May 12
SFD : Rogue TRPG - icefill
19-05-13 v2.49.3

*Bug fixes.

- 'Pressing the Easy mode button starts a Rogue mode.' bug fixed.
May 6
SFD : Rogue TRPG - icefill
19-05-06 v2.49.2

*Bug fixes.

- 'Save file is not deleted when the game is over' bug fixed.
-'Game crashes when unchecking auto choose checkbox in settings menu' Bug fixed.

*Game changes.

- Better minimap visibility.
- A confirmation window appears when pressing the new game button.
Apr 4
SFD : Rogue TRPG - icefill
19-04-04 v2.48

*Game changes

- Screen aspect ratio support : 2:1, 16:10, 4:3, 3:2
- Explosives do not give items or golds anymore.
- Damages of bows are decreased.
- Ranges of gun skills are decreased.
- Two handed guns are all changed to one handed.
Mar 9
SFD : Rogue TRPG - icefill
*Bug fixes

- 'Magic scroll is memorizable when a unit has not enough magic level but enough unit level' bug fixed.
- Added Toggle hide and show ability button. Hot key of the button is Left Ctrl.

*Game changes

- Job Gunner's basic ability Dual shoot gun's level is decreased from 3 to 2.
- Ability Dual shoot gun's second attack accuracy and damage are decreased.
Feb 22
SFD : Rogue TRPG - icefill
SFD patch notes.

19-02-22 v2.46

*Game changes

-Added Chinese suppport thanks to :

- Item shrine added. Activating this shrine would summon enemies stronger than usual and the player's party gets a negative effect.
- Enemies will be revived and players get damages after a few turns if only one enemy left. Characters will not gain XP by 'Charge mana' and 'Push' ability.
This will prevent from Healing spamming or XP farming.
- If an ally's hp became 0, the ally becomes Death's door state and not die instantly. The ally will die after getting damaged in Death's door state.
- Amount of healing of Healing abilities got smaller.
- Spearman's 'Self heal' ability moved to novice warrior.
- Now attainable ability 'Max hire up' of archmage and warlord disappeared. General's number of attainable ability 'Max hire up' is decreased from 2 to 1.
- General's basic ability 'Area heal' is changed to 'Heal'.
- Rogue's action point decreased from 4 to 3.
- Enemy 'Rotten jelly' removed. Dead ability 'Poison explode' of Rotten jelly is moved to 'Venom spider'
Jan 1
SFD : Rogue TRPG - icefill
19-01-01 v2.45

*Bug fixes
- Fixed some typos.

*Game changes
- Added an option to scrolling abilities at the bottom of the screen so that ability icons will not cover too many portions of the screen.
- Now shrine informs its effect and player can choose to activate or not(Randomly executed between positive and negative effect)
- Added some new shrine effects.
- Christmas mode will appear in January and December.
- Rogue mode added (In this mode, Player cannot hire other adventurers but have higher AP and can move without cooling time)
SFD : Rogue TRPG - icefill

It is just re-skinned version of demo game.
You can download here.
Nov 25, 2018
SFD : Rogue TRPG - icefill
18-11-25 v2.44.3

*Bug fixes

- 'Finished run is not written in rankings' bug fixed.
- 'Dungeon level of finished run is written as 7 instead of 8' bug fixed.

Nov 17, 2018
SFD : Rogue TRPG - icefill
18-11-17 v2.44.2

*Bug fixes
- 'Boxes are destroyable from afar in non combat' bug fixed.
- 'Move ability level decreases after changing job' bug fixed.
- Fixed some typos.

Thank you for reporting bugs.
Oct 27, 2018
SFD : Rogue TRPG - icefill
18-10-27 v2.44.1

*Bug fixes

- 'Game broken when load save file' bug fixed.

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