Arida: Backland's Awakening - Aoca Game Lab
Heey!! We can finally make the announcement! Are you ready?

We going to release the game in



We are so proud to announce the release date to you, people who have been following our journey for so long! So, please, if you didn’t enrolment our game on your stem’s wishlist, do it, don’t leave it for later! This help us A LOT to get a higher spotlight during this pre-launch phase.

Help us to share this info. Every help makes a world of difference for us! ♥


Since we’ve already spoiled the date, here is some of the updates from these late weeks of working on Árida!

We improved some animations, game performance and some scenes. The new details on Cícera’s animation gave her a smooth and fluid movement accordingly with her personality. 🙂

The game got new interactions sounds for some objects and actions, for example, the act of chop a mandacaru - “Ha!
The goal is to make the game more immersive, improving the experience in the Árida’s universe.

We add new models and upgrade some old ones that didn’t match the visual quality level. The game scenario also got some adjustments, now with better progression flow and addapted with the game’s idea. 😉

This is it! We are super anxious for the launchment of our first game and we really want you to be part of this too.
If you likes our game/work, your help is indispensable in this moment. 🙂

Oh! Almost one month back we launch our game’s trailer and its really worth to watch haha We hope you like it!

Ps.: The Steam's system automatically cuts the game from your wishlist when you accquire it, so if you played it through Steam at anytime before, please consider adding us on your Steam's wishlist again.
Arida: Backland's Awakening - Aoca Game Lab

Our team is very happy to announce a brand new trailer for the game and a new set of screenshots! We would be very happy if you add our game to your wishlist, of course, if you like it! 🙂

Keep in touch with us on:



Arida: Backland's Awakening - Aoca Game Lab

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Dec 3, 2018
Arida: Backland's Awakening - Aoca Game Lab
In this version there are some improvements regarding performance. We inserted new dialogues, new mechanics and a new character, Father Olavo.

Narrative and Characters
- All characters have new dialogues.
- Go to the Village and find a new character: Father Olavo.
- Almira moved out to a new place!
- Review of dialogues in English and Portuguese.
- Review of the quests descriptions in English and Portuguese.
- There is a prototype of the cinematics of the game.
- Sit on the bench to learn more stories from the backlands.

- We have some new plants on the game.
- There's a new area: The Death Valley. But be careful, it's very dry there!
- Ground textures have been revised.
- Most items were repositioned.
- Some catingueiras were removed to improve orientation.

- Cícera has new animations.
- All NPCs have new animations.
- New textures in some buildings.

- We are testing new values for the controls and camera.

Bug fixes and improvements
- Otimization of the inventory interface.
- We improved the interaction with some objects like the melocactus and the pumpkin.
- We improved the interaction with the waterhole.
- We polished some of the colliders.
- New achievements.
- Fixed a bug triggered on death.
Oct 19, 2018
Arida: Backland's Awakening - Aoca Game Lab
In this patch we improved the game performace, changed many dialogs and improved Almira storyline.

-- We updated the game engine, improving performance in many computers. We also improved the lighting and shadow effects.

Story and Characters
- All characters have new dialogues!
- Firmina got a new goat! Find it at the way to the village.
- Almira is beautiful with her new clothes! She also has a new quest for you.
- We changed many texts for better understanding.

- There is an old farm by the road with many new objects to be discovered.
- The village is bigger and better (but still not accessible) than before.

- Be very cautious when exploring new areas, because hunger and thirst drain faster!
- Some areas are more arid than others. Pay attention to the HUD!
- New recipe: obtained in Almira's quest

Art and Design
- HUD improvements: new aridity indicator.
- Firmina and Almira have new animations.
- New textures in some buildings.

- We are testing some improvements for those who play with mouse and keyboard.

Bug fixes and improvements
- Now the signs show the text correctly.
- Corrected some of the descriptions.
- We improved the interaction range of ​​Cicera.
- We improved the collision with the waterhole. We also improved the collision with other problematic objects.

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