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Minoria - rdein
Hello everyone!

We've released a new patch to Minoria, aiming to improve some aspects of the game. The changes are the following:

Version 1.07 patch notes
- The full "options" menu now is accessible from the title screen, including the menus to change the game's controls.
- Several changes to Frikka's boss fight: she has a more obvious "warning" effect before her slash attack. The slash animation is also much slower than it used to be, and she has a larger recovery period before she moves onto a different attack.
- Made the basic effect for "incoming enemy attack" more visible.
- Doubled the base damage dealt by the White Incense's projectile.
- Increased the healing properties of Fee's Blessed Incense from 5% to 10% of your maximum HP.
- Increased the frame window in which you can parry an enemy attack.
- Increased the damage dealt by the parry's counter.
- Increased the amount of damage dealt to enemies when they are in a stunned state. The value was increased from a x1.2 multiplier to x1.5.
- Increased the amount of damage dealt to enemies when they are in a counter state (when they receive damage during their attack animations). The value was increased from a x1.1 multiplier to x1.2. This multiplier is also applied to the amount of "stun" damage an enemy receives per hit.
- Increased the amount of experience earned when doing an "Overkill" (when your attack does more damage than twice the enemy's maximum health) on an enemy. The value was increased from a x2 multiplier to x3.

This is all for now. Thank you very much for the support and see you next time!
Minoria - xanadujin
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Minoria - rdein
Hello everyone,

We've updated Minoria to version 1.06 with some changes/adjustments.
They are as follows:

ːminocandlesː Version 1.06 ːminocandlesː

- Reduced the width of the contact hitbox from the Church/Garden minibosses, making it easier to dodge through their bodies.

- Increased the amount of time (from 16 frames to 45 frames) required to charge the special attacks Heavy Thrust / Cross Slash. This change is based on the feedback we got from players who said the attack came off too quickly and would "misfire".

- Increased the amount of stun damage dealt by parrying special enemies (bosses/some minibosses) from 10% to 30% of their maximum stun resistance.

- Enabled the parry counter against two enemies whose attacks could only be parried, but not countered: the sword-wielding Knight and the curved sword-wielding Witch Sproutling (that's the small enemy with the red shotel-looking weapon).

- Added a new extra subtle effect to the main character's landing animations.

- Fixed the Persephone weapon name not showing up in the inventory for the Simplified Chinese language.

- Fixed the disappearance of the huge Crystallized Ink Flower once you had attacked it.

Please remember that Steam might take a while to queue the update for download unless it is restarted (in which case, the download will start right as soon as Steam is done opening).

That's all I have for now. Cheers! ːfranː
Minoria - rdein
Hello everyone,

The update this time around is a bit more special. We are including new content on top of the usual game/balance fixes. I want to thank those who have supported this project by adding a bit more to it. The update, version 1.05, is already live and should be queued up for download once you restart the Steam client (it shows up some minutes later without restarting).

ːminocandlesː ːminocandlesː Keep on reading for more information! ːminocandlesː ːminocandlesː

Preview of new weapons (click to see!) ːfranː

Here are the details of the new content and the spoiler tips on where to find them.

[New Weapon] Chain Mace
This weapon has its own unique moveset because of the way it is. Its attacks also deal slightly more stun damage than sword attacks.
Location: After the door locked by a password in the Mercy Cellar, a new room has been added and you can find this weapon in there.

[New Weapon] Persephone
A sword weapon that mixes ground attacks from the standard Moveset A, with the air attack from Moveset B. The final ground slash also has a special behaviour to it.
Location: In a new room at the very top of the Castle area.

[New Incense] Crystalline Incense
Effect: prevents the user from earning experience.
Location: You can find it to the left of where you start the game, in a secret spot.

[New Incense] Spring Drop Incense
Effect: grants a short burst invincibility to the user after a cast of Healing Incense.
Location: In the room past the miniboss in the Cathedral area, a new path has been added. This Incense can be found going that way.

[New Incense] Northern Sky Incense
Effect: calls forth lighting strikes around the user.
Location: Found to the left of the princesses' bedroom.

[New Fran Chats]
1. One new event at the princesses' bedroom.
2. One new event after reading Saint Olivia's secret diary.
3. One new event at the Library's developer room (unlocked in the post-game).

This update also brings some fixes and adjustments, detailed below.

Full Version 1.05 Patch notes:
- 2 new Weapons have been added to the game: Chain Mace and Persephone.
- 3 new Incenses have been added to the game: Crystalline, Sea Drop, and Northern Sky.
- 3 new Fran Chat events have been added to the game.
- A few rooms were added to accomodate some of the new items.
- Increased the damage dealt by the "Heavy Thrust" move.
- Fixed the moon's movement in the exterior part of the Cathedral area.
- Fixed an issue related to the Final Boss's stun meter.
- Fixed the Map screen displaying one room transition that didn't exist for the Castle Outskirts area.
- Fixed some issues with the Korean text for some Archives.
- Fixed some issues with the Japanese credits text.
- Fixed a typo in the Spanish translation.
- Adjusted some lines of text in the Italian translation.
- Adjusted some lines of text in the Japanese translation.
- Adjusted the screenshake for the Chrysanth Incense so it syncs better with the actual visual effect.

In other news, our publisher Dangen Entertainment is holding a Minoria speedrunning contest from today onwards. The rules are: any%, current patch, the top 3 times will be rewarded with a Momodora: RUtM Switch key. The contest will end next Thursday. Please note that I'm not involved in managing this contest so please communicate with Dangen about your best times: https://twitter.com/Dangen_Ent/status/1177186532202930182

This is all I have for now. Once again, thank you for the support!
Minoria - rdein
Hello everyone,

This post details a new update to the game. It was aimed at fixing issues and improving the game in general.

Version 1.03 changes:
- Added 2 seconds of invincibility to the end of the following actions: Parry counter and Cross Slash. This change aims to prevent the player from executing those actions and then being immediately punished by an approaching enemy.
- Added a new type of white flashing indicator on the player character to signal temporary invincibility. This new change applies to Parry counter, Cross Slash and Calming Sea Incense's actions.
- Spoiler: Decreased the frequency of actions of the Attack Core enemy during the Garden miniboss fight after the Ceremony has been completed.
- Damage dealt to player on subsequent playthroughs (New Game +1, +2...) has been reduced.
- Changed the position of Archive #27 slightly to make it easier to find.
- Fixed some issues in the German, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish translations.
- Fixed missing/wrong characters in Simplified Chinese credits.
- Fixed Archives menu sometimes displaying a blank page under certain circumstances.
- Fixed a possible softlock situation in a screen transition of the Tower of Misery.
- Fixed the softlock that could occur when using a Cross Slash during an elevator descent.
- Fixed the volume of the credits song.

As usual we will keep monitoring for issues and try to fix them as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and support so far.

Cheers! :rspider:
Minoria - rdein
Hello everyone,

I've pushed a new patch for Minoria. This patch aims to improve player experience based on the feedback and bug reports we've received. The changes are detailed below. As usual, please restart your Steam client to receive the updates.
We are also continuously updating the Beta branch of the game here on Steam with potential solutions for crashes/hangs that some players are having. I'd appreciate if those who have seen those issues could report back on the new patch changes and confirm whether or not the patch has successfully solved the problem. Thank you very much in advance.

Once again, my apologies for any game breaking issues you might be facing, and thank you for reporting those (and any other issues) to the discussion forums.

See you next time, cheers!

Minoria version 1.02 patch notes:

Reduced contact damage from enemies.
Fixed issues in the Simplified Chinese, French and Russian translations.
Fixed crouch animation when you jump and crouch at the same time.
Fixed Silver Coin counter disappearing when you equip an item in the items menu.
Fixed an issue where the pause menu and player death animation could occur on the same frame.
Fixed an issue where the Steam interface would only display a new achievement when the game was closed.
Fixed an issue related to enemies dying out of bounds.
Fixed an issue related to Archive #29 respawning in NG+.
Fixed (?) an issue where attacking when entering a cutscene would sometimes cause the player to move very, very fast.
Other misc. fixes to prevent crashes.
Minoria - rdein
Hello everyone,

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the crashes/hangs some of you have encountered. The team is currently working to fix them. It is my goal to have these issues completely gone as soon as possible. If you have been facing any crashes or hangs, please read down below where it says "Beta branch". We have a potential fix for you which will hopefully work!

Meanwhile, we were able to fix in some other small things. To receive the updates, please restart your Steam client.

Main branch, version 1.01 changes:
- Reduced the volume of Sister Semilla's death sound
- Attempted to fix an issue where the player would remain invisible after a successful parry
- Fixed a couple of unintended story sequence breaks
- Made it so one button prompt in a late game area only appears after you've acquired the necessary upgrade
- Fixed a minor issue in the Spanish translation

Beta branch:
- We've uploaded an experimental build with a possible solution for the crashes/hangs. If you are experiencing one of those, please try this Beta build and tell us if the problems are fixed. Our apologies for the issues existing in the first place, we are trying to get them fixed ASAP.
Please restart your Steam then follow these steps:
Right mouse click the game's name -> Properties -> Betas -> then select the beta testing branch to redownload the new version.

Traditional Chinese:
為了正在遭遇遊戲崩潰的玩家,我們發佈了一個實驗性的測試分支版,希望能夠修復您遇到的問題。請重新啓動 Steam,然後按照以下步驟下載測試分支版:
【右點遊戲名稱 -> 內容 -> 測試】然後選擇測試分支版 (beta- Beta testing branch),重新下載遊戲。

Simplified Chinese:
为了正在遭遇游戏崩溃的玩家,我们发布了一个实验性的测试分支版,希望能够修复您遇到的问题。请重新启动 Steam,然后按照以下步骤下载测试分支版:
【右点游戏名称 -> 属性 -> 测试】然后选择测试分支版 (beta - Beta testing branch),重新下载游戏。

Once again, I'm sorry for the current issues. I hope this patch will address them successfully. I've also made a thread on the Steam forums documenting these patches. We will keep working to improve any bugs and issues that are found.

Until next time!
Minoria - rdein
Hello everyone!

I'm here with big news regarding Minoria, the spiritual sequel to the Momodora games I've been working on.
We've released a new trailer for the game today, revealing the release date for the game: August 27th!

If you are unfamiliar with the project, Minoria is a sidescroller that follows very closely the gameplay and atmosphere foundations I set with Momodora: RUtM. And, on top of those foundations, I've built a new setting filled with characters fighting for their own goals and beliefs.

You might also be interested in checking the game's store page, where you can find more information:

I hope you are as excited as I am for the release of this game!
Minoria - Chyadosensei
Hello all! Chyadosensei here to share that we have an official Discord and Twitter account that you should totally check out!

DANGEN Entertainment also has a verified Discord with a Minoria section. Looking for a place to stay and talk with fellow gamers? Do you want to talk to the developers of your favorite indie games?

Why not join our Discord!? We have lots of cool devs from different games, Dangen peeps and just plain old cool people! 😎

▶️ DANGEN Discord ◀️

You can also follow us on Twitter

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