - but I'll keep the servers running so we can keep playing the current version as long as we want.

It's been three months since the last update (v0.27, part 2 of 3 of the combat overhaul) and every day since then I've felt guilty that I couldn't work on this game.

I felt guilty because I thought I could pull it off by myself, but quite frankly, I can't. I wanted to announce something sooner, but I felt I could turn things around. Turns out I couldn't.

The main problem is that Lil' Arena is not my only gig, because I also need to sustain myself. Seeing as it doesn't pay yet (I've felt I can't charge for a MOBA that doesn't have enough players), I develop / design games for other companies as a freelancer to make ends meet.

The problem with that is that my head is filled to the brim with all kinds of different projects :: an academic game, a mobile pvp game, a board game about empathy and a tarot about the future of labor. Yes. A freaking tarot :)

As a result, I find it impossible to focus, and I can't drop the other projects because they pay my bills. So I have to put this one on hold for a while.

The good news is that this isn't the first time Lil' Arena has gone to sleep to wake up stronger and better.

Bit of context ::
  • Lil' Arena started as a passion project in 2013.
  • Two years later, I froze development as I couldn't sustain it solo
  • In 2016, I received funding and got a team together to resume.
  • We managed to released the game in Early Access by late 2018.
  • January 2019, funds ended but the game didn't have enough players yet.
  • I've been working on it solo since then, improving what I can.

I love this game, the lore behind it and I think my team did a fantastic job on many areas. I also think the game needs a lot more work before it can be released, work that I can't hope to pull off alone.

So until I manage to find either a committed team willing to work for revenue sharing, or some funds to pay them, development is on hold. I've considered a kickstarter and as soon as I wrap some of the freelance projects up, I may give it a shot!

Any updates, I will post here and on our Discord

In the meantime, I'll keep making games, writing about them and exploring what this medium can do, so hopefully we'll "meet" again :)

If you want to follow my journey through games, join this mailing list.

Thank you for the feedback throughout these months. I feel the game has become a much more solid experience than it used to be when it launched back in September because of it.

Cheers from the Afterlife,
Your Lil' Developer
Konstantinos "Tall Guy" Vasileiadis
Lil' Arena - Tall Guy
This week, introducing Charged-Up Attacks. Not quite an ultimate, this ability charges as you hit enemy Souls and does +100% damage per charge (up to a wooping 300%).

Many of you have raised the issue of "auto attacks" and although I still believe adding them would make the combat feel "grindy", the main thing they would add is flow - so two changes were made:

  • Attacks have been reduced in casting time, difficulty, energy cost but also damage - they are mapped to Left Click. They're the closest thing to an auto-attack you will find in the game.
  • Attacks now generate Charges when hitting an opponent. You can have up to three Charges and you can release those with a Charged Up Attack that has a powerful effect with the Right Click.

This essentially creates a core gameplay loop of:
  • Simple Attacks to work an enemy down,
  • Controlling the battle field,
  • Protecting yourself from harm and..
  • Moving to just the right place in order to..
  • Unleashing (or avoid) one of the Charged-Up Attacks I just mentioned.

Would love to hear your comments at our Discord server:

Cheers from the Afterlife,
Tall Guy
Lil' Arena - Tall Guy
10 of the 15 Mobility, Control and Protection abilities have been altered significantly, in the first of a series of patches aimed at addressing key community concerns.

One of my favorite designers has always claimed that he doesn't start working on the rest of the game until the core is so solid, that it's an enjoyable experience in and of itself.

This principle, applied to Lil' Arena, meant stripping down the game back to its basics, and questioning every choice made so far; the two camera system, the different input methods, the game's moment-to-moment pacing (which was mostly about Mobility, Control and Protection abilities).

The biggest change is probably switching the input of the Top-Down camera from Point & Click to WASD. This means the two cameras' input blend together better, and there is no longer a significant tactical advantage to playing top-down, as you can't see the entire map.

You should definitely try out the patch for yourselves, but I know some people like to dig in the details, so here's a list of all the changes v0.26 brings:

  • [Divine Justice, Protection (Blinding Light)] :: Silence instead of Stun
  • [Deadly Force, Mobility (Marauder's Leap)] :: Silence instead of Root (charge and interrupt!)
  • [Deadly Force, Control (Forced Awakening)] :: Cast Time from 1s to 1.5s
  • [High Voltage, Control (Thunder Storm)] :: Added Delay (1s) from the moment the cloud appears to when lightning strikes
  • [High Voltage, Protection (Lightning Reflexes)] :: Added 50% damage reduction, reduced duration
  • [Burning Shadows, Mobility (Shadow Step)] :: Now passes through others
  • [Burning Shadows, Control (Ring of Fire)] :: The ring no longer stays in place, but instead is always around you
  • [Burning Shadows, Protection (Night's Veil)] :: Now passes through small objects, reduced duration (4 sec) increased cooldown (8 seconds)
  • [Nature, Mobility (Recall)] :: Now automatically returns to your mark after 3 seconds

Additionally, all the long range abilities (10-15m) have had their ranges reduced to (8-12m), because there was a big gap between them and mid-ranged abilities (3-7m).

As always let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

Cheers from the Afterlife,
Tall Guy
Feb 19, 2019
Lil' Arena - Tall Guy

Lil' Arena suffered a web-based attack last week, through its website. As a result, all of its domains (including game-related content) were taken down by my host, to reduce further damage.

Though I haven't repaired our website yet, I have fully restored everything the game needed to function, so you can now play once again.

I guess you live, you learn - never put website and game-related content on the same hosting account ^_^

Will keep you posted on the next patch's progress via discord!

Tall Guy
Lil' Arena - Tall Guy

First off, since February 11 our server has been hacked, resulting in both the game's website and the login system being unavailable for the time being. I've contacted the hosting service, and am trying to resolve this. As this is entirely new to me, no ETA at this point. The database has remained intact, and it will be restored from its backup once the rest of the server is up again - your progress is safe.

As for the second part of this announcement, progress has been slow because at the moment, I'm a solo developer. This happened because the funding I had secured was barely enough to finish a game of this size. Seeing as I was (simultaneously to Lil' Arena) studying and freelancing to sustain myself, I burned out. As a result, the game has come to a halt these last 6 weeks.

That being said, I do love the game and its universe, and I think we've brought you something with true potential. I want to promise it will definitely make it through Early Access - but as it stands, I'd be bullshitting you. The truth is I want to keep it running (so bug fixing, taking care of the hacking) and I plan on making one more patch that will bring to the 'best version of itself' given the resources at hand. This patch will come by the end of the month.

As for the game's future after that, I'll try my best to work out a viable plan. A dozen publishers and two investors have already rejected it as 'high risk', but there are a few more I can reach out to, once the game takes its final form and a proper launch strategy is formulated. In any case, I'll update this page once I have more news (end of March).

Sincerely yours,
Tall Guy
Lil' Arena - Tall Guy
Greetings Lil' Souls,

New year is approaching, and our priority became.. bug fixes! You know what this means..

Yes ! Patch Notes !

* Core Gameplay Changes ::
- Your Energy & Cooldowns don't update while casting
- Judgement :: Faster projectiles (7m/s->15m/s)
- Shackles :: Smaller hitbox (1.00m->0.35m)
- Sadistic Cleave -> No longer suffers from attacking multiple targets

* Quality of Life Improvements ::
- Colorize Descriptions keywords (dmg, etc)

* Bugs & Fixes on the Lobby & UI
- Hide the #XXXX from the username (UI only, not backend!)
- Sort order for Chat should remain > icons but Icons should be > all avatar layers
- Chat -> Empty messages :: no more
- Selection Highlight <-> Current Window should always match
- Avatar > Saving Avatar After Shuffle :: The current category (ie. chest) being previewed, reverts to the currently selected.
- Menu SFX (especially for the drop down) -> LOWER!
- "Does your system meeet.." -> Yah bruh, it does. (use better tone)

* Bug fixes and improvements in the game
- Siphon was not awarding you stolen buffs
- Enrage was not affecting some attacks
- Hiding some messages that didn't concern local player
- On first spawn do not play respawn commentary

Thanks again everyone for helping us make Lil' Arena an experience you'd love to play!

Your Feedback matters to us, so head on to Discord at and share your thoughts with us.

Stay Tuned for More :)

~Your Lil' Crew

PS: All of the game's lore, the process of its creation and a couple of bonus items are available for purchase in our first DLC; Lil' Arena - Lore, World, Stories. Your support is appreciated!

Lil' Arena - DemGun
Greetings Lil' Souls,

With the Afterlife Stable (loading, login, avatars), the community's main concern became "things are not clear enough". So it's time foooor…

Yes ! Patch Notes !

- Trials :: "What is it? How do I do it? What do I earn?" All very valid questions, that now have answers inside the game
- Abilities :: What do we want? Less Text! More Video! When do we want it? Now, it is done.
- Visual Settings :: There's two types of people in this world. Those who want V-Sync off, and the rest. A handful of settings exposed
- Key Bindings :: Parlez vous AZERTY? You can now remap all of your keys, including movement, camera controls, instant shield etc.
- Stun no more :: We've tweaked our combat a bit, to be less CC-dominated.

Thanks again everyone for helping us make Lil' Arena an experience you'd love to play!

Your Feeback matters to us, so head on to Discord at and share your thoughts with us.

You'll be just in time for our Weekly Devs vs Player, this and every Friday at 18.00 UTC!

~Your Lil' Crew
Lil' Arena - Tall Guy
So come aboard Lil’ Souls, tonight for our Weekly Friday Night Devs Vs Players.

More on that at our official Discord server.

All the annoying known bugs that bothered the on-boarding process of players, are now Fixed.

And.. With Patching Cherries on top:

- Trash Talk freely before the match!
Lobby chat is now a thing

- Handling disconnects gracefully
Before that when someone crashed, every player was stuck in the match but the match as not working ("already casting" etc.)

- Matchmake Globally, Play Locally (where applicable)
After the match is ready to start, we pick the optimal server based on everyone's ping to different servers.

- Teams are working again!
The mode may still be 'free for all' but why not take a frenemy with you? In the lobby, click your color to change it - players with matching colors are in the same team. Game works in exactly the same way, and your team's points are the average of its players, so if your teammate isn't playing well, you'll have to pick up the slack!

Next Up :: Better ability Synergy (Core gameplay improvements)

Looking always to improve according to your feedback, so feel free to share your thoughts and co-create Lil’ Arena with us!

See you in the Arenas
~Your Lil’ Crew
Lil' Arena - DemGun
We thank you for being with us on this First Week.

Things got tough. Things broke.

And You Lil' Souls, helped us recognize em & Fix em.

So what was Patched?
  • Login (Locating Your Soul Bug)
  • Avatars (Purchasing & Previewing Items)
  • More Clear Queues, Tutorial & Trials
  • Combat System Balancing ( Now you Have 10HP, More Visible Damage, Effects, etc.)
  • 76/76 Stuck issue (Now shows exactly where you are in the Loading Process - Note: SSD Drive is Recommended)

In the meantime, bug fixes will keep up according to your Feedback, with our next big Update around the combat system coming approximately, December 10th.

For more, find us on our Official Lil' Arena Discord Channel at:

~ Your Lil' Crew

Lil' Arena - Tall Guy

During the first few days of release (16/11-20/11) there had been some known issues with certain players affecting
  • Preloading takes a while the first time around. We're optimizing this, and you can now see the progress. (patched 21/11/18 11.00 UTC)
  • Login issues due to larger volume of players than expected (patched 18/11/18 22.00 UTC)
  • Avatars issues with customization misbehaving, being fixed now - all purchased items restored (patched 18/11/18 23.45 UTC)
  • Abilities not being selected (patched 25/11/18 22.30 UTC)
The core game itself should now be fully playable for most players!

We honestly apologize for your time, because we know how valuable it is. Trust that we have been (and still are) working 24/7 running on Sugar and Caffeine to fix the remaining issues

Thanks for the patience through this bumpy start of Early Access, and thanks for supporting us with your relentless bug reports! <3

~ Your Lil' Crew

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