Aug 23, 2019
sheepChat - Kira
sheepChat - nebel
sheepChat - nebel
sheepChat - nebel
Apr 28, 2019
sheepChat - nebel

Fixed emotes system
Apr 26, 2019
sheepChat - Kira

⚪ You can now change the message offset in game mode
⚪ Fixed game mode transformation settings
⚪ Removed transparent background for the setting window
⚪ Added flag for aero_ignore
⚪ Fixed Periscope, GoodGame, Twitch, VK workflow
⚪ Fixed cookies and cache workflow
⚪ Fixed notification system for windows tray
⚪ Fixed state indication in service settings
⚪ Fixed some rare message shutters
⚪ Fixed an occasional freeze on chat settings load
⚪ Fixed stickers workflow
⚪ Fixed chat vidgets
⚪ Fixed Dlive support
⚪ Fixed QIWI Donate support
⚪ You can now disable all indicators in the main mode and main mode vidget
⚪ Added new theme for main mode vidget - Colorize, with color settings
⚪ You can now chose mode for windows overlapping in the main window
⚪ Added quota warning for Yandex free TTS
⚪ Improved logging, now it won't occasionally freeze chat output
⚪ Countless cosmetic improvements
⚪ Steam SDK updated to current version
sheepChat - nebel

Many improvements and optimizations;
Emotes system Improvement;
Dec 20, 2018
sheepChat - nebel

🔹 Added support for Steam Broadcasts (Beta)
🔹 Added menu when clicking on the user's nickname (right/left click mouse)
🔸 Fixed pronunciation by letters (in rare cases)
⚪ Improved mechanism for displaying previews of images and sites
⚪ Improved queue and speech synthesis system
⚪ Performance improved

sheepChat - nebel
⚪ New widgets
ᅠ ⚫ Subscriptions and notifications
ᅠ ⚫ Recent events
⚪ Customizing the appearance of the subscription and notification widget
ᅠ ⚫ Creating any number of templates for all types of notifications
⚪ New event support
ᅠ ⚫ Followers, Subscribers, Donates, Joined chat, Left chat
⚪ Widget template designer
ᅠ ⚫ Subscriptions and notifications
ᅠ ⚫ Recent events
⚪ Full management of all types of chat notifications
⚪ DonationAlert service support for capturing donations in real time
⚪ DonatePay service support for real-time donation capture
⚪ service support
⚪ Detailed setting of indicators in the main chat window
⚪ Ability to use the system frame in the main chat window
⚪ Backup Settings
🔸 Update the list of smiles

The event capture mechanism is implemented, but not all services have their support. At the moment, events are partially implemented in Twitch, GoodGame and DonationAlert. Over time, support will be added and refined for all events for all services where this feature exists.
Dec 20, 2018
sheepChat - nebel
⚪ Ability to adjust the playback speed of speech synthesis
⚪ Fixed icons on YouTube channels
⚪ Fix pre-view links
ᅠ ⚫ Fixed bug for view links
ᅠ ⚫ Added support for GIF images from links to documents
⚪ Core optimization
ᅠ ⚫ Performance improved
ᅠ ⚫ All protocols (chat captures) are executed in the same process.
ᅠ ⚫ Main chat window and game mode are executed in the same process.
⚪ Other minor fixes and improvements

In previous versions, each protocol (chat capture) was executed each in its process, for example, if 3 channels were connected, 3 processes were created, each of which consumed> 50Mb RAM, now all protocols (chat captures) are executed in one process, which on average consumes 100Mb of RAM, depending on the number of connected channels, this significantly saves a lot of resources if more than one channel is connected. The same with the chat window, now both modes (main and game) work in the same process and consume 2 times less resources than before.

Also added a new function in the speech synthesis settings, which allows you to adjust the playback speed (the so-called), thanks to this, you can speed up the speech and change the voice intonation, if you greatly increase the playback speed, you can get a cartoon voice.

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