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American Fugitive - boadle
We're delighted to bring you 'State of Emergency' - a military-themed DLC package for American Fugitive! To play the challenges, look for Sarge's three stripe chevron icon on the map. There are 10 challenges spread throughout the three areas, so if you haven't reached Port Providence or Ridge Plains yet, you'll need to progress through the story in order to access all the State of Emergency challenges (in the same way you would the Time Trials).

Hope you guys enjoy playing it as much as we did creating it!

Here are the full patch notes:

  • Added 2 new weapons, the bazooka and the minigun.
  • Added 2 new vehicles, the Westmoreland Tank and the Army 4x4.
  • Added 10 new challenges, accessed in the same way as Time Trials
  • Added a 6 star wanted level.
  • Added 3 new achievements.
  • Replaced the toy factory with a military base.
  • Added soldier NPCs.
  • Added soldier uniform.
  • AI will now burst fire when using automatic weapons.
  • Police NPCs will now flee from burning cars.
  • Stopped NPCs shooting cars that are too close to them.
  • Added animal ragdolling when shot or hit by vehicles.
  • Added extra waypoint minimap marker during time trials.
  • Improved bullet impact sounds for vehicles, buildings and people.
  • Decreased global music volume and increase global vehicle volume.
  • Moved ‘Game’ to top of Options menu
  • Fixed issue where weapon fire rate would temporarily increase when turning quickly.
  • Fixed issue where NPCs would continue attacking the player after death.
  • Fixed issue where the camera wouldn’t orientate itself properly at the beginning of time trials while playing in Follow Camera mode.
  • Fixed issue where NPC speech bubble would persist after the vehicle they were in had been destroyed.
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Return to Vehicle’ countdown would display in time trials, even if the player was dead.
  • Fixed issue where player would surrender while standing still and aiming.
  • Fixed issue where the police car icon wouldn’t disappear from the minimap if stolen from a police roadblock.
  • Fixed issue where the player could make phone calls during challenges and races.
  • Fixed issue where the ‘back’ UI button would overlap with the weapon panel.
  • Fixed issues with UI icons when playing on 21:9 monitors.
  • Fixed issues with newspaper text while playing in Japanese.
American Fugitive - Jaybop
Rising crime levels in Redrock County has forced the army into action. The former plastic toys factory has been commandeered as a makeshift operating base and military vehicles and weapons have been deployed in an attempt to control the criminal element wreaking havoc in town. This is War.

American Fugitive: State of Emergency cranks up the chaos, featuring; destructive chaotic weaponry, devastating military vehicles, a brand new star rating, 10 new challenges AND 3 new achievements/trophies - testing your mettle with new NPC ‘Sarge’.

Hit the road in a military-grade Westmoreland Tank and go off-roading in an army 4x4 jeep, or take your new arsenal on foot blasting your enemies with a bazooka and wielding the destructive power of the mini-gun. The free update also includes 3 new achievements/trophies to unlock, as well as 3 new additions to the runaway soundtrack!

Check out the full trailer now:

American Fugitive - boadle

  • Hotfix for police AI occasionally having no collision boxes.
American Fugitive - boadle
Quality of Life
  • Minimap added, with route planner aid
  • Option to turn off minimap in Game Options
  • Turn off custom waypoint marker when close to it
  • Civilians are more tolerant of certain minor crimes, so won't always report them
  • Police take longer to arrive at crime scenes, as previously were unrealistically quick
  • AI try to move away from burning vehicles
  • Civilian AI better at checking for oncoming traffic before crossing roads
  • Fix for one chunk in Ridge Plains not loading in some circumstances
  • Performance optimisations
American Fugitive - boadle
  • ATMs can now be broken into after being towed.
  • Fixed issue where taking cash would occasionally fail to give you the money.
  • Fixed issue where Mission NPCs occasionally wouldn't unlock correctly.
  • Player is now awarded a small amount of cash for compacting vehicles.

Quality of Life
  • Added Stunt Jump icons to map, with colours denoting complete / incomplete.
  • Added icons to Journal note entries denoting stash discovered / undiscovered, as well as the ability to add a map waypoint at original note location.
  • Time Trial map icons are now colour coded to denote tier achieved.
  • Added Info Panel to map screen, displaying personal best Time Trial times and Stunt Jump distances.
  • Added off-screen markers animation to make them more noticeable.

  • Fixed issue with Prison Infirmary 'beep' SFX not terminating.
  • Fixed issue where graveyard corpses would scream.

  • Fixed full-screen images not filling the screen correctly in 16:10.
  • Removed some trees around forest cabin area to improve performance.
  • Fixed 'Arrests' stat not being incremented.
  • Fixed issue with Uppercase 'i' not rendering when Turkish is default
    Windows language.

American Fugitive - joemoulding
  • Hotfix for player getting stuck when falling into water
American Fugitive - joemoulding
  • Fixed AI getting stuck behind cliffs
  • Can order multiple guns without the previous one(s) being despawned. Will now spawn them into a loot bag
American Fugitive - boadle
  • Added support for further 21:9 resolutions and 4:3 resolutions
  • Added -noSplash command line option to allow skipping of intro videos
  • Fixed various issues that were preventing completion of 'The Great Train Robbery' mission

American Fugitive - boadle
Warning: Patch Notes contain minor Story Spoilers

  • Added support for 16:10 and 21:9 monitors.
  • Fixed sporadic issue causing the player to freeze when exiting Rusty's truck.
  • 'Endtimes Outdoor Supplies' and 'Haglers General Store' now stock lockpicks.
  • Fixed issue where player's car could explode whilst boarding the escape train from Twin Lakes, leaving the player in mission limbo.


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