Wrench - missingdigitgames
Fixed a bug making objects difficult to pick up off the floor. The old parts spawner is no longer visible but is still in the world to support the helper bot functions. The parts spawner collision was interfering with part pickup.

Fixed mouse behavior when alt tabbing out of desktop mode. Wrench no longer steals mouse focus.

Added the brake master cylinder cap back to the catalog since there was no way to get a replacement if lost.
Wrench - missingdigitgames
Fixed and issue in desktop mode where the tablet would retain input focus after closing.
Wrench - missingdigitgames

Build 68:
This patch adds new content but is primarily focused on improving controls the user experience. Desktop mode has had a significant overhaul and has received a new casual play tool: Auto fasten. Auto fasten will come to VR play in later patches. There are also many bug fixes, too many to document in the patch notes. More changes to both desktop mode and VR mode are coming soon.

Added clutch kit (flywheel, pressure plate, clutch disc, pilot bearing, flywheel bolts, pressure plate bolts, throwout bearing) and updated temporary transmission art to support clutch install. The game will attempt to auto install the clutch parts onto cars when loaded in the new patch. If the player’s cars are disassembled on load, the clutch parts will not be auto install but can be installed by using the “Install New Parts” button in the car details app.

Catalog and parts purchases overhaul:
  • The catalog has been redesigned for better usability in both desktop and VR play. Parts are broken into categories, thumbnails are more legible, and the layout has been tweaked. Parts are also searchable by name. VR users can open a virtual keyboard to type in part names.

  • The new catalog uses a shopping cart and checkout screen format. Money is now visible but still not implemented in this temporary version of the career mode. Purchased parts are packed into boxes and delivered into the shop. Boxes are opened by pulling the tape off starting at the “grab here” node.

  • Broken replacement bolts are now delivered by a package instead of the bolts spawner. The bolt and parts spawner have been removed from the game.

Parts scanner removal:
The parts scanner has been removed from the game and replaced new inputs that don’t require physically holding a tool. In VR trigger is now used to inspect a part. In desktop mode the E key inspects or players can inspect from the right click context menu.


  • More parts are now paintable including the timing belt and the parts delivery boxes.

  • Added a roadmap app and updated the new game introduction tutorial

  • The lift is now controlled through a grab handle in the world. The lift app has been left on the tablet and still functions. We may remove the lift app in the future.

  • Car details app now has a part name type in filter

  • Notifications have been added to the tablet UI.

  • Reduced the frequency of race event “money shift”

  • Added purchase sets to many more parts

  • Minor assembly rule tweaks
Desktop mode:

  • Controls have been overhauled. E is now used for inspection and is no longer a second input for pickup/interact.

  • Hovering the mouse over parts in desktop mode now gives some basic information on the hud.

  • The tablet interface has been converted to a 2d menu system opened and closed with the tab key.

  • Right clicking opens a context menu for easy access to all the major functions for that part. Hotkeys are also available for all actions in the context menu

  • The flashlight has been converted to a headlamp and is cycled on and off with the 3 key. Repeat pressing of the 3 key will change headlight brightness.

    Auto Fasten:
  • A new auto fasten feature has been added to facilitate more casual play. In career mode 2.0 the auto fasten will be balanced to reward players who do not use it.

  • Auto fasten is accessed through the right click context menu, or directly with the R key. Bolts removed using auto fasten enter the players “pocket”. The auto fasten tool can only install bolts that are in the players pocket. Players can manually access the contents of their pockets with the Z key (this is the same functionality as the small part pickup found in the last patch).

    Pocket controls:
    z: Store/Unstore part
    hold z + MWheel: Cycle stored parts
    hold z + MClick: Store target

VR mode:
  • Controls have been tweaked for VR mode. Vive users can no longer switch locomotion modes on the controller and now must do that from an option in the settings app. Oculus users can use either the thumbstick click or settings app to change locomotion modes.

  • Magnet grab has been moved. Oculus users operate magnet grab with the B button and Vive users access magnet grab with the right controller up button.

  • Vive and WMR users: A bug causing double inputs when using the right controller up button has been fixed. This was previously causing locomotion modes to switch. Magnet grab is now bound to that input and the double input but has been resolved so magnet grab will not be triggered when holding a wrench and attempting to change fasten direction.

  • Trigger when not holding anything is now the inspect functionality. Inspection operate the same as earlier version and rely on the inspect app.

  • Added a watch function for viewing tablet notifications in VR. Raise your left hand as is you are looking at a watch and a mini tablet will appear. Pressing the home button on your watch will summon the tablet.
Wrench - missingdigitgames
Wrench - missingdigitgames

Build 62:
This update is focused around the new helper bot. The helper bot expands on the delegate and fix it for me functionality in the previous builds and also adds a few new functions. Unlike before, delegated tasks or automated repairs are not instant, the bot will come out of hibernation and do the work in front of you. Bot speed can be controlled in a new Helper Bot app.

Reworked the car details and inspect apps. The car details page now allows you to mark for delegated repair, mark for inspection, highlight the part on the car, or go straight to the inspection app page for that part.

Enable texture streaming along with new options to reduce video memory usage.

Improved reflection quality on car panels.

Shop ambient light is now slightly brighter

Many part assembly rule tweaks

Added the ability to purchase parts in sets. Example: You can now purchase valve springs in sets of 16 instead of singles.

Desktop mode: Fixed a bug with tool hotkeys that causes odd behavior where tools would face away from the screen and become non functional.

Desktop Mode: Added the ability to pick up multiple small parts and carry them in a virtual pocket. Parts with a radius less than 5cm can be picked up with this feature
z: Store/Unstore part
hold z + MWheel: Cycle stored parts
hold z + MClick: Store target

Added the ability to hold multiple small parts in a clump. Parts with a radius less than 5cm can be picked up with this feature.

Hold the trigger to activate a tractor beam that sucks up small parts. While holding the trigger, use the grip button to drop the ball of parts. If the tractor beam is held long enough, the beam turns red and the small parts will be launched on drop.

Jan 29
Wrench - missingdigitgames

This update is focused on improving the user experience for new players. New games start with UI guidance and players can access assembly tutorials to help them work through parts in the game. We also added work surfaces to the game in the form of resizable shop carts and a workbench. Lastly, players have some new help in the inspect app and can be shown part install locations and part removal dependencies. These are on a 60 second cooldown timer for gameplay balance.

Change list:

  • Added introduction tutorial to guide new players through the UI.

  • Added assembly tutorials for the player to launch through a new tutorials app. The first tutorial has players build a workbench. Future tutorials take place on the workbench.

  • Added resizable shop carts. These can be wheeled around the shop to make organizing and transporting multiple parts more manageable. Shop carts have a field of persistent gravity above them, even when gravity is turned off.

  • Changed the way uninstalled parts are saved and handled. Parts not installed on the car now persist in the shop when switching or unloading cars.

  • Increased range of part scanning tool

  • Tweaked desktop mode object pickups. Held objects now move out of the screen center based on their radius. This prevents large objects from blocking your view.

  • Added engine building tutorials

  • Added fastener and tool tutorial

  • Added two new buttons to the inspect app: "Show Install Locations" and "Show Uninstall Dependencies" These features both have a 60 second cooldown before they can be used again.

  • Fixed indirect light leaks near the edges of the garage

  • VR: Made ratchet to fastener attachment slightly less picky.

  • Desktop: Added support for alternative aspect ratios. Ultrawide aspect ratio players can now see the whole tablet.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented fluids from being delegated tasks.

  • Changed install rules for timing belt and lower timing parts. The previous assembly order was modified to make the demo flow more logical. It now reflect real life (pulley boss blocks timing belt removal/install and slides over crank nose with woodruff key installed).
    Fixed a bug where low engine oil was reporting as low transmission oil

  • Added checks to prevent parts spawner and shop carts from being pushed through the walls.

  • VR: Changed the behavior of tablet pickups. When grabbing the tablet from a distance greater than 12cm the tablet will snap into the hand facing the player.

  • Fixed a bug causing transmission oil to report low.
Wrench - missingdigitgames
Fixed a bug causing certain parts to fail to load under specific circumstances.
Wrench - missingdigitgames
Fixed a bug that made it possible to dispose of the entire chassis when the waste bin was placed in contact with a specific area of the chassis. Throwing away the chassis left that car in an unrecoverable state.
Wrench - missingdigitgames

  • New tool added. A high torque impact wrench with two torque modes 300NM and 150NM. This is a powerful tool and these peak torque numbers are absolute, not to be confused with the ‘nut busting torque’ numbers many tool manufacturers advertise. This tool is mostly intended for removing fasteners quickly but you may be able to use it to successfully install larger fasteners like hub/axle nuts and lug nuts.

  • Added a recycle bin that will dispose of parts or unwanted fluids. Parts thrown away are gone forever, use caution. The oil catch pan can also be emptied by touching it to the recycle bin.

  • Made oil bottles throwable

  • Desktop users can now throw tools with Shift+F

  • VR: Ratchets can now be held at any angle. Grabbing a ratchet handle at a distance less than 8cm will move the ratchet into your hand but keep the relative rotation. Ratchet grabs from further than 8cm will behave as normal.

    Misc bugs:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the funnel and oil catch pan to spawn at odd angles. They can also be rotated in desktop mode.

  • Fixed bug where you can end up outside the room after loading or unloading a car assembly.

  • Fixed naming and documented bushing locations. This will help eliminate the confusion around bushing install locations (there are 4 types of bushings in the car)

  • Fixed naming for the bolt used in the rear upper control arm

  • Tweaked removal rules for rear bushings that were allowing them to be removed when the control arm was installed

  • Fixed repeat text entry in the fluid changed guide

  • Fixed shock bolt removal requiring washer removal

  • Fixed hub removal rules that allowed pulling the hub with the brake parts installed

  • Fixed conflicting torque instructions on rear upper control arm bolts
Dec 25, 2018
Wrench - missingdigitgames
We fixed a bug that was causing the game to save when the user quit without saving.

In the previous build I changed the torque per degree of rotation on the lug nuts. This was in response to community feedback that people wanted them to torque faster. We store the fastener rotation in the save file, not the torque. As a result, if you are loading an older save your lugnuts will be over torqued past the breaking torque and will break as soon as you interact with them. This will only happen a single time for each lugnut. In the future if we decide to change the torque per degree setting on a fastener we will take steps to mitigate this issue.

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