Cat Quest II

Cat Quest 2, developer The Gentlebros' much-expanded casual action-RPG sequel, is out soon, and, in preparation for its 24th September PC launch, there's a fresh batch of gameplay video.

The original Cat Quest - which arrived on PC, Switch, PS4, and mobile in 2017 - was an absolutely delightful surprise, successfully distilling all the usual genre tropes down into a breezy but thoroughly entertaining feline RPG - replete with exploration, questing, dungeon crawling, and engagingly twitchy real-time combat. I loved every minute of its ridiculously charming, pun-filled adventure.

Cat Quest 2 retains the same casual-friendly core, but mixes things up with a range of new features - not least of which is playable dogs. There's also an entirely new kingdom to explore in the form of the Lupus Empire, and it promises to introduce much more environmental diversity compared to the original's rather same-y green hues - with new biomes including vast deserts, mountainous regions, and auburn meadows.

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Cat Quest II - PQube | Little Panzer Wolf
Dear Catventurers, we're happy to confirm the following languages for the release of #CatQuest2 on launch! English, French (Canadian and continental), Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, and Chinese (simplified and traditional)!


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