Fatal Hour: Petroleum - Animalmutha
Some tweaks to the fire. Zombies are now harder to fool. You can now pan with the camera in pause mode plus some minor bug fixes!
Fatal Hour: Petroleum - Animalmutha
Ok first off..We have our nr1 winner of surviving the full 60 min challenge (Fatal Hour) "curtyuiop"and we tagged him in the game on the gas station. So ... Why not let the second player who fends off the horde get a tag aswell! Only this one will be ### was also here ;) And why not the third and fourth and so on aswell? SO GET THE FATAL HOUR ACHIEVEMENT. POST IT HERE AND THE 10 FIRST WILL GET THEIR TAGS IN THE GAME. ( the first game that is ;) )

"Now Go on out and shoot up e'm stinkers!" / Shotgun Joe
Fatal Hour: Petroleum - Mathias
Ignitable objects added, allowing for the roasting of Zombies!

They still smell pretty bad though...
Fatal Hour: Petroleum - Mathias
In honor of the first player who survived the full 60 minute challenge, an impressive accomplishment, his name can now be found spraypainted on a wall in the game. Look for it on your next attempt to fend of the hordes.

We normally do not encourage vandalism and spraypainting on walls is generally not something you should do. But it's just a game after all, so we decided it would be ok.
Fatal Hour: Petroleum - Mathias
Updated voice files for Deputy Klaus.
Added background story in-game.
Fatal Hour: Petroleum - Mathias
Updated voice files for Prepper Jack.
Aug 23
Fatal Hour: Petroleum - Mathias - Thor Gaming
Updated voice files for Shotgun Joe.
Minor adjustment to map setting.
Minor adjustment to Main Menu page.
Fatal Hour: Petroleum - Mathias
Responding to requests from the first players to try the game, we've added indicators around the character bases to make it easier to see which character is currently selected.

We also added a flashing marker on the ground where a character is ordered to move, in order to give some visual response to the move morders.

And, just for fun, we added a few text-based comments on the player's performance when completing one of the time based challenges. Do not expect to be praised unless you really deserve it though! ;)


Fatal Hour: Petroleum - Animalmutha
Today is a big day for us at Thor Gaming. ! We are launching the first game in a mini series building up to be a full story. We are very exited about the response and we hope we get a lot of it!. Hope you all enjoy the first chapter in the Fatal Hour Saga!

Best Regards


Fatal Hour: Petroleum - Animalmutha

The Fatal Hour Saga will continue ;) ( Work in progress)

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