Jun 28, 2019
Eugenics - Eugenio Folamore

🆕 Eugenics full version is now available : 45 new stories from our UT-OP-I4N universe ! The monsters pack is coming too 👹🦖😱 Discover 15 new genes and new missions, made with the help of the community !
Eugenics - Eugenio Folamore

Thanks to your contributions, we will add 15 genes to our game ! Discover soon... the Monsters pack! 🧟‍♀️😱
May 1, 2019
Eugenics - Eugenio Folamore

Welcome to the satirical and dystopic world of Eugenics! Our "society builder" is a modular game, which will allow us to involve the players!

In a game like Eugenics, we want the community to become one of the actors of creation! The game's dystopic and cute universe, as well as its gameplay, are conducive to a wealth of content. We therefore want players to propose ideas for new genes and new missions, which we will integrate if we consider them relevant or entertaining!

For the moment, the game includes a tutorial of 5 missions as well as tons of missions to be completed ! The main game mode will be regularly enriched by new achievements, missions and genes proposed by the community.

Submit your ideas now, via the form HERE.

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