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Himno - The Silent Melody is the standalone roguelike combat expansion of the peaceful game Himno. Enter a strange and unexplored world full of strange machines, beautiful procedurally generated maps, and surprises. Craft powerful gear, find other explorers and save this old world.

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Zombotron - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Sin Vega)

Oh, the many things I cannot tell you, readers! They are many, and they are things. One thing I can tell you is that argh, howl, yes, I am indeed working on the enormous pile of hundreds upon hundreds of indie games that are surely aiming to destroy me. The second thing is that it’s time once more for the world famous round-up of the best indie games on Steam that, round here, we call Unknown Pleasures.

Maintaining a stoic silence this week: spikey frights, fighty tykes, and flighty sprites.


Himno - David Moralejo Sánchez
Little Dungeon Stories is a pixel art roguelike card-based game inspired by adventure, combat and RPG games such as Zelda, Enter the Gungeon & Reigns.

A recent rumor says that a certain crypt keeps an unfathomable treasure. While a handful of intrepid adventurers have already ventured into the cave, none have returned and now their souls travel within this deep dungeon. Without being intimidated by danger, you enter the crypt...

A quick note from developer
As you read in the title this is a project that I'm doing from time to time to change a little of what I usually program/work. I love creating all kinds of games and if I focus only on 1 tittle I end up burning myself. My passion is to create video games, turn my ideas into worlds and share them with all of you.

I hope you give it lots of love as much as I do with every game I create!


Edit: By the way, you can give any ideas for the game like: new cards, items, enemies, zones... The game is almost completed but I can always add more content and if it is from the community much better.

Thank you all for the support and have a happy week ːsteamhappyː
Ask me any questions here in Twitter.

- David
Himno - David Moralejo Sánchez

Hello everyone! It seems that you are really enjoying this Himno. First of all, I would like to thank all of you for playing and for supporting this game!

What does this update bring? You have given me a lot of ideas to implement; here are some:
  • NEW Wisp Garden, when you fall to the water, you will appear on the Wisp Garden, here you will see all the Wisp you released during the run. If you interact with one, for the next run you will start with it.
  • Now each Wisp has its passive that will affect the mobility of the player, it will guide you towards the exit or it will release you coins. (8 in total)
  • Save System (It will only save: player level & current district)
  • Some bug fixes.

Thanks Brachragon & MakoSipper for the Wisp Garden and the Wisp passives ideas.

TIP: For people asking for a key-binding system, you can change the keys in the Pop-up window when you launch Himno. Click on "Input," double-click the key you want to change and press any key you wish to.

Himno 2 Prototype

There is a discussion that continues in this post. Make a sequel WITH or WITHOUT combat and how. If you have any ideas, you can post it there and we will discuss them.

At the moment, this is a prototype of "Himno 2" with combat, it's NOT definitive, much less.


  • Top left: Health points, each point is a bullet. Coins and keys.
  • Top right: Current bow equiped, depending on the bow, health increase or decrease ( so more bullets & HP). Current arrows equiped (fire, stone, ice...) and current potion equiped (2 uses).
  • Bottom left: XP and Level.

Taking resources & Inventory

Breaking rocks, picking herbs and opening chests would be with the sword. You have 10 slots in your inventory. With materials you can craft limited items. If you want more complex items or weapons, you would need ccrafting tables or NPCs.

Combat vs some Slimes

As you can see, if you hit with the sword, you will heal. This encourages risk in certain situations to heal for free. Shoot with the bow, it will take 1 HP from you each arrow.

Edit: Sword is a secondary/support weapon. The main weapons are the bows.

I am showing this but it doesn't mean that I'm going to make a Himno 2 with combat. I show it so you can see what the combat would be like.

Have a nice day and thanks for supporting me! ːsteamhappyː
You can ask me any questions here in twitter.
Himno - David Moralejo Sánchez

Hey everyone! David here,

As you may have seen, the release date has changed to April 2019, this is because Himno will be delayed until the 26th of this same month. This is because I'm going to implement a few more languages and fix some bugs.

I just updated the game by adding 1 "end" in district 11. It's not an actual end for the game, you can continue running and jumping but something will happen in that District :)
The 4 languages are: Simplified Chinese, Polish, Brazilian-Portuguese and russian.

You can ask me any questions here.

Have a nice day and thanks for supporting me!

Himno - David Moralejo Sánchez

Hey everyone! If you didn't know it, I am working on another bigger project.

Keep your stores afloat against unique threats like royal laws, wars and crazy fantasy events. Discover new items, craft, sell them, and create your Merchant Empire in the kingdom! All in a hybrid 2D-3D style.

Tomorrow there will be a new update with a lot of content. Check it out!

Medieval Shopkeeper Sim on Steam

Have a nice day and as always, thanks for the support.

Himno - David Moralejo Sánchez
Himno will be launched in 5 languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. There is not much to translate but someone will appreciate it <3

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