PROZE: Enlightenment - SignSine
Hi everyone,

We’re dedicated to polish everything in PROZE: Enlightenment. This week’s update comes with a lot of improvements in almost every part of the game. Hope you’ll enjoy it and don’t forget to share your thoughts!

Here’s what’s new:

- Narrator voiceover - now performed by Stephane Cornicard.
- Improved Dmitry voiceover
- Minor audio enhancements
- Fixed inventory items bugs
- Fixed item highlights
- Fixed objects sticking to hands
- Added more hints
- Lightning improvements
- Performance optimization
- Fixed multiple colliders
- Lowered difficulty level in the last puzzle
- New menu option 'Show game tips’
- Improved shadows in the Cave
- Fixed multiple gameplay issues
- Items now become invisible while in the menu
- Improved 3D models
- Improved NPC animation
- Save progress icon

Hope you’ll enjoy it and don’t forget to share your thoughts!
PROZE: Enlightenment - SignSine
Thanks to all our wonderful fans for the feedback since launch.
We are constantly collecting all your reports and recommendations
Tonight we uploaded the new patch with following improvements:

-Menu settings added:
-Restart game
-Exit game
-Audio volume
Overall quality
Effects Quality
Textures Quality
Shadows Quality
-Performance optimization
-The reactor cooling system launch now runs smoothly (for sure)
-Fixed backpack crush bug occurring in certain cases
-Audio enhancements
-Female NPC animation fixed
-Dmitry's idle animations fixed
-Phone grabbing fixed
-Added hints after completing the 2nd logic board
-Added hint for using Resonance
-Fixed achievements with progress
-Computer text aligning in German fixed
-Colliders added
-Various bugfixes

Please let us know in the forum or discord if you find any issues during your journey.
Many Thanks!
SignSine Team.
PROZE: Enlightenment - SignSine
Hi everyone,

Hope you are enjoying PROZE: Enlightenment! We’re listening to your feedback and are hard at work to deliver fixes – the first patch is already live. Here’s what’s new:

Performance optimization;
Fixed subtitles;
New hints;
More intuitive radio tuning;
The reactor cooling system launch now runs smoothly;
Fixed Resonance shot;
Various bugfixes.

More updates are coming soon!
PROZE: Enlightenment - SignSine
After 3 long years of development and a few delays PROZE: Enlightenment is finally out! What started as a small two-person project is now a full Unreal Engine 4 powered VR game with development team of 4 people. We had a great (and often hard) time developing the game, hope you’ll like it.
PROZE: Enlightenment - SignSine
The first episode of PROZE - Enlightenment will be available next week on the 25th of April.
PROZE: Enlightenment - proze
PROZE: Enlightenment is out in just a week, on April 25! We’re excited to share the game’s launch trailer:
PROZE: Enlightenment - proze

SignSine is a tiny indie studio tackling an ambitious Unreal Engine powered VR project. So we're constantly trying to beat the odds and deliver a quality game with our small resources. And now we’ve suffered another setback (the final one) – we’re missing the promised April 11 release date. The bright side – only just a little. We need two more weeks to finish PROZE: Enlightenment and you’ll be able to play the game on April 25.

Thanks for your understanding! Now back to work.
Mar 20
PROZE: Enlightenment - SignSine
Anatoly was the protagonist in PROZE: Prologue. Here's how he looks in PROZE: Enlightenment!
Mar 16
PROZE: Enlightenment - SignSine

Here's how the DUGA radar complex looks in the game. It's design is based on similar real-life Soviet structures, especially on the eponymous radar in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

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