Second Second - sinkholestudio

  • When you use the card by dragging a mouse, the card will be not used when you release it on the bottom of the screen.
  • When you clear a stage, stage name appears after the reward of previous sector boss is shown.
  • When a card is given for event reward, the card's type will be explained by an icon.

    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem that the used card is displayed frozen when it's re-clicked.
  • Fixed a problem that the icon is not displayed in the explanation of status.

  • Simplified Chinese: Fixed the letters which were shown in a square instead of Chinese letters.
  • English: Fixed some card's letters in text version.

Thank you! ːsteamhappyː
Second Second - sinkholestudio

Hi all!
We've been doing code refactoring for improving performance and later works.

'Jacklanton' uploaded Second Second's PvP mode vid on Youtube.
Have a look and see you in the next week!

Second Second - sinkholestudio

Hi all!

After releasing EA, we've done many fixes and updates.
For announcing those changes, we just uploaded a new trailer which contains newly updated main features.

▼ Youtube

You can also find this vid in Second Second's Steam store page.

+ Also check out playing vid from 'Check'n Games' on Youtube!

Hope you guys are enjoying summer sale.
See you soon!ːsteamhappyː
Second Second - sinkholestudio

Hi All!

We announce that Second Second's mobile version is updated so you can play all modes like campaign, training, and PvP which works together with PC's.

  • Huuuuge optimization works are done. So we hope any loading or latency would be decreased a lot.
  • PC's big re-work updates are applied in the mobile version.
  • All modes like campaign, training, PvP mode is now available on the mobile version.

As you already know, when you purchase the Steam version, we give you the full version of Mobile.
But the way to activating full version has changed as follows:

1. Create an account in steam version PvP mode.
2. In the mobile version PvP mode, sign in with the above account.
3. The full version of the mobile version will be unlocked.

We hope new users get the free full mobile version without any inconvenience.
See you in the mobile version! ːsteamhappyː
Second Second - sinkholestudio

Hi all! Hope you guys enjoy PvP mode.
Today we reopened campaign and training mode after adjusting some factors.

Campaign Mode
  • We reduced the number of sectors played within a chapter to one and increased the number of nodes.

Training Mode
  • Game information is visible without clearing puzzles.
  • Departmentalize categories and modified content to the renewal version.

Still, training mode's illustrations are contained. We'll notify you again when it's completely embedded.

Thank you! ːsteamhappyː
Second Second - sinkholestudio

Hi, all!
The free trial version of Second Second is uploaded on Steam.
You can find it by searching or at the Second Second store page.

Any player who wants to try the Second Second can play the demo through this build on Steam.

The free trial version's features:
  • Can play PvP mode with any other player(player who has a full version or mobile etc.). But can only play with normal tier cards(white ones).
  • Can play Standard mode but only first sector's boss node.

Also, I'd like to tell you that we are now running the official Second Second Discord channel.


We'll announce any weekly news or answer your questions or feedback through this official channel.
Steam community is good, but using Discord, you can communicate with other users or us more conveniently we think!

That all for today. Thanks for reading this! ːsteamhappyː
Second Second - sinkholestudio

We keep updating PvP mode which is newly added last week.

Now we have added the 'Ghost mode'.
When you enter the game, your deck will be uploaded to a server and a ghost AI will be made.

A ghost AI will meet other online players. When a player's ghost wins other online players, your MMR will be increased and the opponent's MMR will be decreased.
But when your ghost is defeated, the opponent's MMR will be increased but your MMR is not decreased.

We hope this system makes Second Second's PvP more active and interesting.

See you next week!ːsteamhappyː
Second Second - sinkholestudio

Hi, all!
Today we'd like to introduce Second Second's new feature, PvP Mode

The PvP mode of Second Second includes:

  • Compete with other users under the 4-level rating system.
  • All original cards(except DLC) are available in PvP if you have Second Second.
  • Building decks, import or export deck codes.

Also, we've sent Email with a steam key those who have participated in our PvP beta open event. So check your Email box!

We hope you enjoy our PvP mode. Always tell us if you have any suggestions or feedback we have to know.

Thank you and have a nice day/evening! ːsteamhappyː

Second Second - sinkholestudio

Hello! We keep working on PvP mode especially making UIs.

We are currently making categories and tools for editing your deck easily.
And also making main UIs which will be the front door of the PvP Mode.

Below is the main PvP UIs we are working on.

And still, we are waiting for your participation for PvP beta opening event.
We provide a Steam key to 100 people in a lottery.

You can apply the event from Google form▼

Give us comments if you have any questions about PvP mode. Thank you!
Second Second - sinkholestudio

Hello! The beta of Second Second PvP mode will be updated at
24, May(Fri)

So we'll gonna hold an event giving Second Second key for whom wants to play with friends or doesn't have Second Second.

If you write down an email address, we will send you a "Second Second" steam key for a total of 100 people via a lottery on the update day.
* We don't collect your E-mail address for any other purpose than giving a steam key

You can apply the event from Google form▼

I would like to ask for your attention and support!

* You will have all of the Second Second's original cards(1080cards) in PvP if you have a Second Second steam version.

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