Pleasure Puzzle:Portrait 趣拼拼:肖像画 - 冷笑黑妖
A new round of discounts and new game.
Pleasure Puzzle:Portrait 趣拼拼:肖像画 - 冷笑黑妖
New game, join STEAM workshop!
Pleasure Puzzle:Portrait 趣拼拼:肖像画 - 冷笑黑妖

Update on September 28th. DLC is on sale.

Fixed BUG for a few players who could not start the game.

The overall volume is reduced by 50%.

DLC has been on sale, with 68 additional images added.

The total number of achievements has not changed.

To add a replacement card requires sales and sales.

Real game time and other data can be added to the standard.

Thank you for your support!
Pleasure Puzzle:Portrait 趣拼拼:肖像画 - 冷笑黑妖
Trying to fix a BUG that does not start the game properly.

If you encounter this BUG, please leave a message below.

Symptoms are as follows:

The opening ceremony won all bronze medals directly, and after selecting the puzzle, it was impossible to start the game.

September 25, 2018

At present, the 2 people who have this problem are E3 processors.

September 26, 2018

The current three players have solved the problem of not starting the game by closing the cloud archive and deleting the local archive (.d). The specific reasons are still under investigation.

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