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Hey Survivors!

If you have been waiting for the Operation Starving Update, then this is your lucky day. We have finally released the Update on the Untested Beta branch.

To try it out, all you have to do is to select "development" from the Betas list and Update. That's it.

But please note that this is an Untested Beta meaning that it hasn't been tested by our Official Testers. So bugs might appear.

Thanks for playing. Have a nice day and a nice loot :)
Afterlifes - Nocktion

If you're curious on what's coming to Afterlifes in the 2.0 Update, then you're at the best place. Now I'm going to give even more details about the update and I'll show you some screenshots as well. So let's get to it.

The first and most important change is the addition of POIs (Points of Interest). And what are these? Well...

Mysterious boxes, Lumber yard, Lookout tower, Hunting lodge,

Other houses like this one:

Matacina Camps

And even a Castle, if you're a fan of the Medieval Era.

The next big change is the Farming system, but not in a conventional way. As you won't be able to plant on the ground itself, since Ducmacs (You'll meet them pretty soon) would steal your crops. So you'll have to craft Planting Boxes. All you have to do is to craft it, place it

Place an Axe on it carefully... Uh, no you shouldn't do this. Just put a seed into the box and check on it regularly as you will have to fertilize the soil and water the plants.

You can plant Potato, Wheat, Corn, Carrot, Tomato, Coffee and even Cotton. But a Farming system wouldn't be useful without the ability to Cook. So now you can use the Campfire

to cook your food. Unfortunately, there's less loot than before so... You should farm.

Ohh, and for the water. From now on you'll be able to craft and build Water Wells to fill your empty bottles. Though this water is dirty and the Well gets empty after a while, but you can build a new one and also you can clear your water in a Campfire.

In order to make Metal ingots, you will need a Campfire as well, to melt the metal or to make clay bricks.

Another new "Machine" is the Grinding Stone. This can be used to make Cement, Flour, Cornmeal, Sand and several more things.

Some little changes happened as well, like Tooltips, Container naming, Improved item movements in the inventory and so on.

And last, but certainly not least, we also improved the graphics a bit. So as closing, some screenshots about the 3 biomes.

Thanks for playing! Have a nice loot and nice day :)
Aug 5
Afterlifes - Statey
Hey Survivors,
Unfortunately, finishing the Alpha 2.0.0 update is taking a little bit longer than expected, but don't worry, it will be released till the middle of August and it will bring a lot of new things to the game, including over 20 buildings to loot, Matacina Camps and other new points of interest. We created mechanics for farming plants, water wells, cooking and a lot of new blocks and furniture you can craft. So keep on playing :)
Thanks for playing and have a nice loot :)
Afterlifes - Nocktion
Hey Survivors!

Today I'm going to tell you about the Alpha v2.0.0 update that will be released soon.

So several bugs has been reported that we are going to fix in the next update. Disappearing items has been reported more frequently, we are investigating the cause of this issue and in the update this bug will be fixed. Also some of you mentioned that the map is too empty. Now this is something that we are trying to find solutions for. Not having rivers or lakes in Stall Valley has a background story importance.

However we created water wells in the update that you can craft and place in order to create a constant supply of water. This update also contains a system for farming. Using Planting Boxes you can grow several crops. It's important that these Planting Boxes require watering and adding fertilizer that can be created using the new Composter.

You can use the Grinding Stone to craft coffee grounds, flour or cornmeal that can be used for different foods and of course Coffee. Cooking is also a new feature in this update. You can use the Campfire to cook different foods.

We're also replacing some of the ingame models in order to improve graphics.

There has been a feature of the game that has been removed for internal reasons, but these features will be added again. These are the Matacina Camps. Several of these camps will be placed on the map. In the middle of the Matacina Camps you can find a Soulfire. These are campfires with green flames and it is protected by 10-20 Warrior Matacinas and a Leader Matacina. The Soulfire contains precious loot as well.

Another thing added will be the Ruins. Ruins a destroyed, collapsed buildings containing some more loot.

About the future:
There is a story element that is under construction. I mean it's really under construction as it is the city of Stahlberg. Stall Valley is a huge territory around this city. Stahlberg is going to be added in another update, as it is pretty big and it takes us a lot of time to create all the buildings inside of it.

There are a lot of other features waiting in the queue to be added. Features like wildlife, ores, machinery and of course the End Game.

There will be several minor changes and fixes in Alpha v2.0.0 not listed yet. We're actively working on the update and it will be released soon.

Thanks for playing and have nice loot! :)
Afterlifes - Nocktion
Hey Survivors!

We just uploaded the Alpha v1.5.0 update containing several minor changes and fixes.

Thanks for playing and have a nice loot. :)
Afterlifes - Nocktion
Hey Survivors!

We just released the v1.4.0 update where we...

- Added tool durability bar
- Fixed Minor issues

Thanks for playing and have a nice loot! :)
Afterlifes - Nocktion
Hey Survivors!

Here's another Minor Update, adding graphical improvements, wind, air particles and some little bug fixes.

We're already working on the Alpha v2.0.0 Major Update. That update will add several new features to the game like planting boxes, matacina camps, seeds, cooking and other brand new features.

Thanks for playing and have a nice loot! :)
Afterlifes - Nocktion
Hey Survivors!

In order to increase the flexibility of Afterlifes, we decided to create this little update.

In this update we added an "Advanced Settings" pane to the "New Game" panel. On this pane you can modify things like Matacina Health, Player Health, Block Damage, Loot Amount etc...

We also modified the Video Settings panel a little bit, but this isn't a big change.

And lastly we removed the Matacina Spawn Rate and the Max Matacina Count sliders from the ingame Settings panel and moved it to the Advanced Settings pane.

Thanks for playing and have a nice loot! :)
Afterlifes - Nocktion
Hey Survivors!

We noticed that the survival mechanisms and the game itself isn't as challenging as expected. Also we noticed some minor bugs in the game.

For these reasons we made a Minor Update to fix these issues. And what has been changed? Well...

- Improved Matacina spawning system
- Fine tuned Matacina AI
- Added Matacina Spawn Rate and Max Matacina Count sliders to ingame settings panel
- Fixed Campfire light
- FIxed Stats bug
- Fixed Door mechanism problems
- Added Mini Compass to HUD
- Few minor fixes
- And from now on you can move while your Map is open

Thanks for playing and have a nice loot! :)
Afterlifes - Nocktion
Hey Survivors,

Here comes the long waited date. At 10AM on the 3th of July PT, Afterlifes will be Officially released.

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