Desktop Dynasties: Pro Football - shawn.m.wignall
The latest update is now live!

Here's what changed:
  • Custom logos are properly centered on the field
  • Interceptions slightly increased for the real-time engine
Desktop Dynasties: Pro Football - shawn.m.wignall
The 1.0.3 update has been released to the wild!

It's basically the same as the 0.6 version, but with a few more AI updates and bug squashes. I've started a list of features/enhancements for the next update, so get on the forums and keep suggesting things!
Desktop Dynasties: Pro Football - shawn.m.wignall
The 1.0.0 release version is coming! I'll upload it early next week. This version is save breaking, so be sure to run your favorite players into the ground this weekend! :)

Desktop Dynasties: Pro Football - shawn.m.wignall
Here's what's new in the 0.5.1 update:

  • Preset starting team styles. On starting a new league, all teams have a preset style for offense and defense. This was done to allow for a more balanced and interesting league. Also........
  • "Running QB" offensive style enhanced. 4 of the starting teams have been set to feature a running QB, all with different offensive packages. Also, coach playbook AI has been adjusted to allow for more running QB plays.
  • AI cap management upgraded.
  • Your starting coach now resets training to default. No matter which team you select, your starting coach has default training. You may hire something different in coach hiring, but nobody starts with a poor training coach.
  • Pass rush speed nerf. Pass rushers with high speed and low/medium skill are not nearly as effective. However, pass rushers with high speed AND high skill continue to be deadly.
  • Screen passes actually work now! In fact, screen passes are incredibly effective if you have the right players.
  • All QBs can throw the screen pass and the swing pass at their max accuracy. (no matter the pass strength) Now a low pass strength doesn't necessarily mean you can't throw the ball at all. Every QB can hit the screen and swing passes. This makes running QBs somewhat of a threat throwing.
  • AI coaches will adjust man defense to cover all receivers. If you're running 3 or 4 receivers into the route, the AI will adjust man defense coverage to make sure everyone is covered. No more free runners!
  • AI catches on if you use the same play too often. Be careful calling the same play over and over again on offense. After a short time, the AI will catch on.
  • More refinements on player value calculation
  • You can change the salary cap in the leagueData.txt file
  • Fixed the override file team index bug

Desktop Dynasties: Pro Football - shawn.m.wignall
The MAJOR engine overhaul is stable enough to move it over from the beta branch! I still have a lot of new things to add before we get out of Early Access, so keep offering those suggestion in the forum!

Have fun everyone!
Desktop Dynasties: Pro Football - shawn.m.wignall
Go to the beta branch to get the new engine update. I'll keep it in beta for a week or so, until it feels like the new engine is clear of any game-breaking bugs.

To opt into the beta branch:
1. Go to your game library and right click on Desktop Dynasties
2. Select properties
3. Go to the betas tab
4. Opt into the beta by selecting in the dropdown

The beta should start downloading. I think you might need to manually update the beta when I do updates, but I'm not sure. I'll post when I update, just in case.
Desktop Dynasties: Pro Football - shawn.m.wignall
The HUGE update is almost ready to release into the wild! (The "Iverson Engine")

I just have a little more playtesting to do, and then it's ready. Here's a list of what made the cut for this one, and what's on the list for future updates:

Made it in:
  • Complete rewrite of the real-time game engine.
  • Switch from position ratings to skill ratings
  • League size increased from 20 to 32 teams
  • Added offensive and defensive coordinators
  • Larger rosters
  • Players can only play on offense or defense, not both
  • In-season player development
  • Save files in text format for 3rd party tools
  • In-game uniform colors editor (ColorLab)
  • Team/League customization files
  • Non-playable College league (to feed the rookie draft)

Things on the list that may make it in the next updates:
  • Optimized coordinator hiring stage
  • League history screen
  • Fatigue system
  • Injury system
  • College bowl system
  • Watch other team games
  • Have your coach call your plays (Watch mode)

The goal is to have this ready for download by Feb 1. Stay tuned!

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