Feb 8
Burndown - SINILIAN

Hello friends!

We have new update where out dev-team fixed some bugs:

  • Fixed weapons boxes;
  • Fixed sounds effects;
  • Fixed re-spawn in Death Racing;
  • Fixed battle search.

We will be grateful if you give small feedback.
Burndown - SINILIANcom

Hello everyone!

We have started early access for our game some hours ago and we want to tell you about the first update. In this update, we corrected the most current bugs and mistakes.

  • Added chat in main menu;
  • Fixed in-game bug report system (F1 on keyboard);
  • Fixed matchmaker;
  • Fixed Death Racing game mode;
  • Fixed minor bugs and flaws.


1. In the current version, we have only English localization. But, in the future, we want to release some languages packs for the BURNDOWN.
2. Game can't support gamepad now. But we have some plans about this. In the future..
3. On the first time, we will release AI to makes support online. It's a temporary measure for battles which don't have necessary online.
4. Matchmaker need 5 or more players for start a battle.
5. If you need support or you want to ask some questions, please, contact us on Discord https://discord.gg/Dg7ubWK

Thanks for attention!
Burndown - SINILIANcom

Hello everyone!

We have good news for you! Early Access will start today!

Yes, after one year of planning, developing and testing we want to tell you about Early Access. It's a very important moment for our team and our game. We hope, the game will like for you!

THE BURNDOWN is а post-apocalyptic shooter on cars in the world where people forget what humanity is. The only way they love to entertain themselves is smashing cars on the car battle arena. Only the bravest or sick have the courage to participate in that kind of show. Who are you? If you are a great driver and better sniper, choose your death machine and crush everyone you meet on the way. There must be only one who can stay alive!

EARLY ACCESS gameplay:

Pick the car you like best. Go onto the starting grid and wait for other players to join the game. Choose the spot your car will be catapulted to. When the match begins, start looking for weapons! There are 9 types you can find on the location – from simple to legendary ones. Do not forget to provide yourself with ammo. You will come across various traps on your way, so watch out. Moreover, some location zones can have electromagnetic waves which appear from time to time and can damage your vehicle badly. Find a special toolbox and fix your car if needed. Destroy all your rivals and stay alive till the match ends.

See you in the battle area!
Burndown - SINILIANcom

Hello everyone!
We changed the name of our game. We were Car Battle Royale, but this name did not display all game's situation. For example, our project has Battle Royale and Death Racing modes now. Soon we want to release one more game mode. And you understand, we must have a neutral name.

After sometimes of reflections, we changed our project name for the BURNDOWN.

VK: https://vk.com/burndown.game
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/burndown.game/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BURNDOWNgame
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/920710/Burndown/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/CarBattleRoyale

Attention! Steam page's name will change after that the Steam support team will verify our application.
Burndown - SINILIANcom

We have more 50 applications for closed beta! Thanks, everyone! We send some keys for the beta server. Check your email, please!

If you want to be a member of the closed beta, please send a request: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf5BcDAxCvp5zGwfbjc38arlyRHEj4UdECrEMn6RXi6G3dFdQ/viewform
Burndown - SINILIANcom

Hello, friends!

We want to tell you about a new heading in our Facebook-community. The first post of the cycle of articles will be released this week. This cycle is about combat vehicles, weapons, and maps that fill our Car Battle Royale game world.

We will show you one of the battle cars, equipment, weapons or very detailed game maps in each article.

Posts will be published in VK and Facebook's articles and special Steam category.
Burndown - SINILIANcom
Hello everyone!

We are present to your attention new games screenshots which we make on closed playtest. Now, we work with the game's mechanics and vehicles.

Burndown - SINILIANcom

Hello everyone!
Welcome to 2019! How did you celebrate the New Year? We hope it's was cool! Our team celebrated it cool too. And we want to share with you part of our moods. How? We prepared a calendar for January and we have good news about the test!

Car Battle Royale will access at closed Omega test in the second half of the month. We will wait for you!

BigBro Games
Dec 31, 2018
Burndown - SINILIANcom

Hello everyone!

Congratulations with the New Year, 2019! Thanks, everyone who helps us throughout all year. It’s really important for us. We are grateful for your active, posts, ideas and propositions. We are grateful for your testing and your bug reports!

The 2018 – it’s important for our game year. The year when we doubted a lot, made mistakes, made difficult decisions, but still moved towards success! And very well that this way we have gone with you!

We hope, next year will have many great achievements, we will make many updates and will create a cool community! See you next year!

Your BigBro Games!
Burndown - SINILIANcom

We have a status update regarding early access. Unfortunately, we can't open early access at the moment, as we took tough decision to move early access date to late January.

We do understand you. But we rather don't have any other option, we feel that we need to finish the current version. This is quality vs time matter, so we opted for some quality. We would like to finish testing of Battle Royale game mode and then move to test The Death Racing mode. After that, we will tune vehicle movement, physics and add some variety of localization.

But, hey, we will back after New Year's celebration! And moreover, if you speak Russian, you may send an application for closed omega-test: link.

BigBro Games

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