SpaceChem - (Brendan Caldwell)

There it is, the trans-planetary pipeline. One long tube of metal scarring a rural alien planet. It brings coal and water to my power stations, and electricity to my factories. It has taken a day of planning, construction and pumping. Now, the pipeline stands before me, a snaking behemoth of energy consumption. Suddenly, a thought comes. Why didn’t I just build coal stations next to the vein? I could have stretched a cheap wire across the planet, instead of a kilometre-long death pipe.

This is Satisfactory, a cracking first-person factory-builder that’s been in early access on Epic for a while. It’s coming to Steam today, so RPS management dispatched me to inspect the game’s machinery and ruin the extraterrestrial idyll with smog and incompetence. They sent the right person.


SpaceChem - krispykrem
Today's update is all bug fixes, brought over from the game's unofficial "community edition":
  • Fixed a Windows-only display bug when using a high-DPI monitor.
  • Fixed an exploit where you could disconnect a pipe from its reactor.
  • Fixed a crash when loading invalid ResearchNet puzzles with negative counts.
  • Fixed a crash when displaying text with an ellipsis but not enough space to fit it.
  • Fixed a bug in undo/redo with cloned reactors.
  • Fixed a crash when pressing Ctrl-Z while dragging a pipe.
  • Fixed a bug where input distributions were reset when opening windows in ResearchNet.
SpaceChem - (Craig Pearson)

It is so likeZach to release a Zachlike (just a Zach to his friends) about creating drugs in a small Romanian apartment. Molek-Syntez is now squatting on early access, trying to hook you in with the good stuff as you program your molecular synthesiser. Your goal is to turn chemicals into medicines and other substances with “various pharmacological effects”.


SpaceChem - (Dominic Tarason)

Zach-like, the book about Zachlikes by Zach Barth, creator of the genre, is now free albeit notably less papery now. Zachtronics’s previously Kickstarter-exclusive book was a collection of design documents from the creator of Spacechem, Opus Magnum, Infinifactory and many more, showing just how he engineers his puzzles. Now anyone can read a digital version for free, and it comes bundled with a pile of his early browser games, unreleased prototypes, and even a card game if you’ve got printer ink to burn. Grab it free on Steam. I feel smarter just having it on my PC.


SpaceChem - krispykrem
Today's update includes the following:
  • Fixed a crash when starting a pipeline with too many reactors.
  • Removed impossible scores from the histograms for the "Swapite" journal puzzle.
  • Bumped the version number from 1013 to 1014.
When things settle down with these changes I'll upload a build to non-Steam stores as well.
SpaceChem - krispykrem
Today's update includes the following changes:
  • Fixed a bug in production inputs with variations of the same molecule.
  • Fixed a bug with reactors being slightly too roomy at the right and bottom.
  • Fixed a bug with the Reset option and "ancient" reactors.
  • Fixed a bug that would spawn an empty level completion screen.
SpaceChem - krispykrem
Can you believe it's been over eight years since SpaceChem first launched? Today we're releasing a community-driven update featuring a host of bug fixes, improvements, and new journal puzzles. Special thanks to 12345ieee and Csaboka, who did most of the actual work for this update.
  • Added a bunch of new user-created puzzles to ResearchNet.
  • Added a right-click menu to the inside of reactors with options to swap colors, mirror the program, and reset the contents of the reactor.
  • Added an option to the options menu to show bonder priority in reactors.
  • Improved the performance of the fastest playback speed in non-defense puzzles so that it now runs as fast as your computer can handle.
  • Enabled all of the "Greek symbol elements" in ResearchNet puzzles.
  • Added the ability to add bonds to the "unknown element" symbol in molecule annotations.
  • Changed reactors to be processed in topological order so that there is no longer a need to consider "reactor priority" when optimizing your solutions.
  • Changed the video recording logic to prevent videos from being too short or too long.
  • Fixed a bug where random inputs varied depending on your operating system. The new behavior should be identical to the old behavior for Windows users. Impossible scores will be removed from leaderboards in the coming days.
  • Fixed some obscure bugs that have somehow persisted over the years, including missed collisions, asymmetrical collisions, "molecule smashing," and "telekinesis."
  • Fixed a bug where you could delete symbols while a solution was running.
  • Fixed a bug where leaderboards would sometimes be empty for players with computers set to non-English locales.
  • Fixed a bug where wrong outputs were sometimes accepted.
  • Fixed a bug where you could lose after winning a defense puzzle.
  • Fixed a broken YouTube link for the optional tutorial video.
  • Removed all YouTube upload functionality from the game.
SpaceChem - (Dominic Tarason)

I reckon most of the RPS Treehouse gang love us some Zachlikes, since well before Alice Prime coined the term in 2016 in reference to Shenzhen I/O. Puzzlemeister Zach Barth likes the term too, as he’s borrowed it for the title of his book. Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter (500% funded in one day), Zach-Like shows the workings and the processes behind his practical puzzlers. There’s design docs for his major games, sketches and documents for some that never got made and some early design exercises. There’s even some pen-and-paper brainteasers in there, because we’re gluttons for punishment.


SpaceChem - krispykrem
Today's update fixes a crash on Mac when importing custom puzzles. No other platforms should be affected.
SpaceChem - krispykrem
After a few years of SpaceChem not being officially supported on Mac, we've finally gotten around to getting it working again! It ought to work out of the box for everyone now, and not require Mono to be installed separately or anything like that.

If you experience anything weird please send me an email (

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