CardLife: Creative Survival - Reel Big Kris
Hello Everyone,

We have just released an update which addresses an issue that players have experienced with the Enchantment table. Players reported that certain Age 2 and 3 weapons could not be enchanted despite having all necessary crafting materials. What had happened is one of the UI icons was not working correctly until the player had enchanted an Age 1 item first in that play session.

This issue should now be fixed! We thank you all for your patience and reporting this issue to us.

All the best,
CardLife: Creative Survival - Reel Big Kris

Hello CardLifers!

Today we’re launching a hefty update which will provide new features, optimisation improvements and new items!

As revealed several weeks ago, we teased a new raiding feature which will be available only on PVP servers. Player buildings and chests are no longer truly safe as the PVP servers will see more competitive play in a fight to secure resources. We anticipate some really interesting new methods of play

PVE Servers
If you are not interested in engaging in epic fights with other players and seeing your house being destroyed by a group of cardboard scoundrels, then you’re going to want to play on a PVE Server! There have been some truly awesome builds in CardLife making use of the hand drawn crafting system. We can’t wait to see what you all create together!

Voxel Water
Water is no longer a layered filter, it is a collectable resource which can be placed anywhere in the world! You can create entire temples out of water or create a moat for your fancy castle! However, due to increased buoyancy of your cardboard character, they will no longer be able to explore the depths of the ocean.

Bringing People Closer
We noticed that the exclusion zones for building were causing a lot of players some issues when building nearby other players. So we reduced the exclusion zone from 15 meters to 5 meters. This will be active on PVE and PVP servers, however if playing on PVP and you need more space, you can simply destroy another players building to expand your own!

Improved Third Person camera
Some very naughty players were using the third person camera to peek through the environment in search of resources. The new improved camera will no longer allow this sort of exploitive behaviour! But one of the greatest additions to this camera has been a feature that players have been asking for since launch!

Yes! You’ll be able to spin the camera around so that you can see the character from the front. You have all made some incredible custom created characters and we’re looking forward to seeing your selfies with this new camera mode. (which is activated by hitting F8)

Creature Rebalance and Monster Spawn Point changes
As we have been preparing for the game to be played from beginning to end, we needed to adjust the balancing of all creatures to create a good progressive game flow. Players will begin in the bottom left corner of the island and will be greeted with low tier enemies. But as they venture further into the island, collect more materials and ultimately defeat elite enemies to obtains souls, they will be able to face much stronger enemies.

New items
A selection of higher tiered weapons and clothing will be added in todays update! A brand new set of bows, crossbows, armor, accessories and construction pieces will be at your disposal (providing you can get the resources to craft them!)

Here is a look at the new materials included in this update:

And here are a list of new weapons and items which can be crafted!

Titanium Items
  • Ion Sabre
  • Bow
  • Arrow
  • Bolt
  • Commando heavy armor set
  • Building pieces (doors, walls etc)
  • Emblem
  • Ring
  • Amulet
  • Eye

Thorium items
  • Ion Sabre
  • Bow
  • Arrow
  • Bolt
  • Commando heavy armor set
  • Building pieces (doors, walls etc)
  • Emblem
  • Ring
  • Amulet
  • Eye

Meteorite items
  • Ion Sabre
  • Bow
  • Arrow
  • Bolt
  • Commando heavy armor set
  • Building pieces (doors, walls etc)
  • Emblem
  • Ring
  • Amulet
  • Eye

Gold items
  • Bow
  • Arrow
  • Bolt

Tungsten Items
  • Bow
  • Arrow
  • Bolt

Cobalt items
  • Bow
  • Arrow
  • Bolt

The dangers of the night
It will be dangerous to explore the cardboard vistas of CardLife at night. As an example, let’s take an area where the Pemu is the strongest creature during the day.

At night time, in the same area, you may come across a wolf!

In addition, there are no longer any creatures which will spawn only at night, they are now linked to an area. The map below can be accessed in game and provides a silhouette of creatures reportedly seen in that area so you can hunt for them.

We have done a massive round of Optimisation passes to make the game run better across more platforms. As a result we have adjusted our minimum system requirements. Let us know if the game runs much smoother for you!

Full Patch Notes:
  • Water is now voxelized and can be placed anywhere!
  • Raiding added to PVP servers.
  • Exclusion zones for building decreased from 15 meters to 5 meters.
  • Performance improvements.
  • New third person camera.
  • Adjusted the spawn points for monsters.
  • New Items.
  • Two new quests.
  • Official servers have been rehosted.
  • Resolutions higher than 1920 x 1080 are now supported.
  • Improvements to shadow quality.
  • Stronger creatures will now spawn at night.
  • All players will spawn on the beach in the south.
  • If a player dies without creating a bed, they will spawn in the starting area.
  • More ore deposits - And an increased size.
  • Founder and Vanguard recipes are no longer available to new accounts. But accounts created before this update will still have access to these recipes.
  • Creature souls rebalanced to match the new creature and item progression.
  • Undiscovered portions of the map will reveal locations of creatures.
  • Quests rewards improved.

This update marks the next stage of CardLife as it transitions from Early Access to 1.0. It has been an incredible journey and we have seen some truly ingenious creations from players using our hand drawn crafting system. We are firm believers of user generated content and thank everyone who has joined us up to this date to construct epic buildings, recreate their favorite character and play with others online!
Feb 5
CardLife: Creative Survival - LuisJammer

Hi all, in this major CardLife update, the changes we have made are intended to not only give current players new goals to reach for, but will also offer a clear progression path for all new players joining CardLife. This will also allow us to accomplish an important goal of ours, which is coming out of Early Access and moving CardLife to full release.

List of features:

Voxelizing Water: Water has been updated, allowing players to collect it and place it just like all other terrain in game.This means water will act differently to how it has done up until now.

Any buildings that were made under water will now need to be mined down to.

Raiding: On PVP servers, we have implemented Raiding. The implementation is simple but effective.

On PVP Servers, player structures can be destroyed allowing enemy players to enter your buildings and therefore open your chests, taking all the resources within them. If players decide to destroy the chests instead of looting them, the items contained within the chest will be destroyed.

All items that are categorised as “static” can be destroyed, eg chests, walls, statues, beds, crafting benches etc, destroying any of these “static” structures will not give players rewards, they will simply allow entry in to player houses.

PVE Servers: A few changes will be coming to PVE servers only, the first change is that all players will be visible on the map, and will be represented as “pink” dots.

On PVE servers all doors can be opened by any player. The major difference between a creators door and a normal door is that the creators door adds a symbol to the world map.

Exclusion Zones: Reduced from 15 meters to 5 meters in all directions around a structure, this will free up more space for players to dig.

This change will also make it clearer for new players, as many find it difficult to know where to build currently, as there can be a large gap between other player structures and where players can finally build.

Performance Increases: We have recently upgraded to the latest version of Unity, this update brings with it some bug fixes and more importantly, some major performance optimisations.

Improved 3rd Person Camera: We have improved our 3rd person camera (F8 to switch to 3rd person), which means its functionality has changed slightly.

The Camera will no longer go underground when looking directly up. This also means players can no longer use 3rd person to look through walls.This also means that when players are standing still, they will be able to swivel the camera to look at their character from the front (which is currently not possible).

Monster Spawn Point Adjustments: Spawn points have been adjusted for all creatures, moving them to areas of the world based on the Age difficulty of that creature, this is due to changes made to the ages of a variety of creatures.

This means that all Age 1 creatures will spawn on the southern side of the island, all Age 2 creatures will spawn on the Eastern side of the island and all Age 3 creatures will spawn in the top western side of the island.There will be some crossover near the boundaries of these areas, but the crossover will not spread far.

Creature Re-balance: We have buffed a significant amount of creatures. This will provide more of a challenge as players progress through the ages.

New Items up to end of Tier 3: We will be adding in a variety of new items to give players progression all the way to the end of Age 3, this will include a full set of Bows and Crossbows, Armor, Accessories and Construction pieces.

Each new item will be roughly 1.5x more powerful than the level before, allowing players to defeat the next level of creature difficulty.

Quests until End of the Game: With the Re-balancing of progress that is going live in this build, we are also adding in a new set of quests. These new quests will allow players to go from the start of the game all the way to the “end” of the game, which will be defeating the highest level creature in Cardlife.

Official Server Re-Hosted: Before the update we will be switching server providers for our official servers, from AWS to OVH. This means that the Current Asian and Australian servers will be moved to North America and will be re-named to reflect this change. This will not effect the contents of the servers, all structures and player progress will remain the same.

Players wishing to host their own servers will not be affected by this change, this will be especially useful for Asian and Australian players affected by the OVH move. As the service that players use for self hosted servers is Photon, this means that ping will remain the same on self hosted servers after we make the move to OVH.

Minor Changes: New image added to Equipment screen, removal of “resistance” stat from armor and creatures,

Bugs: Bedrock Void removed, Terrain Generation is no longer slowing down.

Look out for this build coming at the end of February,

All the best


CardLife: Creative Survival - Reel Big Kris

Hello everyone!

We hope that you've all had a smashing Christmas holiday and are gearing up for an awesome 2019! If you spent the holidays playing CardLife and creating an incredible structure or some beautiful custom weapons, make sure to share your creations with the rest of the Steam community, we'd love to see what you guys have been working on. Just hit F12 and you'll be able to upload your screenshot to Steam community at the end of your play session.

Our last update included two new tools, a new creature and a voting system. You can read all about that by clicking the link below:

However, today, we're pushing out a few optimisation tweaks that we've been working on. They mainly focus on memory optimisations as these issues are mentioned about the most within the community.

1 - Memory requirements:
We have massively reduced the memory footprint needed to run the game, pre Christmas we were still getting crash complaints from people with 8GB Ram on their PC Rigs. The team has created an array of near min PC specs and blow spec Laptops to gauge improvements. If you have 8Gb or more the game should not run out of memory. we have also had the game running on 6Gb PC's well but its worth noting that if your Graphics Card borrows RAM from the main memory pool then you might be operating less the the maximum memory specification.

2 - Performance
We have been doing a lot of work in the background on frame stalls and framerate. The coders have been improving the way physics are being generated with structures and have made big improvements to the overall performance of the game. The good news is that there is more to come and we will be upgrading to a new version of the Unity soon which provides even more gains.

3 - Like prompt UI change
we had a few comments about the size of the Like prompt and that is obscured too much screen real-estate, so we have reduced the size of it significantly. let us know what you think

4 - Building exclusion zone change
We have reduced the building exclusion zone radius so that players can build structures a little closer together than before, this will generate more potential build space on the map and reduce the need for land grabs where players would place foundation pieces at regular intervals as a boundary to prohibit other from building on their land. We are hoping that players will be a bit more sensible about claiming land as a result.

Community images
Here are a few awesome images that were captured by the community.

Thank you everyone for your support and we hope that you all have an incredible 2019.
CardLife: Creative Survival - (Steve Hogarty)

CardLife is an open world crafting game that, like many examples of the genre, has a hunger mechanic. That means your little cardboard avatar is cursed with the need to eat to survive, or suffer the relatively minor indignity of respawning nearby with none of their stuff.

We all know that robots eat nuts and bolts from cereal bowls, that s basic science. But if we re to accept that a creature made of corrugated cardboard (and therefore not burdened by a gastrointestinal tract) even has> an appetite, what do you suppose that little cardboard man would eat? My guess would be various bits of coloured crepe paper and packing peanuts (perhaps with those little silica gel sachets for dessert) but in CardLife that s not on the menu. No, instead you eat raw meat. To find a meal you must stalk through the woods like a papery Liam Neeson, punch a wolf to death with your bare, cardboard hands and then feast on the incongruous hot flesh within.


CardLife: Creative Survival - LuisJammer

The Second Phase of Our ‘Creator Tools!

This update continues our creators trend with a new item, the Creators chest. The Creators Chest allows the owner to place items within the chest as a reward, which non owners will be able to claim once every 4hrs.

We hope players take this opportunity to set up some cool content, with a fun reward waiting for players at the end.

Do you Love it, Like it or Dislike it?

This release will introduce a new system into Cardlife, the like or Dislike system!

Players will now be able to vote on structures that have been created by other users by Pressing V (when looking at the structure). Players will then be able to choose between three options, Love, Like or Dislike.

This system gives valuable feedback for all our amazing creators, letting them know that their work is not only visited, but appreciated.

The Chainsaw and the Jackhammer

This release also brings with it the next set of tools for players to collect and use, these are the Jackhammer, which is the next level of Pickaxe, and the Chainsaw, the next level of the Axe.

The Jackhammer will also allow players to collect the next levels of Ore, which are Titanium, Thorium and Meteorite.

New Creature: Torasaurus

A new creature has made its way into the land of cardboard, the Torasaurus!!

This new dinosaur is the Age 1 representative for its species, which rounds off all 4 types of creatures in Age 1. You will be able to find them at the boundary between the beach and the forest.

We need your help!

Cardlife is currently trying to win the 2018 Indie of the year award over at IndieDB, every vote counts and we need our communities support to help us clinch the top spot.

To vote just follow the link:

CardLife: Creative Survival - Reel Big Kris

Hello Founders and Vanguardians,

We hope that many of you have been enjoying the changes of our last update which adds Ion Swords, Droids and improved mining! Of course if you have any feedback do let us know what you think!

Todays Dev Blog focuses on just a couple of tools which will be releasing in the next patch (Which is planned to go live Mid December!)

New Tools
We are introducing two new tools to CardLife.

The first is the Chainsaw, a powerful tree chopping tool!

The Chainsaw cuts twice as fast as hatchets and about 1.5 times faster than choppers! But not only will they be able to cut holes much more quickly, they will also have a much larger cut radius, thus improving the speed at which you can cut down trees.

The second tool that we’re planning to include in the update for Mid December is the Jackhammer.

The Jackhammer mines 50% faster than pickaxes an 33% faster than the drills. The Jackhammers main use is to mine harder ores such as Thorium, Meteorite and Carborundum (Though Carborundum does not have any crafting recipes yet as this is an age 4 metal)

The Jack Hammer can also be used to dig dirt, but it’s not entirely efficient at doing that!

These new tools will require brand new crafting tables to make them. Though we are not yet sure if these new crafting tables will be available for our update in Mid December, So they may temporarily be available with the current crafting tables. We’ll reveal details about the new crafting tables soon!

That’s it for this weeks dev blog! If you have any thoughts or suggestions, get in touch with us by responding to this announcement. Additionally you may want to leave a review on the current development progress for CardLife too, These really help us reach new players and improves the future of CardLife. Thank you everyone for your continued support, Next week we’ll reveal more info on what is coming for the mid December update

All the best,
CardLife: Creative Survival - Reel Big Kris

Hello Founders and Vanguardians!

We are pleased to announce that a great new update is now available for CardLife! Ion swords, Droids, localisation and changes to the mining and terrain placing system are here!

CardLife now Available in 11 languages!

As of this moment, CardLife is now available to play in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese - Brazil
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Korean

The First Phase of Our ‘Creator Tools!’
This update marks the very first phase of our ‘Creator Tools’ development. In the coming months we’ll be refining these tools to give players more creative freedom to generate exciting new gameplay elements such as dungeons!

Our first step is to provide players with the ability to place the Creator door! The recipe for the Creator door is:

Once placed, the door will create a map marker for everyone on the server. This will allow you as a creator to show off your creations with the rest of the community. These doors can be opened by any player and combined with several incoming new tools will create completely new experiences.

On Server 1, Thor’s castle will appear on the map shortly after the update has launched. He spent a massive amount of time constructing this and the sheer scale of it should be visible from the gif below:

He’s also added an art gallery to this amazing construction for players to browse which features cardboard renditions of popular art works. Here are just a couple, but visit his castle in this update to see the other works of art!

We anticipate that more players will place creator doors across the other servers and members of the team will be looking to explore the world of CardLife to check out your amazing creations.

Joining the Creator door in just a few weeks will be the Creator chest, which will allow players to place a reward item for other players…

We’ll also shortly after release the Enemy Spawner, which will allow players to spawn waves of enemies. Combined these make the initial step towards user generated dungeons.

The A-Void Droid
This surface droid is our latest creature! Forged in Age 2 and the first enemy to Dual wield weapons, they are a formidable foe. Their elite versions have a chance to drop a rare item. You’ll find this surface droid roaming within the centre of the island where creatures are much more dangerous.

The Prototype Ion Sabre
This powerful high energy sword is an age 4 weapon which has a chance to drop from the Elite A-Void Droid. While it can make mincemeat out of many of the creatures within CardLife, it does suffer from low durability (it is a prototype after all!). Bears are no match for the power of the Ion Sabre!

The Ion Sabre is the only weapon available in CardLife so far which emits a light source. An added benefit to this weapon is the ability to light up cavern systems while wielding a weapon.

While this weapon is not fully customisable at the moment, in the future you’ll be able to craft a version of the Ion Sabre which will allow you to customise its design similar to other weapons within the game.

Passive creatures
A selection of CardLife’s wildlife have gone to anger management classes and has resulted in a selection of creatures which will not throw the first punch. Crabs and pemu are the major additions to the Passive creature list and you’ll be able to stare at the beautiful cardboard designs our lovely artists worked on without fear of being attacked.

Changed New Player Spawn Points
We know that players found it difficult to find their friends and would sometimes spawn at opposite sides of the island. We’ve adjusted this now so that players will now spawn in the south west. It will be much easier to make the journey to find your friends when playing on a new server

Changes to the Crafting system
We have made some quality of life improvements to the crafting system in CardLife, no longer are you restrained by the dotted lines. You now have greater creative freedom to craft any type of shape, regardless of how unwieldy that object may be.

We’ve also added redo and undo buttons so if you make a mistake while drawing, you no longer have to start from scratch!

Changes to Mining
We’ve had some players report that they want more predictive mining tools and we’ve delivered just that! While using a shovel, a drill or a pick axe, you will be able to select the size of the area you’re mining but also how deep you’d like to mine.

We really hope to see a beautiful underground cave network using these new tools! You’re also able to make more intricate terrain placements and the system works in the same way as mining:

Much more coming soon!
We are already hard at work on the next build for CardLife which will release mid December. Of course, some of the items in the list below are subject to change or may be slightly delayed. Over the coming weeks we’re going to be sharing more details.

The Creators Chest
New tools
New creature
Ram optimisations
FPS optimisations
AI improvements
Creator rating system

The Future of CardLife
CardLife is an incredible project that everyone here is excited to work on. We have a vision for the future of the development process and would love to share our thoughts with you. So we’ve created a special forum post which will

It’s very important that we share details about our plans for CardLife. We created a post on our forums which details our development ethos and our vision for CardLife. You can read about it by clicking the link below:

Your Feedback
We released CardLife into Early Access to gain valuable feedback from players. We want to improve and we need your help to do that! Let us know your thoughts regarding the new creator tools, changes to the mining and Connect the Dots crafting and let us know what features you are most excited about.

Known Issues:
We are aware of just a few known issues in this build, we are working towards a hotfix for these very soon!

1) If players join a server at the same moment, it is possible that it will delay the spawning of their inventory (logging off and on will fix this).

2) We have seen instances of a bug spamming the logs (it contains the text Dot.Tween). If this bug is encountered it causes a large frame rate drop, this is fixed by logging off and on.

3) Passive creatures can currently be phased into, this does not have any game play effects as when you attack them they will again react normally.

4) Sometimes creatures may be able attack you through a wall or the ground

That’s it for this week! Thanks for being a part of our development journey and we’re looking forward to seeing what you think of this new build! Let us know your thoughts on Steam, Facebook, Twitter or Reddit

All the best,
CardLife: Creative Survival - Reel Big Kris

Hello Founders and Vanguardians

We were planning to release a new update this week which introduces several new features including droids, Ion swords and the creator door.

Unfortunately, we came across a few issues during development and we will have to delay its release to next week. We’re sorry about this, but this is a part of the development process. The team are working hard to address all the issues we’ve found to deliver a higher quality build when it is ready.

So while we are focusing on giving players more flexible and powerful tools within the next few updates we wanted to take some time to talk about the awesome mods that players have made and are available right now! This is the Modding Community showcase

While most of the mods are based on tweaking the way CardLife plays, you can mod some of the character game files to create truly awesome character designs too.

V1NC3NZ0 who frequently delves into the game files and has been a part of the game for ages created Team Cherry's Hollowknight as a character in game. This is a really awesome look at just some of the truly incredible things that players can make with modding in CardLife

if you have created anything amazing and want to share it with us, remember to take a screenshot in game so we can see it :)

Now onward to the gameplay mods! To install any of the mods below you will need to place the folder into the following directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\CardLife\Mods

The Superman mod created by RomanTheKing gives the player incredible strength and increased movement speed! They can also jump much higher than before! Your fists are now tools of complete destruction with them dealling 1000+ damage and being able to mine resources with them!

Download the mod here:

The Friendly Play Mode Mod
Soulshined spent a lot of time creating and refining an incredible mod for CardLife. He is currently upop to version 1.2 and contains a ton of adjustments to the core game experience:

  • Fov is set to 95. ADS is set to 60
  • Passive creatures (Crabs, Deer, Turtle, Pemu) which will only attack when provoked.
  • Movement speed increased to 2.6, sprint speed increased to 5.0 and stamina cost is cut in half
  • Higher chance to land a critical hit on an enemy
  • Inventory cap increased to 200
  • Changed animation speed of bows being drawn
  • All trees have the same drop rate (15 wood per tree)
  • All bushes/plants drop 8 of its resources regardless of type

Download the mod here:

Eclipse118’s Mods with razor and Echo’s mods included
Eclipse118 has been sourcing several mods made by other players and refining them to his liking. This is a pretty long curated list but allows you to mix and match the type of mods you are after and include the following

  • Razor & Eclipse118's Stack Size Mod - Increase inventory stack size
  • Echo & Eclipse118's 2x & 3x More Flora - Increases flora drops from trees
  • Realistic creature drops + higher chance - Increases stats of drop rates for killing animals
  • Hunger rate reduced
  • Increased damage to arrows
  • Increased weapon damage and durability for weapons
  • Increased digging and mining speed for tools
  • Increased durability for tools & weapons
  • Precision hands - adjusts the radius that is affected when mining to help smooth out walls
  • Magnet Radius amplifier - Increases the radius of collecting resources by ten!

Download the mods here:

Increased Inventory stacks
RomanTheKing has created a mod which increases the stack of items in your inventory from 99 to 200

Download the mod here:

The THICK Crate Mod
Need more storage for your items? Eclipse has got you covered! The THICK crate mod increases the crates storage capacity to 200!

Download the Mod here:

Hungry mods! “HungryHungry” and “HungryHungrier”)
These two mods created by Brassqund increases makes it more difficult for you to combat the hunger levels (if you wanted that!). By changing a few elements such as:

  • Making the hunger meter deplete faster
  • Berries and meat restore less health and hunger
  • Bushes drop berries
  • Fewer berry bushes in open area and trees

But if that isn’t tough enough, The HungryHungrier mod ramps up the difficulty

  • Hunger increases much more quickly
  • Easy to kill enemies spawn less
  • Animals drop less meat
  • Further reductions to the spawn of berry bushes

Download the mod here:

In time we will be giving modders more power to mod the game! Combined with our easy to use in game creator tools which will allow players to create unique gameplay experiences even on our official servers!

We can't wait to see what you make! Let us know what you think about our latest tool sets and if you happen to try out any of the mods mentioned in this blog, make sure to tell the modders what you think of them! I'm sure they'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions :D

PVE Servers
Along with our plans for Ion Swords, Droids and the Creator door for the next build, we are also going to be changing some of the servers into PVE servers. This means that players will be unable to attack and damage other players. Some servers will remain PVP. The planned server list after the enxt build should look like this:

  • EU-PVE-Official-CardLife-01
  • EU-PVP-Official-CardLife-02
  • EU-PVE-Official-CardLife-03
  • EU-PVP-Official-CardLife-04
  • EU-PVE-Official-CardLife-05
  • EU-PVP-Official-CardLife-06
  • NA-W-PVE-Official-CardLife-07
  • NA-W-PVP-Official-CardLife-08
  • NA-E-PVE-Official-CardLife-09
  • NA-E-PVP-Official-CardLife-10
  • Asia-PVP-Official-Cardlife-11
  • OC-PVP-official-cardLife-12

Any structures created on any of our official servers will remain when the change to PVE is made.

If you have any questions, reply to this announcement and we'll do our best to answer them :)

All the best,
CardLife: Creative Survival - Reel Big Kris

Hello Founders and Vanguardians!

Today we're revealing a plethora of fantastic new content, features, bug fixes and improvements that are coming NEXT WEEK!

The Community Creator Series
Players have made some truly remarkable structures since the game launched just one month ago. But they have not only created pretty buildings, they surprised us by using our current building system to create new types of gameplay! We've seen massive and complex mazes to dastardly and tricky traps.

Our own Thor has created a complex system which tricks players into a false sense of security and the promise of 'Free stuff'.

This structure is in Server one, soon you'll even see it appear on the map as an icon, but more on that very soon!)

These new game experiences have inspired us to begin experimental development of a series of tools which give players the ability to create much deeper game play for others to enjoy. But here is the exciting part, you'll be able to create and design while playing on our official servers! You won't need to open up any files outside of the game, we'll be doing our best to give players the ability to create amazing content for other players while playing

Additionally we'll be testing a new feedback system that will let you see how many players are interacting with your content and what they think of it.

Coming In the Next Few Updates:
Before we tell you about the plans for next week, we have a list of the upcoming features happening in the weeks following! These are specifically related to providing players with more tools to create engaging structures that other players can interact with. We're very much looking forward to seeing what you can make with these new tools.

  • Creator Credit System - Hover over anyone's structure and see the username of the creator. You'll then be able to Push ‘V’ to vote and give the user a Thumbs Up if you like what you see. See how many ‘Thumbs Up’ the structure has had so far.
  • Creator Chest - You fill this chest with items and anyone who opens your chest will see one of those items selected at random and will be able to collect it from the chest. They will only be able to collect from this chest once, per player, every 4 hours.
  • Creator Enemy Spawner - Allows you to spawn enemies, we hope to let creators ‘draw’ the enemies you spawn using the CTD system, so you can create your own dungeons and other content involving enemies.
  • Creator NPC - An NPC which you can craft yourself, you can configure and set the dialogue he will say when other players come and interact with the NPC

Each of these items (including the Creator Door, which I'll talk about very shortly) Are craftable in the creative mode mod. These are all very experimental tools and we would love to know what you think of them. If the community likes this and wants more we will be happy to give these systems more functionality and expand upon it.

Coming Next Week
Next week is the start of our Community Creator series and experiments. You could say we're opening the door for more creative freedom in CardLife. So what better way than to star with an object that does exactly that... The Creator Door.

The Creator Door is a craftable door which can be added to any structure that you have created. This will then place a marker on the map of all players on that server so that they can make the journey to marvel at your epic creation. This door can be opened by anyone on the server and will require more material resources to craft than the standard door.

While the door is the very start of our Community Creator series when it releases in next weeks update, it is not the only thing being that will be present in that build. We'll also be adding the following in the next update!

Science Fantasy
The team are working very hard on injecting more 'Science' into our 'Science Fantasy Survival game' by bringing you two new great pieces of content

Age 2 A-Void Droid

A lethal dual sword wielding surface droid will soon be roaming the cardboard landscape and is one of the latter Age 2 Science fiction themed creatures.
Should you wish to seek this droid out, you'll likely find them in the centre of the island where the creatures become much more dangerous. but be cautious of night time as they will gather in greater numbers.

The Age 2 A-Void Droid will drop a couple of items:
  • Void Droid head
  • Complex Machine parts

Both of these drops are used to create Age 3 modern gear and weaponry which we plan to start working on after this release.

The A-Void Droid is also our very first creature to have a chance to drop a rare usable item, the Prototype ion Sabre. This is a temporary weapon drop that will drop very rarely by this creature. We wanted to handle it this way so that we can give you an early taste of the awesome Age 4 weaponry from the future as we continue to develop content towards Age 3 and 4.

The A-Void Droid's movements are different than many of our other creatures do to their mechanisms. Here are a just a few of them in action!

The Prototype Ion Sabre
A powerful high energy sword from the future which can be wielded by players with devastating effect. This prototype age 4 weapons will be temporarily dropped by the new A-Void Droid to give you a taste of the future weaponry coming to CardLife. Since this weapon is just a prototype, it will be much less durable than the standard Age 4 weapon and can break in several swings. So if you're lucky enough to find one, use it wisely!

While currently the Prototype ion Sabre is not customisable, this weapon will be craftable in the future and allow you to redesign its look similar to how other weapons can be created.

Also included in next weeks update
Along with the Creator Door, the A-Void Droid and the Ion Sabre, there are also a few more additions included as part of next weeks update. They are:

  • Localisation - CardLife has been professionally translated and will be available in 11 languages including:
    • English
    • German
    • French
    • Italian
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Japanese
    • Portuguese - Brazil
    • Russian
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Korean
  • PVE & PVP Servers - The official dedicated servers have been altered so that now half of them are now PVE only. This will mean that players will be unable to do any damage to any other player. Servers will be renamed clearly PVE and PVP so that you can choose which you prefer.
  • Mining MK2 - We've overhauled the mining, digging and landscape tools so that there are three modes to choose from. You'll be able to now do large and fine edits to the terrain with much more accuracy. Read more about these changes in last weeks blog by clicking here
  • Connect The Dots MK2 - This system has had some additional functionality added to it to give players more creative freedom and control. We've added Undo and Redo buttons and have given players more space to create much grander designs! Read more about these changes in last weeks blog by clicking here
  • Passive creatures - Several of the creatures have gone to anger management classes and are no longer aggressive.This means that you can now get as close as you want to these creatures without fearing that they will start attacking you. However, if you start a fight, be prepared to finish it, they will still attack if you throw the first punch.

Alongside these changes are also a selection of bug fixes that were reported by players over the last week. We thank everyone who has made detailed reports and given us output logs to try and recreate these issues.

  • Fixed an issue with AI getting stuck
  • Fixed an issue where AI were too easy to kill when you back away from it and continue to attack it
  • Fixed an issue causing major lag when looking in some directions of the map when in certain areas of the world
  • Fixed a bug causing you to fall through the world while mining
  • Map updated to display your facing direction on the map and also allow players to move whilst the map is displayed
  • Improved error messages in game. These will now give you more information about what is going wrong, so that we can help you solve the issue much more quickly

So there we have it! The development team have been working very hard on the latest content and we really hope that you enjoy these changes. CardLife was envisioned to be a creative hub for players to create and share. These new additions launching NEXT WEEK takes us one step further towards our vision for CardLife.

Let us know what you think about these planned updates in the forums, Twitter , Facebook and Reddit .

All the best,

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