May 25
Swag and Sorcery - Shinyonok
  • UI fixes for 16:10 resolutions (1680х1050, 1920х1200 and etc).
  • Characters renaming. Click on the character name in equipment window to change his/her name.
  • Click with RMB on unit icon on village screen to open equipment panel.
  • Achievement "Group work" fix.
May 20
Swag and Sorcery - Shinyonok
  • Changed the evaluation system of contestants at competitions.
  • Fixed some bugs in localizations.
May 19
Swag and Sorcery - Shinyonok
  • Added over 70 unique recipes to an endless adventure (the higher the level of adventure, the higher the chance to get a recipe).
  • Reduced crafting time.
  • Adventures freeze caused by Moriko fixed.
  • Materials in craft queue losing on craft station upgrade fixed.
  • Fixes in the Korean localization.

May 14
Swag and Sorcery - Shinyonok
  • Korean language added.
May 13
Swag and Sorcery - Shinyonok
  • Fashion House recipes sorting reworked.
  • Oligarch achievement fix.
  • “Punishment I” spell now works properly.
  • Fashion contests result score counting fixed.
  • Buttons "Heal group" and "Relax group" added in Adventure results panel.
  • Japanese language added.
  • "Advanced crafting" hint pop up fixed.
  • Level cropping in training ground window fixed.
May 11
Swag and Sorcery - Shinyonok
  • Adventures freeze fixed
May 11
Swag and Sorcery - Shinyonok
  • Interval between DoT ticks after defeating monster reduced
  • Adventure freezing with Moriko in group fixed
  • Changed the system of generating adventures.
  • “Side effect” quest potions are counted correctly now.
May 11
Swag and Sorcery - Shinyonok
  • Fixed missing Chinese glyphs in the game font
May 11
Swag and Sorcery - Shinyonok
  • Added 32bit (x86) Windows support.
  • Added Chinese language support.
  • Fixed bugs in the French localization.
  • Fixed a bug with the inability to move the mouse cursor in the game.
  • Fixed a bug when the game is sometimes not saved.
  • Pauses between narrator phrases are shortened.
  • Tier 3 heal potions not showing up in craft window fixed.
  • In the quests for the delivery of equipment any equipment is suitable, and not only of the lowest quality.
  • Healing Leaves and Sweet Grass drop rate increased.
  • Tier 2 and tier 3 materials and resources drop rate increased.
  • Reduced requirements for some quests.
  • More recipes unlocking on craft stations upgrading.
  • Tier 2 stats on equipment rebalanced.
  • Reduced armor and weapon equipment requirements.
  • Increased rewards for quests.
  • Tier 2 monsters damage reduced.
  • Power of Fire I damage increased, Shieldbreaker I and Defenselessness I cost less now.
  • Increased chance of a positive outcome in events.
  • Monsters now drop more gold.
May 10
Swag and Sorcery - Shinyonok
  • A few bugs in Spanish and French localization were fixed.
  • Upon completion of the storyline, an endless adventure is now available.
  • Fixed a bug related to the fact that killing bosses sometimes was not counted in quests.
  • Fixed a bug with the inability to load the save and disappear save in the menu.
  • Slightly increase the speed of the animation in the adventures.
  • Fixed incorrect descriptions of goals in the requirements of quests and events.
  • Changes and improvements in balance.
  • Some other improvements and fixes.

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