Brrrainz: Feed your Hunger - RodZa
We've been working on a new update and here's the latest ːsteammockingː
1. When zombies are in need of food - the word - FEED, FEED will start to flash
2. When the horde is low in health - The time indicator will appear and show the horde's Health status.

Stay tunned ːsteammockingː
Brrrainz: Feed your Hunger - RodZa
Its that time of year again, and we have set our game on sale to join in with the Summer Sales!
Get yourself some ice cold Brrrainz for the next 12 dayz!

Brrrainz: Feed your Hunger - RodZa
ːsteamhappyː Important message to all our dear Brrrainzers! ːsteamhappyː

After going through all the reviews and comments from our esteemed players, we at Team Brrrainz have taken your feedback into account and are hard at work! As a result, we are excited to announce some major updates!

1. The UI system has been revamped, now all messages will be displayed on the right side, allowing for faster decision making

2. A new general health bar has been added in the UI
3. Adrenaline mode has been integrated into the game. When Adrenaline Mode is active, it will last for a limited time during which zombies will gain the following:
3.1.The ability to regenerate their health
3.2. Accelerated attacks, dealing more damage to the enemy.
Note: Adrenaline can be activated prior to battles, adding extra points to health, even when at 100%. Adrenaline can be upgraded in the upgrade screen

4. Tutorial level has been redone
4.1. The length of the level has been shortened
4.2. Hint boxes have undergone a makeover; they no longer disappear on their own allowing the players more time to read them.
4.3.Some of the visual effects have been improved such as making itobvious when a zombie has been killed with one blow.
5. Improved Upgrade Screen
6. Added more collectables that will be used throughout the game

That's it for tonight, Dear Brrrainzers. I see you next time!
Brrrainz: Feed your Hunger - RodZa
Dear Players!

We’re excited to finally announce that Brrrainz: Feed your Hunger has received official Chinese and Japanese localizations! Yapee :))

It was one of the most requested features of our game and at the same time we saw that many players play and enjoy Brrrainz on PAX 2019, despite lack of support for their language.

Starting from now you can experience Brrrainz in your native languages.

Stay tuned for more news!

Team Brrrainz

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