[Dev Blog] Backstory - Sleeping Lake

Finally, it's time to introduce "Sleeping Lake", the last area of MISTOVER. This is where all secrets get revealed. I won't ruin anything for those who haven't finished the game and I will focus more on the dungeons and battles.

"Sleeping Lake" isn't really the lake, but it gives off strangely dark and deep feeling as its name suggests. It almost looks like the skylights are staying underwater. Everywhere you see, you can find shiny objects and strange-shaped pillars that you can't find in the real world.

The whole place looks like it's floating somewhere and there are lots of dead-ends. You have to be careful because different dimensions are intricately connected through the portals, making it easier for you to get lost!

The Great One

The Great One is the last boss you will face in Sleeping Lake. He is a huge and eccentric boss monster. He is the ruler of this space and torments the Corps Crew by controlling space and time like the Elder Emperor. It looks like The Great One created the Mist that has destroyed the world. You want to know what he is...


Ectoplasm is a new type of monster that can be found in Sleeping Lake. You can find them in all areas in your second run of MISTOVER. Ectoplasm looks like a ball of light without a shape. They have a special nature of merging with one another or demerging itself into multiple parts. They can also teleport and hide in a different dimension allowing them not taking any damages.

Although powerful monsters are waiting, Sleeping Lake can be a dreamy and beautiful place for you. So far, only 4-5% of the players have completed the Great One achievement on Steam! We know it's not easy for you to get to this far, but we will continue to support your journey!

Good Luck Surviving!

[Patch Notes_1.0.6a] Updates

Bug Fix
  • Fixed an issue where the ending scene is not played after defeating the final boss "The Great One"

Please restart Steam to download the update.

* We are working on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation4 platforms as well, but they will require more time. We will update you in the upcoming days.

Good Luck Surviving!
Dec 23, 2019

Merry Christmas, Captains!
Everyone here at Aimo team wishes you happy holidays and a blessed New Year!

It's already been two months since MISTOVER launched. We are very grateful for your continued support for MISTOVER. We will keep working hard to provide a joyous gameplay experience to return the love of our fans!

[Patch Notes_1.0.6] Update

Key Changes with 1.0.6 Balance Update

Prevent from losing Corps Crew helplessly!

In the world of MISTOVER, it's not uncommon for a Corps Crew to face death. However, we didn't intend to cause the situation that a Crew member just dies without any opportunity to escape Limbo given. We made changes so that players can get more chances to survive and fightback while under Limbo.

Relieve brutal game designs

We wanted to give you challenging but fulfilling experiences through various threats. However, we've noticed that some game designs are too brutal and often led to discouraging players from playing MISTOVER. We wanted to give you more playful experiences through these changes.

Battle Improvements
  • Bleeding
    • Corp Crew's bleeding skill damages have increased by 150%, while the bleeding effect duration applied to both Corps Crews and monsters has decreased from 3 to 2 turns.
    • You can now reduce the bleeding damages with blocking.
    • You receive the bleeding resistance for 1 turn after you successfully cure the bleeding with skills/items.
    • Reduced the chance of getting "Mist Contamination" jinx to the same level of other jinxes.
  • "Brand", "Taunt" duration has changed from '3 turns' to '3 turns and 3 hits'. They will have 3 turns at first, but every hit will reduce 1 turn.
  • All Mesmerize states excluding "Bleeding" are removed when a Crew member enters Limbo.
  • If a Miss occurs, HIT increase buff will be given to the attacker for 1 turn. It applies to both Corps Crews and monsters.
  • "Stun" state will no longer remain after a battle ends or you escape a battle.
  • Onmyouji's "Paper Turtle" and Paladin's "Believe Aegis" balance adjustments.
    • Duration: 5 turns to 3 turns.
    • Skill: Provoke duration '3 turns' to '3 turns and 3 hits'. They will have 3 turns at first, but every hit will reduce 1 turn.
    • Stats: Their overpowered stats have been balanced.
    • You can now summon only one of each.
      • Even if you have multiple Onmyoujis, you can only summon 1 Paper Turtle and the same applies to Paladin's Believe Aegis.
      • However, you can summon 1 Paper Turtle and 1 Believe Aegis since they are two different skills.

Expedition Improvements
  • Reduced the dungeon sizes and the number of monsters by 75% of the current sizes and numbers.
  • A Crew member with the lowest HP will now be recovered by the "HP Recovery" buff from "Debris".
  • Reduced the chances of consumables being contaminated from 100% to 50% after completing an expedition.
  • If you discover a boss monster, the location of the boss monster will now be visible on the map during your expedition.

Town Improvements
  • Training Camp
    • When learning a new skill, the skill level will also be passed on. It'd be much easier for you to nurture new Corps Crews with higher skill levels with only 1 Skill Point.
    • You will only obtain favorable jinxes after modifying jinxes. After you hit the maximum limit, your jinxes will not be changed to new jinxes through leveling up and cursed equipment.
    • Increased the maximum number of jinxes per crew from 6 to 10.
  • Expedition Center
    • Senior Corps Crew with higher levels will now appear without having any jinxes.
  • Others
    • Reduced the effect time took to evaluate, fuse, disassemble equipment and modify jinxes.

Doomsday Clock
  • Before the expedition, the pop-up warning about the expected penalty will be clearly displayed.
  • During the expedition, the Doomsday clock's expected movement will also be calculated and displayed together with the Complete Rate.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the "Hide" effect remains regardless of the leader after a battle ends while Shadow Blade was hiding.
  • Fixed an issue where the Complete Rate appears abnormally when entering an expedition right after changing the language.
  • Fixed an issue where players can't enter certain areas in the map due to a Light Flower's abnormal location.
  • Fixed the abnormal drop rates of accessories.
  • Fixed an issue where high-level monsters hit Corps Crew first even if Corps Crew initiate the battle.

Please restart Steam to download the update.

* We are working on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation4 platforms as well, but they will require more time. We will update you in the upcoming days.

Good Luck Surviving!

Backstory - The Frozen Mountains
As you explore the Frozen Mountains, you'll start to find out the secret behind the world of MISTOVER.
Surrounded by green mountains, only some areas were strangely covered with snow, and a deep cave was discovered there.

It is said that a spirit called "Lord Frost" froze the area long ago. Lord Frost freezes everything around him and creates threatening snowman monsters.

"Elder Ones" who came from a different dimension are also nesting in the cave. Judging by the complex geometric patterns carved on all the pillars and walls of the cave, they must have been a developed civilization.

Inside the cave is very foggy, and as you get deeper the cave widens and the ceiling rises up high. Also, more and more geometric patterns and sculptures are spotted.

Mysterious shiny structures are seen beyond the cliff. Would be the Elder ones sleeping there?

Monsters in the Frozen Mountains

The Elder Ones

They are ancient tribes who acquired superpower as a result of constant evolution. However in return, they lost the ability to understand each other. When multiple different dimensions combined, the Elder Ones ran into the Flying Blobs. Since then they started a war to dominate each other. In the end, the Elder Ones who don't cooperate were defeated and only the survived ones fled into the deep cave of the Frozen Mountains to escape from cold-short Flying Blobs.

They have wings on their bodies and sensory organs that look like flowers on their heads. They use them to explore the surroundings and to use their psychic powers. They mainly focus on mental and gravity attacks, but they can also release energy and deal physical damages.

Elder Emperor

Elder Emperor is the emperor of the Elder Ones. As the most powerful one of its kind, he fights against its enemies by creating a controlled universe of his own will.

Elder Emperor uses their supernatural powers to hallucinate, increase their turn, and prevent Corps Crew from using their Co-op skills. When they get hurt, they will get themselves into the second phase and bring Corps Crew into their own universe to fight.


Gargoyles are the golems created by the ancient species to protect them during hibernation. They're made of cave-rock and have superpowers that travel through space under the influence of an ancient species. They come out of the back in the flash for surprise attacks on enemies. They weaken enemies' resistance to bleeding and cause deadly bleeding attacks.


Snowmen are creatures of Lord Frost. With their huge body, they may jump at the enemy and throw big snowballs or sometimes take damages instead of other allies.

Giant Albinos which are penguins transformed by the Elder Ones and Cavemen who are subject to the Elder Ones can also be found in the Frozen Mountains.

You need to find the key held by the ancient Elder Emperor so that you can proceed to the final area. Let's hope you survive safely to the last and discover the cause of this disaster that the pillar of despair has brought!
Dec 16, 2019

Greetings, Captains!

We are planning to make more updates that include a lot of balance adjustments that many players asked for. We'd like to introduce major changes and the intention behind them before it's released!

We wanted MISTOVER to be difficult from the beginning, BUT, we have noticed that some of the current game designs take the fun out of the game. Therefore we tried to improve the game in ways that players to have more opportunities in a crisis and to become more motivated to keep playing as we make these changes.

Battle Improvements
Improvements on Abnormal States and Missed Attacks(HIT):
  • Some players would have felt discouraged and tired from multiple monster's bleeding attacks (They are a lot). In order to relieve the stress caused by 'Bleeding', we're going to reduce its duration from 3 to 2 turns, and also allow 'Block' to reduce bleeding damages.
  • In 'Limbo' state, there have been cases that a crew member suddenly dies before you take any action, especially when the crew member was under an abnormal state. To prevent this, all the abnormal states such as Weaken, Brand will be removed when a crew member enters a Limbo. (However, bleeding will remain in Limbo as it can be resolved by a player's action.)
  • In addition, if a Miss occurs, the chance of having consecutive misses will be lowered.

Expedition Improvements
Less time and fatigue to complete each expedition:
  • We'll reduce the map sizes and the number of monsters by 75% of the current sizes and numbers.
  • The chances of consumables being contaminated will be reduced from 100% to 50%.

Clear information on Doomsday Clock
  • It was quite difficult to expect how the Doomsday clock will move before and during the expedition. To help players make better choices based on expected Doomsday Clock's movements, we're planning to apply the following changes:
    • Before the expedition, the pop-up warning about the expected penalty will be clearly displayed.
    • During the expedition, the Doomsday clock's expected movement will also be calculated and displayed together with the Complete Rate.

Skill Acquisition Improvements
Faster and easier Corps Crew growth:
  • Many players had a difficult time building their corps crew up due to the expensive cost when learning a new skill. In view of this, we decided to increase the effectiveness of skill acquisition. After the update, you will be able to keep the levels of newly learned skills. Thus, it will be easier for you to reach higher levels of skills since the 1 SP cost will remain the same.

Jinxes System Improvements
Favorable and fair progression:
  • There are chances of getting favorable and disadvantageous jinxes after modifying jinxes in the Training Room. We've heard that many players felt that it's unreasonable to spend their resources just to get a disadvantageous jinx. So we decided to increase the cost of modifying jinxes, but instead, you will only obtain favorable jinxes after the change.
  • Also, it was discouraging when you reach the maximum number of jinxes and one of your jinxes changes randomly. With this patch, we will increase the maximum number of jinxes from 6 to 10, but your jinxes will not be changed after you hit the maximum limit.
  • The senior Corps Crews that can be hired in the Expedition Center had jinxes depending on their level, but after the update they will not have any jinxes.

We are hoping to make these changes by December 2019, but we will let you know once we are ready to patch them! We hope you like this preview of upcoming updates and will be looking forward to your valuable feedback!

Good Luck Surviving!

[Dev Blog] Backstory - The Cursed Town

Hello Captains!

Today, we're going to talk about the next dimension "The Cursed Town" where you'll explore after the "Cathedral Ruins".

The Cursed Town
In the past, The Cursed Town was once the capital of a powerful kingdom. However, the town came to the ground due to the disaster brought by the Mist. The soil rotted and many living things died of unknown diseases because of the Mist. Furthermore, some creatures with mucous bodies that appeared with the Mist attacked people and occupied the town.

These slimy creatures cover the entire town, and they seem to be continuously creating new monsters. Having many eyes in their slimy bodies, they creep about to deliver everything they saw to the monsters around them.

Outside the town

Broken city walls are observed here and there outside of the town suburb.

As you get closer to the center of the city, the streets become more complex like a maze and more slimy creatures are spotted.

The Monsters of the Cursed Town

Hive Mind and Flying Blob

The monsters took over the city are Flying Blobs that can freely transform their bodies. Long ago, they used to have a separate mind and body, but as they evolve they combined their minds to become one huge collective mind so-called Hive Mind. Hive Mind controls Flying Blobs as if they were a single organism, and receives all data sent from Flying Blobs. As Hive Mind was formed with many minds, it possesses great mental power to use psychic abilities such as controlling gravity.

Hive Mind unleashes fierce attacks pressing enemies with the power of gravity or twisting space to change the enemies' locations. Also, they protect themselves by summoning Hive Mind cells or making themselves into a nearly invincible state for the time being. Especially, the summoned cells kidnap a corps crew by a certain probability. To rescue the kidnapped party member you should kill the cell, however, it won't be easy due to its powerful healing skill.


Starfishes are starfish-shaped monsters created by Flying Blobs. They deal very strong bleeding damages to intruders by attacking with sharp teeth located in the center of their bodies. So don't forget to pack some bandages before you go!

Crawling Filth

Crawling filths are made of byproducts released when Flying Blobs change their shapes or create monsters. They act independently from the control of Hive Mind and contaminate all the living things with filth.

The filthy water caught out of their mouths can weaken or paralyze enemies. Also, be careful not to be misled by their mushy-looking bodies as they can make a fatal attack by smashing their long arms!

Darkness Gazer

Darkness Gazer is an evolved type of Flying Blob with greatly developed eyes. They incapacitate or daze enemies just by gazing. They mainly use mental attacks. For example, your corps crew can't use certain types of skills or get stunned for a while when hit by the monster's gazing skills.

In addition, you will meet Orbis Brain which is nearly as powerful as Hive Mind, Meat Balloons floating on air as mediators, and Floating Matters in gaseous form in the Cursed Town.

Choose your move carefully depending on each monster's unique characteristics when fighting these monsters!

Good Luck Surviving!
MISTOVER - Rounder

[Patch Notes_1.0.4a] Updates
Bug Fixes:
  • [Expedition] Fixed game crash when starting battle.
Please restart Steam to download the Update.

We are working on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation4 platforms as well, but they will require more time. We will update you in the upcoming days.

Good Luck Surviving!
MISTOVER - Rounder

[Patch Notes_1.0.4] Updates
New features:
  • [Expedition] Added 'Back to Title Page' menu during the expedition.
  • [Town] Added 'Color Customization'. Choose your own Color for your Corps Crew.
  • [Others] Added Korean Voice-Over.
  • [Expedition] Onmyouji's Trap Searching works with a 100% probability. (Before it was 80%)
  • [Battle] Improved Buff Icons for better visibility.
  • [Battle] Improved Critical Hit effect for better visibility.
  • [Others] Improved English texts and fonts for better visibility.
Bug Fixes:
  • [Expedition] Fixed an abnormal sound played when saving formation during the expedition.
  • [Expedition] Fixed an abnormal sound played after defeating monsters in the Frozen Mountains.
  • [Battle] Fixed Executioner Shotel's skill 'Formation Shuffle' only showing 'Move RES' and not applying correctly.
  • [Battle] Fixed Onmyouji not getting YP when critical hit by monsters.
  • [Battle] Fixed some abnormal state descriptions being cut off .
  • [Others] Fixed Steam's 'Master Over' achievement bug.
Please restart Steam to download the Update.

We are working on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation4 platforms as well, but they will require more time. We will update you in upcoming days.

Good Luck Surviving!

[Dev Blog] Backstory - The Cathedral Ruins

The Cathedral Ruins
The Cathedral Ruins is like the Misty Forest, a building from another dimension.
In the past, it was a huge and splendid cathedral, but one day, meteorites fell, leaving most of it crumbled. The great wizard, Koschei knew that the meteorites contained strange power and began to build a lab and labyrinth in the basement of the Cathedral.

Since then, people have often disappeared from the surrounding villages and the Misty Forest, and monsters have been witnessed around the Cathedral. What's Koschei doing?

Light leaking through a hole where meteorites fell

The temple of an ancient god with bizarre patterns on the walls

The Great Koschei

Koschei was once a magnificent wizard. He acquired a pagan scripture by chance and was fascinated by the pagan 'Goddess of Wealth' and its power. This was when Koschei began to serve the 'Goddess of Wealth' and sacrifice many people. He eventually abandoned humanity and became Lich, an immortal.

Koschei has a good command of forbidden magic, uses his skills to weaken enemies and summons 'Abominations'. Also, be aware that the summoned Abomination will use the instant-kill skill that will wipe out all Corps Crew if they turn into the Egg of Calamity!

Black Goat

In return for devotion and loyalty to the Goddess of Wealth, Koschei is now able to summon Black Goats, the children of the Goddess.

Black Goats use long tentacles to drag Corps Crew and strike a powerful attack on the target. They are one of the hardest enemies to deal with, as they paralyze a wide range of targets and regain health through the lifesteal skill.


Wraiths are made of human bodies and absorb soul energy from every life they see. The collected soul energy is transmitted to Koschei, which leads him to live an immortal life.
Wraiths are debuff specific monsters that can continuously reduce Corps Crew's MP or replace health and buffs/debuffs with them.

Goddess of Wealth

Koschei succeded in summoning the avatar of the Goddess of Wealth through the meteorites in the cathedral.
She is the goddess who takes control of an otherworldly dimension. When facing foes, she creates Black Goats or deals strong damages with her tentacles. She lost some of her power when she was summoned to this dimension, be careful with her skills... it can lead to the annihilation of entire Corps Crew.

Abomination, a golem built with corpses, Scavenger which eats away the remaining bodies after Koschei's experiments, and Corpse Spider which heals the friendly forces; Koschei created most of these monsters in the cathedral borrowing the power of the goddess.

The Followers
There are additional monsters that can be found in all regions. As we mentioned in the previous post, they are religious fanatics so-called the Followers of God. They destroy all the living things in sight to steal life energy. Their main goal is to awaken an otherworldly god asleep in the Misty Forest.
They were human beings in the past, but they twisted to monstrous look as they repeat doing evil. They have webbed hands and faces resembling a fish behind their masks!

Executioner Shotel/Bow

Executioners specialize in executing enemies. They're threatening monsters carrying shotels or bows and can deal powerful blows to your Corps Crew.


They're performing the role of collecting life energy. They also can utilize the collected life energy to give debuff effects like bleeding, silence, stun to interrupt enemies and protect their side.


They are fire wizards who are in charge of incinerating dead bodies after collecting life energy. They can increase the attack power of friendly forces dramatically and mainly use ranged fire attacks.

We hope all the captains could safely complete the expedition to Cathedral Ruins.
Then, we'll be back with the stories about the Cursed Town next time!

Good Luck Surviving!

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